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The Mirror. Pt. II

You know, it pains me greatly that I’m only able to read the comments on here and not respond to them while I’m at work. Clearly, I’m not paying my IT guy enough.


If I ruffled some feathers yesterday…good. I’m okay with that. Gem of the Ocean got it right, if everybody always responded in the affirmative of our posts, VSB would be a very boring place to be. When I chose the women that I picked, I did expect that it would piss some people off. I saw the color thing right away, and even did that semi-on purpose.

I will say that I’m a bit surprised at how personally some people took it though. And for those individuals who feel the need to take shots at me, that’s fine, I can take it just as well as I can dish it. Telling me that my post is stupid or that I need to grow up or that my very smart brotha status is negated…lol. I’d love to say that it hurts my feelings, or that I’ve seen the error of my ways but I haven’t. This blog isn’t supposed to make everybody feel better about themselves or God forbid should I be responsible for the esteem issues of Black woman (or Black people) in America. The Champ and I write this blog b/c we like to have fun with our opinions. Sometimes it pisses people off and that’s okay. Occasionally we shed light on bigger issues and start a positive discourse about a segment of the community that needs addressing. Sometimes we just get ignant. It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to.

Being as its our party, I’d like to say that I’m open to all comments, even below the belt ones, as long as they are about and directed towards me.  There’s no reason for anybody to drag anybody’s family into ANY discussion, disrespectfully.  For the most part, we try to act like a big ass dysfunctional family around here, but still, there are certain lines you just don’t cross.  Those that chose to cross those lines – both maliciously and intentionally – will be dealt with accordingly.  In this instance, constant disrespectful comments aimed at my daughter aren’t gonna fly.  If you’re the type of person who thinks those types of comments are okay, then you can go one yourself (and thanks to those who voiced their disdain when I couldn’t).  If you have an issue with what I say, take it up with me.  Now, if you want to respectfully refer to my daughter (or anybody else’s family for that matter) it’s one thing, but blatant disrespect for disrespect’s sake?  C’mon now, that’s unnecessary and heavily frowned upon.


With that said, Jack Ryan, you ask some legitimate, valid questions.  In fact, a lot of people did and maybe at some point, I’ll address them. Maybe.

A lot of people have stated, very respectfully, that they disagree with my rankings and what I’m saying and have listed good reasons. I respect that, that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. It is my list and truly, if I were to do this list 20 times, it would include 20 different sets of people. But honestly, what does MY list have to do with your opinion? Hell, you want to know why I’m even ranking women?

Because I can.

Simple as that.

You can disagree with it if you want. Clearly some people do. I’m okay with that. But respect my right to do so. And remember. We ALL RANK PEOPLE. Some people use numbers. Some of you women have done exactly what the Champ said. Some cat has approached you and you’ve wondered why he had the audacity to do so considering how good you look and how ungood he looked. It’s happened to everybody. How that translated into my being a 3 acting like an 8 is beyond me…which is funny on so many levels since folks are complaining about lists and rankings then trying to attribute one to me…EXCEPT clearly bitter as the f*ck , going out of their way to make me seem like a hermit crab who needs Jesus and some Duke in order to be considered a possible contender for even a woman that would rate as a 4.

LOL. You’ve GOT to be shitting me.

And for the record, my head is not big. My hat size proves that. I wear a size 7 – when I have hair. I have some hats that are 6 7/8. Get off my log.

Gem of the Ocean states:

“though i will say that i (personally) don’t buy the whole argument that PJ is very “tongue-in-cheek” with his rhetoric and that EVERYBODY should just know when he’s trying to be funny. becuz the truth of the matter is (a) not everybody who reads this site has been following for a long time and (b) a history of posts written for entertainment value only (with little seriousness) doesn’t necessarily have baring on the current situation. furthermore, just becuz it was MEANT to be taken jokingly doesn’t mean it WILL BE. esp if it has struck so many nerves more than tickled funny bones.

i hope the VSBs are very aware of this, and if they are the VSBs we assume them to be, they own it and recognize the repercussions and backlash this post has garnered. lessons may have been learned from the discourse sparked here today… and the world, indeed, will continue to rotate on its axis.”

