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The More Racist I Get, The More White People Love Me, And I Don’t Know How I Feel About This!



While The Wife Person and I were sitting on our front stoop yesterday evening, a middle-aged White man on a scooter rode past, noticed me on the steps, stopped in the street, and screamed “Governor! It’s called a governor!

I replied.

Oh, ok. Thanks!

And then he rode away on his scooter.

Clearly perplexed by this exchange, The Wife Person shot a “Wtf was that about?” look at me. I explained that I’d seen that guy in the gym an hour or so earlier, and we struck up a conversation about cars, and he was trying to think of the name of the device placed in some cars to limit their top speed, but was stumped. A speed governor is the name of that device.

She shook her head and laughed.

“You have the weirdest life.”

“How so?”

“Because you’re super duper racist. But the more racist you get, the more White people love you. You could publish something called ‘White People Need To Fuck Off’ tomorrow and White people will read it and come up to you like ‘Thank you for telling me to fuck off, Damon! I’m not quite sure how exactly to fuck off, though, so can you give me some directions?

This has been a bit of a recurring joke with us. Over the past couple years, as the number of people who read, share, and cite my work has continued to grow, I get approached with increasing frequency by White people who just want to tell me they’re fans. Sometimes, they just want to talk. Yesterday, it happened three times. Twice while working at a coffee shop that afternoon, and once while walking the Feminist Octopus around the neighborhood that evening. Now, three times in one day is extremely rare. Most weeks, it might happen two or three times total. But even that is jarring, especially when juxtapositioned with the fact that I’m only like three years removed from still occasionally getting the “Oh…that’s cute, I guess” face from people when they learned I had a blog.

And while The Wife Person was joking about me becoming more racist (well, half joking, because #whitepeoplemustbestopped), I doubt it’s a coincidence that the more intentionally racial my writing has become become, the more I’ve been recognized and lauded by random White people, who’ve offered me jobs, coffee, lunch, liquor, fellowships, smiles, hugs, and once even a recurring playdate with my daughter and their kids.

Now, I don’t particularly dislike this type of attention, as it exists in concert with a literal increase of value. Having people read your shit, enjoy your shit, and offer you shit in appreciation is better than no one reading it. I will take the trade off of being known and having opportunities and losing anonymity a thousand times out of a thousand over remaining anonymous, opportunity-less, and hitting the East Liberty Trader Joe’s at lunch once a week to gorge on free samples and save money. Also, to be fair, these interactions are always pleasant and I do appreciate them. But I can’t deny the surreality of writing “Fuck White People” on Monday and then getting run up on by a dozen smiling and jolly White people on Tuesday, like I’m about to get initiated into the Gluten-Free Crips.

Why” I find myself asking myself “aren’t they more offended by what I’m saying?

Even as I ask this question, I recognize its inherent strain of self-defeating and self-doubting self-deprecation. I know that my work attempts to address the concept of Whiteness — and how it was created to hierarchize, subjugate, and plunder — instead of individual White people. (Unless they deserve it, of course.) And I know that there are White people who genuinely appreciate the type of trenchant race-related commentary and comedy I attempt to create, and aren’t so sensitive to any focus on race and White people that regards Whiteness in an unflattering light that they immediately dismiss it (or me) as racist. Thinking “Why aren’t these White people more offended by me?” is essentially the same as me assuming my work isn’t nuanced enough to be appreciated.

Still, I can’t help but wonder sometimes if I exist as some sort of perpetual absolution machine, where they insert quarters and compliments and receive penance by retweeting my pieces. Or maybe perhaps I’ve been chosen by them to be That Nigga Who Explains Race Shit To White People because my insights maybe aren’t as incisive as I believe them to be. Maybe the sword I believe I wield is just a serving spoon.

The Wife Person thinks I might be overthinking this. And while she’s amused by it, she believes I’m approached and liked because I’m just approachable and likable and people just appreciate the quality of my work. And I believe her, mostly. Because I’m a nice-ass nigga. But then I go to a neighborhood coffee shop to write a piece about the absurdity of writing the shit I write about and having White people adore it (and me). And I’m interrupted mid-piece — literally while writing this paragraph — by a White man who notices the “I Love Bougie Black Girls” pin on my shirt, thinks its the best thing he’s ever seen, and asks where he can get one. I tell him, but since I have dozens of them, I just give him the one I’m wearing. He yelps “Oh my God! Thank you!” and offers me some money for it. I tell him I’m good. He insists, reaches into his pocket, and excitedly places two dollars at the table I’m sitting at. “It’s the least I can do” he says, and leaves soon after.

