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The Knicks Are A Dolan-Fueled Dumpster Fire And The Treatment Of Charles Oakley Is The Last Straw

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As I’ve written about before, the life of a Knicks fan is one of pure masochism. It’s season after season of delusionally elevated expectations followed by crushing disappointments; of seminal moments defined by ultimate failures; of dysfunctional roster after dysfunctional roster under the harsh glare of NY media. It’s a sadistic commitment, and one that I’ve borne for most of my life.

Most the of abject letdowns have been largely to to our unrepentant clusterfuck of a front office.“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This has been the personal mission statement of one James L (which at this point I assume stands for Lucifer) Dolan, scourge of Madison Square Garden and archenemy of Knicks fans worldwide. There has yet to be a season in this century during Dolan’s reign that has not had the Knicks season overshadowed by management bullshit of epic proportions. There was the Allan Houston contract, the Isiah Thomas era — which included both that godawful Eddie Curry trade, Jerome James, a dismal coaching record, and a sexual harassment lawsuit (which makes his decision to put Thomas in charge of the New York Liberty even more preposterous) — and most recently, the hiring of Phil Jackson as the President of Basketball Operations.

Phil Jackson is many things. He is a legendary coach, a zen master, and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is also an unbelievably awful roster manager with a mean passive-aggressive streak who has dominated New York sports media with not-so-subliminal statements about wanting Carmelo to waive his no-trade clause.

On the surface, this seems fine enough. The experiment of Melo in NY seems to have largely fallen short, and we can potentially build a future around a young Porzingis and new blood. Except wasn’t one of Phil’s first moves in New York to resign Melo to the tune of $124 million? Does that sound like the actions of a man who doesn’t believe their megastar doesn’t care about winning? Can the same person who signed a lumbering center who can no longer even hit the rim on a free throw anymore to four years and 72 big ones claim to be more invested in winning than the franchise star? Most importantly, how does fundamentally disrespecting your star player on Twitter of all places — land of Trump word vomit and $200 date debates — compel any other team to see value in trading for him or convince free agents that New York is a good space to take your career? How does any of this get us out of the twelfth seed in the Eastern Conference???

As if that circus wasn’t enough for Wilbon and Kornheiser to mock on the next episode of PTI, not 24 hours later we were greeted to a scene of Knicks legend and fan favorite Charles Oakley being detained, ejected, and arrested by approximately a dozen members of MSG security while Jimmy Dolan and his smarmy goatee looked on.

Look, if there are two things you need to know about Knicks fans, they would be 1) most of us would put hands on Reggie Miller on sight 2) we love Oak. There is no way in this universe that we would take the side of our insufferable front office and their predilection for finding new ways to run our team into the ground over a man who gave his blood, sweat, tears and fists, to the Knicks organization for a decade. You know it. I know it. Lebron knows it. Frank Isola knows it. And if Dolan thinks that suggesting that Oakley was abusive to him would put him on the right side of the PR war, he has gravely miscalculated New York’s distaste for him. It’s more likely that Oakley would receive a ticker tape parade after his court appearance.

Once again, the Knicks are a joke. Once again, it’s somehow Dolan’s fault. And once again, I’ll probably put myself through this bullshit again next year. In the meantime, in a tiny remote corner of my charred black heart, the hoodrat inside me is smiling about the fact that in 2017, 53 year old Charles Oakley is still about that life. It’s just enough to keep me from throwing away my old Knicks jersey dress.

Shamira Ibrahim

Shamira is a twentysomething New Yorker who likes all things Dipset. You can join her in waxing poetically about chicken, Cam'ron, and gentrification (gotta have some balance) under the influence of varying amounts of brown liquor at her semi-monthly blog,

  • mr. steal your costco samples

    Things I would rather fight than Oak:

    any random encounter from Final Fantasy XV
    Animal from the LOD
    The dragons from Game of Thrones
    Ares, the Greek God of War

    • Lmao

    • NotyoKneeGrow

      never been convinced he can throw hands as much as just been convinced he physically would be way too much handle in a fight….kinda like an aggressive Lebron

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        go ahead and try then?

        • NotyoKneeGrow

          nah….i’m good….his reach alone make that fight a wrap

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        LeBron so can’t fight

        • NotyoKneeGrow

          people be tryin LeBron and he sooooo don’t want it….but he got a good mean face like he bout to do something but don’t wanna mess up his team’s chances..I can appreciate a man that don’t want to mess with the bread tho..