Though everybody doesn’t know when I’m being funny or hasn’t been here since the beginning, you have some responsibility to know what the f*ck you’re reading. This post was written very tongue-in-cheek and intended to be assholish. I succeeded. If something I wrote struck such a nerve with so many people, then good. Maybe this stuff is bigger than my post because truly, things that have been said in the comments of so many posts are WAY worse than what I’ve written here. Yet, all of a sudden I’m a villain who’s not very smart. Come the f*ck on. (By the way, this isn’t directed at you Gem, I just found your comment to be one of the most telling and gets closest to the point of folks frustration, so thank you, overall I think you made some very good points).

I’m kind of on the fence about lessons learned. Do I a) try to be more compassionate in what I write and attempt not to ruffle feathers? Or b) keep on doing what I’ve been doing and just take the licks that come with it. Honestly, I think most folks were up in arms b/c I assigned certain celebrities to rankings and that forced a lot of people to look and say, “he thinks Sanaa is a 7? Who the f*ck does he think he is? He’s clearly a delusional mudduck who needs to be put in his place. If he thinks Sanaa is a 7 he’d probably have the audacity to say that I’m a 2. This bastard must think he’s important. He’s not. Panama, you f*cking suck.” I feel like a lot of mental convos went that way.

And that’s fair, except if you’re secure in your own sh*t, you’d realize that this post is about as serious as any number of other posts that I’ve written of equal questionability. That sentence reads weird, but I think you get my point.

A hit dog will holler.

Problem is, I wasn’t even really throwing rocks. Some of you jumped under the damn rocks. Which is slightly amazing, slightly impressive, and all kinds of problematic.

Anyway, I still love you all no matter what you think of me or how smart I am (or aren’t). And I’ll be a 4, or a 3. I’m okay with that. I’m still sexxy and I still get to be Panama Jackson.

My life is good.

And in the event that you REALLY have a bone to pick with me, since I can’t access the site from work right now, feel free to email me at contact@verysmartbrothas.com.  I’ll respond.

On a side note, I’d be interested to see (since I’m so damn colorstruck, typical, and counter-revolutionary <– that one actually made me smile a little) what rankings you all would make for women, IF YOU HAD TOO. Since I only have lightskint chicks (though to my knowledge Gabby Union ain’t lightskint, but I suppose I could be wrong), who would YOU put at the top? Michelle Obama? Oprah? India. Arie??? And you can’t run with that Lauryn Hill stuff now, b/c now she looks like a hot ass mess. Y’all want the darkskinned women at the top, put them there. Show me where I MESSED up. I’m disrespecting my darker skinned sisters in favor of the Alicia Keys of the world, well, fix it.

Let’s make a list people.

But remember, be prepared for that very same backlash you threw at me if you decide to put Grace Jones at the top b/c she’s dark and lovely as opposed to actually pretty. And people, I don’t give a F*CK about their personality. I’m a man. How does she look?

Monk, you may have gotten your wish.


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

    Hostess=10. She’s brown.

    The end.

    “Solving problems since 1982!

    • sisanda

      Hahahahaha…short and to the point!!

    • Bailey

      Love it! LOL.

    • http://freetherapyorelse.blogspot.com Sula


      I wanna share the top with you too! :)

  • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

    I just wanted to be first. Now that I got that out of the way, I think I might be drunk. I’m not totally sure though.

    In completely unrelated news, did anyone see the episode of the post-reguluh-season Bachelor? I was out, forgot to TiVo and I NEED to know what I missed. Don’t judge me!!

    • Lili

      @ Hostess,
      Man, I TOOOOOOTALLY forgot to watch that! I made a mental reminder and still forgot. :-(

      *Darn those Real Housewives of New York!*

      • maria

        just you tube it…the ellen show is going to have all of them on, individually, this week if you wanna record that..should catch you up and let you see everyone’s reaction, comments etc.

    • Datalore

      I watched…

      They spent the first 20 minutes recapping the finale and the first ATFR.

      Then they brought out 5(?) of the former bachelorettes for their comment. Most (especially Stephanie) supported Jason and his decision. Only one of them disagreed and called Jason out for his wackness.

      This was followed by a comments from the audience. I believe two agreed with what Jason did (“you have to follow your heart”) and two thought Jason should have never proposed in the first place if he was “in love with two women” and “so torn up about dismissing Molly”.