10 minutes later, its still sitting there. Not because I haven’t had a chance to pick it up. But because it, well, it kinda, sorta feels like blood money, and I’m not sure if I want to touch it.

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Enjoy the Trump status of being bulletproof with your words and still being able to collect Tubmans at the same damb time.

  • TCB

    That last anecdote is the real meat of this piece I feel. Now more than ever our guy Champ, and Petey Jakes to a lesser degree, are in a position where they don’t have to compromise the material at all. Their days of giving a fuck are behind them, stories to be told along with other great negro histories like the first n*gga to put blue and cream on a Clark wally, but it feels like a gentrification (prolly not the best word) is in the very distant horizon. The poignancy of their write up dilluted by comments riddled with “lol, it’s so true”.

    And…..aaaand The fact that there’s now a wyte guy walking around wearing an I??BBG pin and not getting his bowl spiced is wiyald

  • I had to take off work and lie down after reading “Gluten Free Crips.”

    And I think what you’re talking about is a concept Baldwin explored in his non-fiction. White people know the land they live on is blooded by black slaves (and Native Americans.) some respond to the guilt with anger; others are calm and know exactly what they are defending.

    But those who feel guilt see blacks as a church, a confessional booth. But they get it wrong. In saying they understand you, and that they feel our pain, they transform our bodies to their pulpit. They feel entitled to our ears when they stop us and say they agree; they feel entitled to the space between our ears when they tell us what we should write and how we should do it (Coates got tons of flack from whites when he moved on to write “Black Panther;” they felt his work should be political, when “Black Panther” is his most political work to date.)

    With that said- Champ, get paid. Never offer your ideas and labor for free.

    • You Know I’m Sawcy

      Hmm… I like this breakdown.

    • anti galleta

      black/African people cannot be racist ….beta males yes ..racist no.

    • anti galleta

      With all that said more and more immigrants are coming here and they do not give a F about white guilt including and especially the black ones.

    • Tyler Hurst

      This is more eloquent than what I tried to say. Good work.

      • anti galleta was eloquent

        • Tyler Hurst

          The way he connected the stories and didn’t use text speak like a little kid or middle-class white woman.

          • anti galleta

            like lmao…………………lmao

            • Tyler Hurst

              Commenters like you are the worst.

              • anti galleta

                …go kurt cobain yourself.

                Unlike the mutt above or the author of this piece, i do not pacify white folk. I leave that to beta black males and homosexuals. I do not care for your kind and never will.

                • Tyler Hurst

                  Good for you. Why the fuck did you reply to me then?

                  • You can ignore him. He’s a troll.

                    Better yet, you can block him.

                    • anti galleta

                      They benefit from oppression, yet you probably have them as your friend.

                      Race traitors need to be dealt with in an egregious manner.

                    • anti galleta
                    • Mary Burrell

                      You can’t block it.

                    • Spicy Kas

                      Sadly. I tried

                    • anti galleta

                      put a ………..ah forget, just believe in jesus, or jorge.

                    • anti galleta

                      you have

                      a. a cracker at home
                      b. beta male at home

             integrationist lover
                      d. an empty home
                      e. or a homosexual at home
                      f. all above

                    • Mary Burrell

                      You are comedy gold.??

                    • anti galleta

                      another lover of white murders.

                    • Val


                • Mutt?

                  • Spicy Kas

                    I was waiting for you to get to this comment.

                    • I just want to know why dude is obsessed with beta males and submission and homosexuality and why he’s using them as pejoratives.

                      I think he might be repressing something, which is shameful. We are a gay-friendly community here and he just needs to come out and say it.

                    • anti galleta

                      you love white people tell the truth, probably married to one.

                      Be honest, because you did not address one issue that refers to white people and their homicidal actions.

                      If you do not love them, you fear them, correct.

                      PS: I found this site from listening to tonetalks on youtube, he said it was a good site, he was mistaken.

                    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

                      There is definitely something being repressed here.