    • Catfish Jenkins

      I know the list is in jest, but I’d throw hands with all but the Silverbacks. They look like a Can-i-bus line – “Punch you in your chest so hard, your shoulders will touch”.

  • Negro Libre

    New England be remixing weather (Unrelated):

  • God Shammgod

    Dolan and his evil empire doubling down:

    • In Trump’s America, reality is an afterthought.

    • catgee12
    • Val

      When you know you are wrong you keep issuing statements.

    • miss t-lee

      They just keep digging that hole, eh?

    • Dozen(s)!?!?

      • Are they saying that him coming in the building was abusive? This don’t make no sense.

    • Already commented.

  • Another side note: The looks of the white dudes behind the chaos is perfect.

  • I’m not a basketball fan but DAYUM… NY KNICKS need to get it together.

    Lawd. I’m trying to understand why Oakley was charged with assault. It looked like he told them not to touch him… they did anyway.. and such subsequently caught those paws.

    And they were passive aggressive with it. Uuuugh.. I bet they won’t try it again and I hope he doesn’t apologize.

    He reminds me of my Daddy!!! ?

    • NotyoKneeGrow

      in appearance or temperament? both?

    • It’s all about baseball am I right?

    • Once he face mugged that first ole boy, that should’ve been a sign, “Don’t touch me.”

  • siante?

    The good news is that Dolan really showed his a$$ on this one. He over played his hand & there’s not a PR rep in the world who can help him.

  • JBusy

    We got our own problems… (Please take more of them off our hands?)
    – Chicago Bulls fan

    • Negro Libre

      For who though?

      • JBusy

        Anyone but Melo, Rose, and Jo. The Bulls need one of those 76ers ‘process’ seasons. But instead of 5 or 6, just 1 or 2.

  • BrothasKeeper

    “…the life of a Knicks fan is one of pure masochism. It’s season after season of delusionally elevated expectations followed by crushing disappointments…”

    In my mind, I replaced Knicks with Falcons in that paragraph, and I curled up in the fetal position. I need a hug.

    • Michelle is my First Lady

      It’s still too soon.

    • Val


  • Panama “Gorgeous Champ” Young

    Sorry i’m late to the festivities just finished a meeting.

    FYI: I will be in D.C. this Wednesday, accompanying a group of minority male youths to Capitol Hill for a private screening of Hidden Figures. (Yeah, I actually do stuff in addition to creating havoc here.)

    But on to the topic: Sham, I tried to tell you this was futile. The Knickerbockers have been covered in a taint of “cant get right” since the mid 90’s. (I too blame Reggie.) But it could be worst. I mean its not like Ewing missing that layup, or Starks letting Reggie throw him off his game, forever changed NY Bball.

    I mean its not like your team suddenly blew a 25 pt lead in the fourth quarter of the Superbowl! Shattering any chance at you being able to say you’re a champion while you’re still (relativity) young and cool enough for that type of sh*t to matter. Leaving you numb and broken as you realize not nan one of your other hometown loves have a chance of fairing any better in the foreseeable future.

  • Phil is awful. All of this stuff he is doing to Melo is uncalled for and classless. Sidenote: There is still time to join #TeamSixers before we blow up in the coming years

    • Panama “Gorgeous Champ” Young

      Y’all starting to look good (Bucks as well #GoFigure.) Unfortunately, I am a Hawks fan. It may seem like I have a thing for disappointment. And you might be right.

      • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

        I would be a remote Buck fan. . .they are the future. Though its tough with Jabari just blowing out his ACL.

        • Panama “Gorgeous Champ” Young

          I give it two years max before the entire world realizes the problem the Bucks are steadily becoming.

        • I was on that bandwagon last year. All they need is a legit point guard and maturity, and they’ll kill the league. Jabari Parker is somehow the most underrated player to ever come out of Duke, which is a minor miracle considering how over-exposed they are.

      • Haha Hawks man I actually kinda like the Hawks this year but yea they need a change. Hard to say what though

        • Pookie

          A roster overhaul. Some star players (in their prime), that actually want to win for da city, and not just visit our Scrip Clubs.

          • Lmao. Can’t blame them about the strip clubs tho

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