      Then the happy couple come out and their basically happy, taking it slow, etc.

      I have to admit, I fell asleep here…I can’t stand either one of them.

      Jillan was announced as the next bachlorette.

  • Ms. Hall

    @ Panama,

    I think you need Jesus just for mentioning Duke. Who remembers that? Hahaha

    Moral of the story: Talk about Panama’s fam, get punished with a loooong a$$ post. LOL.

    **sidenote: I asked yesterday but would someone explain the “put the lotion in the basket” reference? What does that mean?**

    • Leila

      “Moral of the story: Talk about Panama’s fam, get punished with a loooong a$$ post.”


      • maria

        “put the lotion in the basket” is a from silence of the lambs, when that crazy dude is lowering the lotion into a basket for the captive girl he has locked in that well…he constantly refers to that chick as “it” in order to dehumanize her and objectify her… “it puts the lotion in the basket”

        • Ms. Hall

          @ maria,

          thank you. :-)

          • nikiloveli


            It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again.

    • shay_d_lady

      Moral of the story: Talk about Panama’s fam, get punished with a loooong a$$ post. LOL.

      He.ll we lucky thats all. he could a pulled a puffy and shut the whole VSB down this week or worse a Pimp C (RIP…moment of silence) and we back remember Pimp C said he dont take kindly to mofos talking that shyt bout him if I remember correctly he said (you talk about me and mine and im comin to find ya, you gone smell my cologne,.. Issey Miyake(sp?)….LOL but on the real.it gets that serious when you talk about someones family that is uncalled for….

      • shay_d_lady

        oh and I know that everyone is someone family.. I mean Rain Pryor got a momma, but its different when you make it personal..we all know saying her momma wont do shyt but saying YO Momma? ummhmm..yall know what that will do….
        and if you dont like my opinion? I bet, BET you wont knock this stick of my shoulder…….LOL

        • Me fail english?

          “I bet, BET you wont knock this stick of my shoulder…….LOL”

          lmao. I’ll give someone a dollar to push “shay-d’s mother off the roof”!


  • charli skipper

    ugh! i’m so mad that i missed yesterday’s post….after scrolling through it (sad that i have that much time on my hands, ain’t it?) i really don’t understand why it got so tense…..especially with all the delightful mentions of rain pryor….i just think some people or their fam have been @ the receiving end of too many ugly/colorstruck-ism-ness jokes and thought vsb would be their safe haven…i understand how the people who got offended might feel, i just don’t see how THAT post was the tipping point.

    • charli skipper

      although i did think the ranking of the women was random…but that’s neither here nor there…

    • charli skipper

      one last thing: brown girl, reporting for duty. heeeeeeeeeeyyyyy.

      ok, like the hostess, i too may be a little ‘spirited.’ sue me.

  • buh_buh_hotep

    He’s not colorstruck, but Panama can’t list any darker skinned women who are “actually pretty.”

    VSB didn’t have to help Panama list “lightskint” pretty women, but VSB must construct the entire list of pretty darker skinned women in Panama’s stead.

    Panama is not colorstruck.

    • charli skipper

      maybe we should all just gather around and watch a ‘tyra.’ she’d know what to do.

      • ofloveandotherdemons

        LMAO. Effing h3ll, I nearly fell off my chair at that one. God, Tyra is a effing nutcase but I love her. I can’t watch her talk show though. There is only so much pandering/narcassim mix I can deal with in half an hour, and she exceeds that limit by a thousand fold.
        ANTM starts March 4. Yeahhh, don’t judge I love Ms. and Mr Jay, and Nigel Baker (he’d get it, every which way from Sunday)

        • kmplx

          LMFAO! preach on the ANTM and Nigel… ooooh nigel!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=73903598 Dom

          He’s one of those good looking guys I feel would probably be whack in the sack. He’s nice to look at but he seems a bit too timid/cheesy to really get down to business.

          I will be watching tonight though.

          • http://freetherapyorelse.blogspot.com Sula

            Don’t sleep on the English dudes, girl. Please believe that. ;)

            • nia

              Do tell!!