                  • anti galleta

                    Obama your god, called himself a mutt/mongrel..enjoy it.


                    • You’re not worth my time. In fact, you’re barely comprehensible.

                    • anti gallleta

                      Why? Because i do not suck up to white supremacist and beta males. I am not a troll the truds at disqus banned me years ago.
                      You rather soft shoe than tell whites what they really represent, gtfoh.

                      We are dying out here, in the streets and you up voting supremacist, because they are sucking you off.
                      You soft beta males in the community are the problem, because the babies do not respect you.

                    • I can’t tell if you’re a hotep or a white troll trying to be a hotep.

                      But I am curious about one thing because of your two go-to insults- calling someone a beta male and gay.

                      Do you know where the clitoris is?

                    • kingpinenut



                    • anti galleta


                    • kingpinenut


                    • anti galleta

                      … black integrationist disgust me.
                      All of you pretend to be black nationalist/pro black, you just long for the white women and her white male siblings.

                    • kingpinenut

                      wha the wha????

                    • anti galleta

                      tell the truth you love or fear white people, come on be honest.

                      Mixed babies?
                      Mixed parents?
                      Mixed grandparents?
                      Just a love for the mutt obama?
                      Tell me

                    • kingpinenut

                      i think i’m allergic to white folks

                      *kanye shrug*

                    • pls

                      how did this mentally unstable drivel make it all up and down the thread yet my comments stay in moderation?

                    • I’m gonna take that as a “No, good sir, I don’t know where the clitoris is.”

                      I’m going to help you out.


                      If you turn to page 245, it’s there. You can even touch it! Maybe doing that will cure the latent insecurities you try to express by calling people “betas” and homosexuals.

                    • anti galleta

                      ….address these white murders, if not shut the f up.

                    • Wow. I gave you the book and you still can’t find it.

                      How beta of you.

                    • anti galleta

                      ok i see you fear for your job. Do not talk ill of whites, just deflect.

                      Your type love the adulation of whites

                      I get it, have a bless day.

                    • My job is an educator. I’m a good teacher, honest! That’s why I showed you the book.

                      I think finding the clitoris would relevant the beta make anxiety you feel. I’m trying to help you, bro.

                    • anti galleta
                    • Yep. I did show you the book like a good teacher would.

                    • anti galleta

                      …nah keep your white supremacy for the confused, i had 12 years of it, no thank you.


                      That person “anti galleta” forgotten that Malcolm X was very progressive, opposed imperialism, and rejected capitalist exploitation.

                    • anti galleta

                      anyone that puts a ball player on the cover of a academic book, should be ignored.

                    • I bet the ball player can find the clitoris.

                      Can you? I’m just trying to help you out.

                    • anti galleta

                      …your type love celebrity?

                    • anti galleta

                      address white killers……….champ.

                    • Cheech

                      But I think it let you know whether it’s a wytroll trying to impersonate a hotep. A: yes

                    • Either that or it’s Zo in seed form.

                    • Cheech

                      Somewhere on this thread it told Kas to make like Kurt Cobain. Show me a nonwhite who has Kurt sufficiently near the top of his brain that that’s his go-to F. .U.

                    • Cheech with the rhetorical analysis! Need to hire you as a AP Language teacher!

                    • Cheech

                      That’s going to be my retirement gig. Writing, civics (if that’s still a subject), and advising the theater club.

                    • It is in Arkansas. Was a Civics teacher for 7 years. All we did was analyze the Constitution and do Supreme Court case studies.

                      Those were the days.

                    • Cheech

                      Right. I just meant, I hope the Republic, and teaching about it, last until I retire.

                    • C. M.

                      True dat!

                    • Mary Burrell

                      I did i knew exactly what it meant telling Kas to Kurt Cobain himself. It was probably a white troll.

                    • Cheech

                      Yup. Lots of people know what it means, but who would think of it first to tell someone off?

                    • pls

                      The fact that he thinks black people’s issue with ppl like him is skin color is another miss. We are not the same.

                    • Mary Burrell

                      I thought it was lara or that hotep Zo.

                    • anti galleta and beta male

                      Anyone that disagrees with sissy ales are somehow hotep. Nah champ, i think for myself and i have came to the conclusion white people and blacks that like and love them are no good,period.
                      Hoe-tep actually like white people, you didn’t read that article on a hoe-tep altright alliance.

