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The Knicks Are A Dolan-Fueled Dumpster Fire And The Treatment Of Charles Oakley Is The Last Straw

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As I’ve written about before, the life of a Knicks fan is one of pure masochism. It’s season after season of delusionally elevated expectations followed by crushing disappointments; of seminal moments defined by ultimate failures; of dysfunctional roster after dysfunctional roster under the harsh glare of NY media. It’s a sadistic commitment, and one that I’ve borne for most of my life.

Most the of abject letdowns have been largely to to our unrepentant clusterfuck of a front office.“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This has been the personal mission statement of one James L (which at this point I assume stands for Lucifer) Dolan, scourge of Madison Square Garden and archenemy of Knicks fans worldwide. There has yet to be a season in this century during Dolan’s reign that has not had the Knicks season overshadowed by management bullshit of epic proportions. There was the Allan Houston contract, the Isiah Thomas era — which included both that godawful Eddie Curry trade, Jerome James, a dismal coaching record, and a sexual harassment lawsuit (which makes his decision to put Thomas in charge of the New York Liberty even more preposterous) — and most recently, the hiring of Phil Jackson as the President of Basketball Operations.

Phil Jackson is many things. He is a legendary coach, a zen master, and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is also an unbelievably awful roster manager with a mean passive-aggressive streak who has dominated New York sports media with not-so-subliminal statements about wanting Carmelo to waive his no-trade clause.

On the surface, this seems fine enough. The experiment of Melo in NY seems to have largely fallen short, and we can potentially build a future around a young Porzingis and new blood. Except wasn’t one of Phil’s first moves in New York to resign Melo to the tune of $124 million? Does that sound like the actions of a man who doesn’t believe their megastar doesn’t care about winning? Can the same person who signed a lumbering center who can no longer even hit the rim on a free throw anymore to four years and 72 big ones claim to be more invested in winning than the franchise star? Most importantly, how does fundamentally disrespecting your star player on Twitter of all places — land of Trump word vomit and $200 date debates — compel any other team to see value in trading for him or convince free agents that New York is a good space to take your career? How does any of this get us out of the twelfth seed in the Eastern Conference???

As if that circus wasn’t enough for Wilbon and Kornheiser to mock on the next episode of PTI, not 24 hours later we were greeted to a scene of Knicks legend and fan favorite Charles Oakley being detained, ejected, and arrested by approximately a dozen members of MSG security while Jimmy Dolan and his smarmy goatee looked on.

Look, if there are two things you need to know about Knicks fans, they would be 1) most of us would put hands on Reggie Miller on sight 2) we love Oak. There is no way in this universe that we would take the side of our insufferable front office and their predilection for finding new ways to run our team into the ground over a man who gave his blood, sweat, tears and fists, to the Knicks organization for a decade. You know it. I know it. Lebron knows it. Frank Isola knows it. And if Dolan thinks that suggesting that Oakley was abusive to him would put him on the right side of the PR war, he has gravely miscalculated New York’s distaste for him. It’s more likely that Oakley would receive a ticker tape parade after his court appearance.

Once again, the Knicks are a joke. Once again, it’s somehow Dolan’s fault. And once again, I’ll probably put myself through this bullshit again next year. In the meantime, in a tiny remote corner of my charred black heart, the hoodrat inside me is smiling about the fact that in 2017, 53 year old Charles Oakley is still about that life. It’s just enough to keep me from throwing away my old Knicks jersey dress.

Shamira Ibrahim

Shamira is a twentysomething New Yorker who likes all things Dipset. You can join her in waxing poetically about chicken, Cam'ron, and gentrification (gotta have some balance) under the influence of varying amounts of brown liquor at her semi-monthly blog,

  • TD


  • I used compare the Knicks to the Raiders and the Cubs but I’m not sure anyone running the Knicks has any knowledge of their job and actually wanted to do better. Dolan comes off as a guy who just counts his money and lives off of the rep of owning the Knicks then made things worse by hiring Phil Jackson.