              • Ms. Sula

                See what had happened was…

                Naaaa… I’ll wait for the post on “List chexual prowess by nationalities” to talk about it. :lol:

                (I should get off this blog, and meet my deadline, darnit!)

    • Ms. Hall

      @ buh_buh_hotep,

      “VSB didn’t have to help Panama list “lightskint” pretty women, but VSB must construct the entire list of pretty darker skinned women in Panama’s stead.

      Panama is not colorstruck.”

      Honestly I can’t come up with a full list of pretty dark-skinned women either. Confidence would have me add myself to the list but y’all don’t know me. The main problem is composing a list of currently-in-the-spotlight personalities. I thought of Beverly Johnson, Roshamba, Naomi Campbell, Angela Bassett, Kenya Moore, Keisha Knight Pulliam…wait. Keisha’s pretty current.

      I’d like to add Rudy to the list. Not sure where to rank her though.

      • maria

        Kellita Smith is pretty..

        • Ms. Hall

          @ maria

          “Kellita Smith is pretty…”

          Who?…Oh (after checking photo on Google.) I agree But is she considered dark-skinned? If she is then I think I could add some others to the list.

          • http://adopefiend.blogspot.com Dope fiend

            yeah she’s pretty and dark-skinned I guess.

            Well she aint yellow, and I think that’s what people had problems with yesterday.

            To be honest when you think about it PJ was naming celebs…and we know what the industry is like for ethnic minorities. Especially African-American/European women.

            Western society want to market and sell something that appeals to their biggest audience, which is lets face it white people. It’s the same thing in Asia too. They prefer the white Asians over the darker ones, who are not seen as so pretty. So an African American/European woman in the media is more than LIKELY to be light skinned.

            The stigma that dark is ugly has still not left the forefront of the media…so really if PJ was struggling to find some pretty dark-skinned “celebs” then it really isn’t his fault.

            that’s enough intellect for the day.

            • Ms. Hall

              @ Dope fiend,

              “yeah she’s pretty and dark-skinned I guess.” (about Kellita Smith)

              If she’s dark then I guess I better put myself in the “charcoal” category.

              I agree with your thoughts on the industry. They even lighten up Beyonce from time to time.

              • http://adopefiend.blogspot.com Dope Fiend

                @ms. Hall…I’ll join u in the “charcoal” category LOL!

                Yeah they make B look white…its a shame i tell you!

              • Ms. Sula

                Is there a category for “past-charcoal”? I think I might need that.

      • Me fail english?

        I would call half the women on that list brown skinned. But that’s a whole nother powder keg.

        Smh@ this “very special episode of vsb”. This worse than mr. Drummond wrapping up the dudley episode. I hope this don’t count as the third post of the week! *insomnia* :(

        • http://adopefiend.blogspot.com Dope Fiend

          @Me fail english?

          “This worse than mr. Drummond wrapping up the dudley episode.”

          You know!

          • Me fail english?

            “Now the world don’t move
            to the beat of just one drum.

            What might be right for you,
            May not be right for some…”

            ^All that needed to be said.

      • mssmtaylor

        Vanessa Bell Calloway
        Gabby Union (kinda)
        Me (haha but im not really dark, just wanted to rate myself)
        ummm dang I cant seem to think of any.
        Keisha Knight Pullem (Rudy) (She was a hot ass mess in Madea goes to jail)
        Jazmine Sullevin
        Kellie Roland
        I really cant think of any (omg she’s so pretty) actresses
        Sanaa Lathan

        • V Renee

          Sorry but I may have to call a flag on the play for Monique…….I like her and all, but still. Chick won’t even shave her legs.

          • shay_d_lady

            I gotta call flag on Jazmine Sullivan…I wont say shes ugly but I wont be adding her to ANY beauty lists…she can sang though

    • ofloveandotherdemons

      1.) Bubbahotep is a crazy good movie (I always think of it when I see your moniker).

      2.) Laying it on a bit thick? No? I don’t think you can justifiably accuse someone of ‘color-struckness’ based on a post done on a blog. You don’t really know anything about this man’s life, his belief system, experiences, or anything of his dating preferences. (Yeah, go ahead and disregard this if you were being factitious. I can’t tell sometimes).