                      But you are definable a beta male. Now go teach some well put together white supremacy history to the kiddies.

                    • Mochasister

                      White troll trying to be “oppressed.”

                    • Wizznilliam

                      LOL!.. This dude is so obviously a alt-right troll… If not he is the first black person I’ve seen use the term “beta males”. That is some YT s***.

            • Sheila Harris

              You’re not racist Damon.

      • Thanks. I am the Great Explainer.

    • kingpinenut

      Make sure they offer you some bacon at the alter too.

      • Zil Nabu

        You are obsessed.

        • kingpinenut

          *light headed from all the laughter*

          My house and food smells right

          • Zil Nabu

            You probably reek of bacon.

            • kingpinenut

              Au contraire!

              You got any biscuits to spare?

              • Zil Nabu

                Biscuits don’t last on my presence so I tend to avoid them.

                • kingpinenut

                  . . . .

        • I just watch the Master of None episode where young Dev tried bacon for the first time.

          When “Only God Can Judge Me” came up I died laughing.

          • Zil Nabu

            I need to get back to watching. I’m on episode 5.

            • Have you got to the dating episode yet? I felt that was genius.

              • Zil Nabu

                Yes! Best one thus far.

                • I love that Aziz Ansari responded to the criticism from last season about him dating exclusively white women. And I really love how the women of color he dates actually are women of color- Priya talks about the Indian head movement that white people aren’t allowed to do, and Diana talks about being typecast as a black actress.

                  Loved every moment of that episode, especially when Dev slept with the racist woman with the mammy jar she kept her protection in. “You’ve obviously not had any black people in here, have you?”

                • blueevey

                  Wait till episode 6.

                  Binged the show last night till 5am. Didn’t sleep. Cried at the end.

                  • Zil Nabu

                    On episode 6 now. If I cry, I’m blaming you.

                    • blueevey

                      I cried at the end of the show. … ep 6 was just fun.

                    • Zil Nabu

                      I did not get the final scene. Was it a flashback or where she wound up?

                    • blueevey

                      Huh? Who her?

                    • Zil Nabu

                      Francesca. Wasn’t that Francesca in the bed in the final scene?

                    • blueevey

                      Spoiler alert!

                      And yes it was her. Never considered it a flashback, definitely more as a that’s where she ends up plot pt.

                    • Episode 6 made me miss my hometown.

                      My grandfather passed away last winter and my wife and I flew in for the funeral. We were at a hotel in Queens- the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel. Our stay was free because we found a bed bug in our booked room.

                      After the service, it was me, my childhood friends, my twin brother, and my wife, nursing wine and beers and memories. My wife’s from rural Arkansas. This was her first time in New York. She blurted out “Queens seems boring…”

                      Me, my bro, and my best friend from childhood all chugged our beers and said, at the same time, “Challenge accepted.”

                      We had an epic bar crawl down Northern Boulevard, starting at 98th Street and ending in a basement nightclub in Sunnyside. My wife and I grinded the night away. My bro hooked up with a bartender at a Spanish club we did the salsa in at 3AM- no English, but my bro charms nuns out of their vows and into his bed on a regular basis; a language barrier is no challenge for him. We eventually got back to the hotel at 7AM and woke up at 2PM for a late Peruvian lunch at this small joint on 90th and Northern.

                    • Robert Dotson

                      That sounds like it was the truth!!

          • Mary Burrell

            Is that good i am on the fence about that show?

            • On the fence? What don’t you like?

              • Mary Burrell

                I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch. I listen to quite a few pop culture podcast and it gets got reviews.

                • It’s very good. I though season 1 was masterful but season 2 is amazing.

                  • Mary Burrell

                    I trust your judgement

                  • TheUnsungStoryteller

                    Which one should I watch first?

                    • Val

                      Season one.

                    • Janelle Doe

                      Hey Val don’t rem if you said you would or not but did you watch chewing gum?

                      I finally finished it last night and now I need something new to sink into.
                      Possibly another british cop drama. I enjoy those.

                    • Dawn W.

                      Just started Chewing gum. It’s really funny so far.