    I think free agents don’t care about the bright lights of MSG any more. They can make money and win elsewhere without the stress.

    Like I told my friend this morning. Charles Oakley looks like he should be fighting Luke Cage next season or a boss in a street crime video game set in Newark. His goonage has aged well.

    • catgee12

      “His goonage has aged well” … All the way DEAD!!!!!

    • Oak reminds me of an old drunk at the barber shop that talks mad ish but everybody knows he can back it up.

    • miss t-lee

      “His goonage has aged well.”
      Complete with the white hair.

      Even at 53 you don’t want it with Oak.

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        age ain’t isht though. just recovery…so his feet will stay sore longer than my azz, which isn’t a great consolation

        • miss t-lee


      • BrothasKeeper

        A former enforcer WITH old man strength. He can punch a hole through 10 feet of concrete.

        • miss t-lee

          Old man strength ain’t no punk.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      Oak would be a fun Cable

      • Like Nate Summers, Cable? I could see that.

    • Junegirl627

      Oakley is definitely “bout dat life” the optics looks bad with all that security and police to eject him but at the same you need that many people to move that man when he don’t wanna be moved. I love Oakley. I got a Oakley car wash in my neighborhood and it STAY PACKED with cars

    • Goons age like fine

  • Of all the people, Oakley? What’s next? Kick Ewing in the knee? Why don’t we shave Walt Frazier while we are at it. Is nothing sacred to these people? If I was working security, there would be zero chance of me doing anything to Charles Oakley aside from giving him a bat and a ride home.

    • God Shammgod

      Lowkey Ewing has been treated horridly by the front office too

      • catgee12

        High-key …

      • Just shameful…

      • Sigma_Since 93

        If St. Johns can bring Chris Mullen in to coach their squad, the Knuckeheads can do the same with Ewing. At least with Ewing, he has coaching experience.

      • Brandon Allen

        Can’t even get a HC job but…Derek Fisher gets one? Pat been an assistant for like 15 years.

        • mr. steal your costco samples

          (pssst…scrubs are better coaches than stars…)

          • I mean I guess. Patrick Ewing been 12 Years and Assistant Coach though. He’s put in the work to at least be granted an interview man.

            • mr. steal your costco samples

              no doubt.

              couldn’t be my head coach but if y’all want to interview him, coo

          • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

            Larry Bird as the exception

            • Val


          • Superstars don’t have the patience to teach. Maybe catchers but it’s a rarity that you have a catcher who is a “superstar”.

      • Junegirl627

        It ain’t low key

    • It reeks of the Al Davis/Marcus Allen beef.

      • What was the story behind that? I know they couldn’t stand each other, but I never learned the scoop.

        • No one really knows what the beef was. At first it was thought to be about Bo taking Marcus’ spot but it went deeper and neither party would speak on the situation. Like I said the other day I couldn’t get a grasp on Al. He beefed with a lot of Raider greats. Stabler, Shell, Brown, and Upshaw.

          • thasamiam

            A friend of mine who is a diehard Raider fan told me that Marcus was messing around with Al’s daughter. Not sure if that’s true. It’s water under the bridge now because Mark Davis has welcomed Marcus back.

    • Miles

      If you watch the video watch when they take him to the ground. A black security dude walks away shaking his head in disgust, won’t even participate.

  • Brandon Allen

    For the Knicks PR team to immediately issue a statement saying, “we hope he gets some help soon” and basically ignore that a player just skipped a game without even a text shows how Dolan and his garbage leadership infests this organization.

    • God Shammgod

      Dropped that bomb IMMEDIATELY. Unacceptable.

    • “we hope he gets some help soon”

      Are they insinuating the Oakley has some chemical or mental issues? That’s cheap.

      • miss t-lee

        I caught it last night.

      • And LOW.

  • Shoutout to Charles Oakley. VUU alumni.