      3.) Several people in previous discussions have stated that they are not/could not be attracted or date people of the Caucasian persuasion due to the presence of ‘pink’ meat without incurring anyone’s wrath. How is this preference, based also on skin tone, differing from the preference of lighter skinned women? If we label one under ‘personal preference’ shouldn’t we also label the other? Similarly, if we choose to view one as a form of bigotry/discrimination, then shouldn’t we also term the other as such?
      A girl wants to know; all insights we’ll be appreciated.

      • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

        Re #3: ” If we label one under ‘personal preference’ shouldn’t we also label the other?”

        It’s kinda like I can say all day long that I prefer darker men. Nobody will say shyt. In fact, I will get applause for being conscious and loving my Blackness. But uh, let me dare say I like lighter men. All. Hell. Breaks. Loose.

        There are some RIDICULOUS expectations that 63% of Blackness is based on how much you conform to the group think of the so-called enlightened.

        • http://freetherapyorelse.blogspot.com Sula

          I talked about this yesterday.

          Women are saying they prefer dark skinned men all other the face of the earth and nary a peep. So the light skinned dudes don’t need love too?

          Ionknow, I’m so very unfamiliar with this color-struckness issue that I think I really, really don’t get it.

          • mssmtaylor

            I really dont get it either.

          • V Renee

            Me either.

      • buh_buh_hotep

        He’s not colorstruck, but Panama can’t list any darker skinned women who are “actually pretty.”
        I had difficulty reconciling the two concepts.
        Not trying to lay it on a bit thick.

        To your point 3:
        A heterosexual woman whose personal preference does not favor Asian women might still be capable of acknowledging when an Asian woman is “actually pretty.”

        • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

          ya know, the only reason i put that question to folks is b/c so many folks took issue with my list. so to those individuals, fix it. interestingly, colorstruck is never an adjective anybody who knows me would use to describe me given my dating history. but then again, you DON’T KNOW ME. so, it’s okay.

          just realize, it was one list done. as i said, i could create this list 20 different times with 20 different sets of people depending on the day and where the sun is setting in the sky.

          but oh well, you win some, you lose some.

          and that’s what it’s all about.


          • journey78

            Did you just allow us to be free to move about the country with that *ding*?
            I stopped reading the comments yesterday at the first hint of the “colorstruck” convo. It usually goes nowhere but to ignoranceville and judging by today’s post, it did just that. Whoever thought it was cute, witty, charming to disrespect your daughter needs their azz whooped just for being a subprime human being.
            The man did a post using famous women that people thought were attractive. Now it’s his fault that society chooses to elevate lighter skinned women into popular conciousness? How bout the next time you are watching a movie or video, y ou start giving producers, artist etc the feedback that you think those darker skinned women are attractive so that they can get more exposure?

          • mssmtaylor

            I honestly dont see what the big deal was yesterday. Some folk too it waaaaay to far judging by the lack of comments today. Its 1:00 pm est and there are only like 66 comments. And as PJ said in his ( if you dont like it..get the hell off my site) post some people got self esteem issues. I didnt take offense yesterday cause mainly I dont give two sh!ts about what anyone thinks of me. The person that said something about his daughter was dead wrong. You dont say ish like that about nobodies baby. We come here for entertainment and to kick sh!t.

            *stepping off soap box*

    • nikiloveli

      You don’t know that man, and you don’t know what he likes. As he and others have stated ad nauseum, it was ONE list. ONE list of RANDOMLY rated women that he finds attractive, and rated accordingly.

      His words:

      “…if I were to do this list 20 times, it would include 20 different sets of people.”

      In fact, he wouldn’t even rate these exact same women the same way each day. Don’t believe me? Ask him next Tuesday.

      More importantly, it’ s not about you. We promise.

  • charli skipper

    “Sometimes we just get ignant.”


    • http://adopefiend.blogspot.com Dope fiend

      @ charli skipper

      LOL. That would be a bad as.s T shirt! lol

      PJ you just got JACKED! imma get rich over this,
      recession what?!?

    • http://www.singlesisterspeak.wordpress.com Nicki Sunshine

      ““Sometimes we just get ignant.”


      I would rock it.

      • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

        Speaking of T-shirt, when I was in a certain West African country, I saw a dude wearing one that said, “Lazy and proud.”