                    • TheUnsungStoryteller

                      Lol…okay. But it sounds like he’s dating more than Becky’s in the next season…Hmmm…

            • blueevey

              I binged it last night and cried at the end from all my feelings.

              • Mary Burrell

                I will give it a try.

              • TheUnsungStoryteller

                I haven’t even heard of it! I guess I’ll have to watch it instead of watching The Office all of the time. : (

          • Wild Cougar

            I watched one episode last night where he delightfully and respectfully showed different communities in a positive and non caricatured way. Till he got to the Blacks. Then it was all neck rolling, sassy mammy trope, no men, most homophobic people in the world, never update their furniture caricatures I’ve seen in a while.

            • Haven’t made it to that episode yet. Which one is it?

              • blueevey


            • blueevey

              You mean thanksgiving?

              I took the setting to show how little and how much things change in families. Dinners come and grow and furniture changes but home is still home and family will always be family. Also, throwback to black family movies with vivica a fox (I think and apologies if I’m totally wrong) and the mom from sister sister.

              Also, if I remember correctly, that episode was cowritten with lena wait(h)e, aka Denise on the show

              • Wild Cougar

                Yes that one. I don’t care who wrote it.. It was a caricature and the whole “Black people are more homophobic” trope was about throwing us under the bus so the other mammy tropes fit right in. Made me sick to my stomach after the nuanced and respectful treatment of the deaf, Asian and Africans.

                • Monica Harris

                  Haven’t seen it. But I wanted to chime in on your thoughts about black people and homophobia. You don’t think we are? I think it’s a toss up between us and Latinos for the most homophobic award.

                  • pls

                    Are black people the ones making and voting on laws to keep these people from living their lives? Let the others shine when it’s their turn.

                • Brother Mouzone

                  I happened to watch that too and I’ve noticed a pattern with that show. ALL the things you said were accurate. His big goofy white friend’s Black ex girlfriend apparently married a shorter goofier version of him. You know, because that’s mandatory in tv today. The Black deaf girl’s boyfriend was the same.

                  • Zil Nabu

                    They imagine white men as the ideal partners for Black women and I have no idea why.

                    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

                      Really? No idea…lol.

                    • Zil Nabu

                      Been there, done that, might do it again. However, they are not some ideal. They’re just men with all the good, bad, and in between that entails.

                • I’m gonna get back to you after I watch this episode.

                  I’m still trying to recover from leg day though, so it might be a while.

              • Zil Nabu

                The aunt was played by Kim Wheatley, not Jackée Harris.

                • blueevey

                  Thanks. I’m really bad at knowing people’s names.

            • Zil Nabu

              I loved the Thanksgiving episode. Angela Bassett was pitch perfect. I didn’t see them as sassy mammies. I love how Dev is part of the family and Denise thought he was Black when they were little.

          • anti beta male

            beta response.

          • anti beta male

            you probably was seated indian style with a onesie on.

            • Look who appeared in a puff of ashiness!

              I know you’re searching real hard for the clitoris. A man obsessed with beta behavior and condemning opponents as gay has a hard time finding it, or has some repression he needs to come to terms with (we’re LGBT friendly here! It’s a safe space!).

              You should use the book I posted downthread to help.

              But it won’t help, I’m afraid, since hoteps are allergic to science.

              • Cheech

                Especially the white ones.

          • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

            I found funny and I’ve almost completely been him in that situation…

      • Mmm. Bacon cheeseburger.

        • Bethkanderson

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    • Wild Cougar

      I gotta read more Baldwin

      • Val

        Me too.

      • Start with “The Fire Next Time.” It’s the most accessible of his non-fiction.


      Profound Post.

    • TheUnsungStoryteller

      You said a mouth-full. I wholeheartedly agree, my brother.

      By the way, I haven’t forgot about your dissertation!!! Where is it???

      • Lol, it wasn’t a dissertation, it was a paper, and it ended up going in a completely different direction.

        I still do believe what I said about grit, discipline, and black children though.

        • Janelle Doe

          In that case you will be submitting a post or few for PJ and Champ to share with is masses?

          • Vacation starts next Friday. May very well do so!