    • NotyoKneeGrow

      Shout out to the HBCU’s and the shoutout they got at the SuperBowl….that was the blackest 3:00 min on Fox in a minute…

  • Negro Libre

    Dolan man…

    Starbury, Amare, Melo, Curry, Houston, Porzingis (eventually), Randolph, Billups etc:

    Dolan’s Knicks keeps getting them:

    • I better not see Mike D’Antoni in an alley. The way he ran off Starbury and Nate Robinson (Two of my favorite PGs) drove me nuts.

      • Negro Libre

        I forgot Nate (wasn’t a superstar…but he was a star).

        It’s sad how unappreciated the guy is now.

        • Nate just signed to a d-league contract today.

      • D’Antoni is a crappy coach anyway. He tries to play college style system ball in the NBA, and is shocked when it doesn’t work most of the time.

  • Val

    This incident actually made me angry. Throwing him out wasn’t even the worst part. Inferring that he, Oakley, has mental health issues or a drug problem was just pure evil. Dolan is the worst team owner is sports and the NBA ought to be embarrassed to have him.

    I hope Oakley sues the heck out of the Knicks. Not for being thrown out but for slander.

    • Negro Libre

      Yeah they did him dirty.

      I’ve never seen a team with so much drama and so much losing to go with it.

    • cdj

      It angered me, too. They intended to humiliate him. If it was that serious, they could have flagged his ticket allocations beforehand, canceled them and then he and his lawyers could argue it out. Or they could have had someone speak to him after the game. Instead, they embarrass him, manhandle him and try to make him look crazy. That shouldn’t happen to any paying fan, famous or not.

      It triggered a visceral reaction in me when I saw it was all white guys putting their hands on him. I could go on about that, but I have the feeling you and I are on the same wavelength about it.

      • Val

        We absolutely are.

      • NotyoKneeGrow

        true story, in any other setting that large of a black man (equipped with hair trigger temper) would have met a hair trigger cop…..i ain’t like seeing my man on the ground like that

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      • !!!!!!!!!!!

        ALL OF THIS!!

      • Brambles

        Yeah, well that’s how we white folks feel too when we see black thugs putting their hands on white folks…we have a visceral reaction to it. I guess the feeling is totally reasonable, eh?

    • Maybe Oakley will end up owning the team as a result. He can’t be worse than what we got. That whole situation just looks sloppy as F. Like @disqus_BCh2Dsbs6p:disqus said, if the drama was that deep, they could have simply flagged his tickets. This looks like a real D move by Dolan.

      • siante?

        There’s no hope of Oakley owning the team because Dolan refuses to sell- so the Knicks are pretty much stuck with evil until Dolan dies, sad to say.

  • Side not: How many balding white guys work security at the garden?

    • Val

      The fact that they were mostly White guys lets you know the job pays well though.

      • Maybe off duty cops on the lower level. They still sent the whole crew over there.

        • esa

          exactly. they rep Staten Island.

          • I went to school on Staten Island and this makes perfect sense.

            • I imagine Staten Island as a racist suburb in the south with Italian accents and the projects.

              • esa

                they’ve always threatened to secede and we’re like GO. the upshot is most of em stay where they are.

              • It is. I graduated from the College of Staten Island in 2008 and saw a lot of that on campus. I lived in Clifton though, on North Shore, a few blocks from the Stapleton projects. My undergrad years were lean.

              • For someone who has never been there, but you’ve nailed the vibe perfectly. You have the projects in one corner, a few African peeps next to the projects, and the other 85% is Italian American Suburbia. Seeing blocks with 5 different pizza spots is routine.`

    • miss t-lee

      All of them.

  • miss t-lee

    All I know it that finger to the dome had me so weak.
    I want that on a shirt.

    I’d even settle for this…!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/020817knicks00nm.jpg

    • Lex


      • miss t-lee

        I can dig it.

  • New York has like 30 teams and 1 good owner. Wild man.

    • Junegirl627

      Which one is the good owner?

      • Hal Steinbrenner

        • Junegirl627

          He’s better than his father….

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