        • http://freetherapyorelse.blogspot.com Sula

          Come on, Hostess, name names… which country was it? :lol:

          • SouthernGirl

            she already said the country. Africa….duh!

            *palin wink*

            • nikiloveli


            • http://freetherapyorelse.blogspot.com Sula

              Bwahahahaha! :lol:

              Y’all will finish me off.

            • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

              I won’t say the country because it would compromise my secret identity.

  • http://theyounganddisenchanted.wordpress.com/ puff

    i didn’t have time to comment yesterday but to be honest, i didn’t see a darn thing wrong with the list. i mean, i wouldn’t have personally put sanaa at a 7, but that’s cos i’m not panama. different strokes for different folks and all that goodness…

    i haven’t got time to make a total list cos i got a midterm tomorrow, but high up on my list would be oluchi, rihanna, jilly from philly, noemie lenoir and alec wek.

    and my dude list has one person only: idris elba. number. 10. all. day.

    • Resident GRitS

      @ puff,

      …we covered Idris quite thoroughly yesterday.

      • http://theyounganddisenchanted.wordpress.com/ puff

        i missed it???

        boooooooooo :(

        • SouthernGirl

          ‘i missed it????’

          why does this remind me of the episode of martin when he had his class reunion and gina couldn’t go because her face was messed up from her dentist visit but she came later…..wailing about how she missed it? *snicker*

          i know this is neither here nor there but still…lol


      • shay_d_lady

        we covered Idris quite thoroughly yesterday
        can he really ever be covered to much.. and with that being said

        Reggie Bush….mmmmm hmmmm…..
        also Micheal Jordan before he got hepatitis from those white chicks and made his eyes all jaundiced and his judgement questionable..jk…except NOT.. LMAO

        • http://nextbigthing.blogsome.com Hostess

          shay_d_lady: “also Micheal Jordan before he got hepatitis from those white chicks and made his eyes all jaundiced and his judgement questionable..jk…except NOT.. LMAO”

          You made me choke on my medicine. If I end up with a pill lodged in my throat and they don’t find my body til Thursday, just know that you killed me!

          • miss t-lee

            Mike IS looking particulary bad these days…

      • nikiloveli

        @ puff

        “…we covered Idris quite thoroughly yesterday.”

        No, Puff. Sadly, I didn’t. Ooooh, but how I thought about it.

        Quick, somebody fetch mah salts!

    • Blue Skyez

      oh yes. Alec Wek and that flawless, shining, onyx skin of hers. She would be high my list too. I notice that the darker the skin the smoother, shinier it looks in most cases.

  • Leila

    I missed most of the discussion yesterday, so I can’t really comment on that. I will say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and not to take it so seriously. Halle Berry and Beyonce are light-skinned, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any attractive darker skinned women. A lot of the top models are beautfiul brown sisters. As crazy as she is, Naomi Campbell is one of the most beautiful women out there and has been modeling forever.

  • ofloveandotherdemons

    Warning: This is a scary video.
    Apparently, Grace Jones released a new album in Oct. 2008. She had a semi-successful music career in the late 70s-early 80s.


    • http://jdiva.wordpress.com chaoticdiva

      I think I’m going to have nightmares from the first 30 seconds of that video.

      • YGB

        Tell me about it! I already had a nightmare where she was chasing me like 2 months ago (I hid under my granny’s bed and she still found me) and I really don’t need another one but hey, such is life!

    • SouthernGirl

      maaaaan, grace was a force unto herself. she was striking. not one of those classically beautiful women but she was the business back in the day.

      • http://insidethemindofadeviant.wordpress.com/ Deviant

        she always looked like a man in drag to me

        • SouthernGirl

          lol@ deviant.

          @CPT. it was all of that. she wasn’t necessarily beautiful but her features were so striking and her attitude was just beyond. she is one of the true embodiments of f^ck you, im’ma do me.

      • CPT Callamity

        It was all in her attitude…her looks were bizarre which just added to the allure. She was not sexy.

  • buh_buh_hotep

    Quit trying to help Panama!
    Let him list them for himself.

    He can do it if he tries.
    Else we’ll get to have an enlightening discussion about the self-hating Negro.