    • Stephanie Braun VonTrapp

      Writers should be acknowledged, paid, and given credit especially when they’re saying something that needs to be said. If “we” (meaning white people) respect and find interesting the subject matter (even when the subject matter is an unflattering commentary on whites or the oppressive predominantly white culture) I’m curious what the preferred response would be. More specifically, is it really helpful to just quietly acknowledge and support black artists in their work and discussions about race? That’s the feedback I seem to see and get. However, this seems to limit discussion. But, that being said- maybe discussions about this SHOULD be limited. Maybe we should all just be listening, and then internalizing what we hear to modify our own behaviors? (By “we” I mean white people in response to POC and their feelings about the problematic behaviors of whites).

      • Taking risks is the preferred behavior.

        Wells Fargo and BancorpSouth have been busted for redlining- denying credit and loans to blacks, despite them being paying customers. Do you have an account or mortgage through these banks? You shouldn’t, even if they have you a cushy APR for your dream home. Divest and move on.

        Your neighborhood is all white. That’s not an accident. Are you blowing up the broker’s phone, demanding more marketing toward people of color? Who cares if you destroy that relationship.

        Your child’s school doesn’t allow braids or dreads. Are you telling the principal he’s racist and full of it? How many black kids are in the G&T program? AP coursework? Are your black athletes victims of the bigotry of low expectations- give me a triple-double and you don’t have to do your homework? If so, move to hold the couch accountable or fire him. Raise noise at the PTA meeting when parents object to learning about Mike Brown in social studies.

        These are examples.

        • Stephanie Braun VonTrapp

          You aren’t the only person to whom I’ve directed this question and my reason for asking is because it’s obvious that the white community is missing the mark, including even those who likely have good intentions. After the fiasco of an election year in 2016 it’s apparent we need to really get it together in this country.

          So, please correct me if you disagree with this statement, or add to it anything you think is missing:

          What I am hearing from the Black Community is that the times for discussion have passed, we are all beyond that place now. We (meaning whites) don’t need to discuss why we think things are dysfunctional or what caused it, or insert our opinions into black commentary or tell everyone we are allies. What is desired is that we actually do something. Take up arms against discrimination, take action, move, act, actually participate in change then a dialogue can occur. I think, foolishly, lots of white people want discussion and that is problematic for black people because for far too long discussion took the place of actual action. We are living in a moment in history where action is what is needed. Show, don’t tell.

          Do you think that’s close to it?

          Another reason asking is because myself, and other white women like me, need to figure out where we are complicit in the problem. No, it’s not a black persons responsibility to tell us what to do, but I’d appreciate the feedback. The simplicity of my conclusion is almost embarrassing it’s so basic, but I think that in the future we should assume people are not on board with a progressive and equal future if they aren’t showing us actions to indicate it.

          Thanks for your thoughts and time.

          • “I think, foolishly, lots of white people want discussion and that is problematic for black people because for far too long discussion took the place of actual action.”

            Black folk have already have the discussion. We’ve done the research. We’ve gathered the histories. To say that we still need discussion communicates that you don’t believe blacks have accurately understood their situation and have not fleshed out their solutions. It’s insulting.

            • Stephanie Braun VonTrapp

              I see that and I hope you understood I am aware of the fact you are doing me a favor by replying. I can completely understand why black people do not need, nor want, any more discussions about their own narratives. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

    • ?? KortAlmighty??

      Woah. Amazing post. It reminded me of this quote I read somewhere: “white folks think MLK died for their sins.” And a lot of them probably do tbh, which explains why they keep trying to posthumously turn him into some Non-Threatening Benevolent Negro™.

  • Zil Nabu

    I get the same thing on my Facebook posts about white people. They seem to enjoy self flagellation. Who am I to question it?

  • I_AmU

    Imop the definition of a racist is who has the power to determine the basic aspects required to live your life freely and fully by the hue of your skin. And the last time I checked Resilients/POC do not control any American institutions or systems. Therefore, I’ve concluded labeling a Resilient a racist is akin to reverse racism – it doesn’t exist.

  • luvdug

    It’s mere theater. From Japanese Tommy and Master Juba to now, we provide the stage
    and applaud the performance, but don’t take you seriously once the
    lights go out.

  • Zil Nabu

    I wouldn’t call Damon a racist.

    • Tyler Hurst

      Maybe slightly prejudice, but I agree about not being racist. He doesn’t (yet?) have real power over white people.

      • Zil Nabu

        Maybe a smidge. I think individual interaction with white people is different than interacting with whiteness at scale.

    • NonyaB?

      I wouldn’t call any POC in N America racist because racism = prejudice + power and minorities can only be prejudiced for obvious reasons.

  • IDontKnowAnyMore

    That guy will wear that shirt everywhere, esp if he has black friends. Or a black gf.

    • Brother Mouzone

      I would have told him I bought the shirt at ( insert most sketchy Black area of town) and told him to ask for the “black girl shirt”. They’ll know what you’re talking about chief….*Muttley snicker.

      • Zil Nabu

        You just love setting up Dwights for a$$ whoopings and ridicule.

        • Brother Mouzone

          Who me?

          • Zil Nabu

            Yes. You. Why were all 1970 and 80s baby pictures shot in sepia?

            • Brother Mouzone

              Thats one of the great photography mysteries. Another one is, why did all the old black and white elementary class pictures make every Black child 8 shades darker than they really were?

              • Zil Nabu

                I don’t think cameras back then were designed to pick up darker tones. Even film was racist back in the day.

                • Brother Mouzone

                  Lol. Damn racist @ss Kodak family.

  • Alessandro De Medici

    Reminds me of what it feels like to go to a White Unitarian Church.

    I’d feel more comfortable at a Klan march.

    • Janelle S

      Have you seen the latest shenanigans at the UUA? It’s a mess.

      • Alessandro De Medici

        Nah, got a link?

        • Janelle S

          It starts here, and snowballs with multiple “sudden” resignations of the denominational leadership.

          • Alessandro De Medici

            Interesting that so many POCs would be member of UUA. I think the whole idea, of having a social justice religion (which was the vibe I got going to the church) was inherently flawed, but yeah, I’m not surprised.

            • Janelle S

              Many UUs I know–I worked in one of the seminaries a while back, so I am seeing this play out on Facebook through friends from that time–are drawn to it because it’s “religion without God”. Some UU congregations are Christian, but a lot are not. There’s a huge emphasis on secular humanism.

              Spirituality without Jesus can be attractive to folks trying to leave behind theism, but still wanting the community that comes with church life. It’s still overwhelmingly white, though.

              • I actually did attend a UU Church at one time. It was worthwhile, but it isn’t particularly noteworthy. Like I’d be OK going to one or not.

                • Janelle S

                  It strikes me as religious methadone. But, hey… I go to a church with a zombie at the head, so who am I to talk?

              • Alessandro De Medici

                I don’t know how much of this is a thing, but as someone who grew up in a religious household, I could see their flaws and their failures, pretty easily. I understand why a lot of people seek it out, but I think they misdiagnose the relationship between religion and communities, and why it’s hard to replicate that in a UU setting, where strong and adamant beliefs are discouraged.

                • Do you think strong beliefs help create community in religious settings?

                  • Alessandro De Medici

                    Very much so.

                    Whether they stick to them is a different conversation altogether, but they have them regardless. I’m not religious, but I do know a lot of people who’ve quit religion, because of hypocrisy, so they conclude that as long as they don’t ever have strong beliefs (or don’t tell others what to do or how to live) they don’t have to be the worse thing ever: A hypocrite. I often tell people, if that’s the reason they’re quitting religion, they’re not going to find what they are looking for.

  • BrothasKeeper

    Wypipo tend to have a desire to “sanitize” a person or thing in order for that person or thing to conform to their culture. “We can’t destroy it. So let’s rehabilitate it!” They “sanitized” (or tried to) MJ, James Brown, Malcolm and Martin posthumously, they were trying to “sanitize” Bey before she dropped Lemonade, then the mentality becomes, “We can’t rehabilitate it. So let’s destroy it!” Watch your back AND your front, Damon, because the United States are united mostly in the sense that it wants to see your Black áss dead as Mo’nique’s career.

    • AProst

      And if sanitizing or rehabbing it doesn’t work, gosh we’ll just rip off your creativity and intellect and sell it as our own!

      • hahahahaha

        if this is what they teach in critical theory its no wonder all of you are cooks:D

    • Tyler Hurst

      Looks to me like a cult indoctrination.

    • TheUnsungStoryteller

      I was sooo not expecting you last sentence!!! WOAHHHH…That’s deep but real.

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