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The Inventions and Innovations of Women

Some of y'all are writing this note RIGHT NOW.

When Plato said that “necessity is the mother of invention” he inadvertently had three major groups in mind: Black people, hoodrats, and women. While it is possible for one person to be a part of each of those groups simultaneously, I’d like to specifically speak to the last group, thee of the boob.

Hate it or love it, women are the most interesting creatures on the planet. A woman’s ability to run both hot and cold at the exact same time is truly a thing upon which to marvel. Only a woman can do something completely insane and somehow manage to make it another person’s fault for her being in that predicament. So what she murdered that stripper; YOU shouldn’t have been sleeping with her. To woman, the crime is merely a role player in the drama that is her rationality. What she needs from you is understanding. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Understanding is what she needs.

And that’s not just understanding from men, by the way. That’s from everybody.

Please direct all hate mail to

All jokes aside, in my travels throughout Womania, I’ve noticed that there are certain inventions that either had to be created by women or concepts that are solely woman-centric. More than likely because men just wouldn’t ever think of them. Woman. Brilliance. Same sh*t.

Here are a few examples of inventions or innovations that are 100 percent woman-centric:

1. Ex-bestfriends

Women actually have these. Men, we have dudes we ain’t as cool with as we used to be. Or dudes we just don’t f*ck with at all. But there’s no title. No declaration. Women on the other hand? EVERY WOMAN HAS AN EX-BEST FRIEND. In fact, I’m fairly certain in Woman School, there’s an entire class dedicated to that day that every woman becomes full bird and has to kick a friend to the curb and denote her as an actual ex-bestfriend. And that’s her actual title in conversations. “My ex-bestfriend, Quilta, and I used make beef patties with processed crab meats. Bawse.” In fact, I’d bet good money that when you meet a woman if you want to know what kind of person she is, all you have to do is say, “so tell me about your ex-bestfriend, I know you have one.” After she gets pissy at you for making assumptions, she’ll likely talk to you for a solid 20 minutes about this friend that is no longer. Because at the end of the day…that “b*tch” was trippin.

2. The Mute function on Twitter

Passive aggression, thy name is women. I remember the first time I saw the mute button on Twitter. I had no idea what it mean or what it was for until I asked a homegirl of mine who explained it to me. So wait, you don’t want to hear about your homegirls good times or she’s trippin so f*ck her, but you also don’t want to unfollow her because then she’ll know if she ever brings up your profile, so you just mute her timeline until you’re ready to actively be apart of her life again? Unfollow is bad luck. Smart folks mute back. Must have been a woman that started all that.

3. The inconvenience phone call

People say that  you should beware of a scorned woman. Poppycock. You know that some bad sh*t is going down if you scorn a woman. You can’t beware something that you can’t stop in the first place. You can only hope she has something to lose so she stops short of a felony. However, let your woman RANDOMLY feel inconvenienced by ANYTHING and dude, you’re getting a phone call. She feels inconvenienced so she has to inconvenience somebody else. Or LET him know how much she’s being inconvenienced by either his lack of presence or lack of compassion to know she’s being inconvenienced and not call and console and apologize for something that isn’t his fault. Basically, women are the worst sports on the planet. I remember one day I was listening to Hot 99.5’s Kane Show in the morning. The morning host, Kane’s wife called up the station pissed. She was at home with their two kids who were screaming in the background. So what did she do? Call him to let him know that she was having a bad day because he needed to know. Almost in a sort of, you’re out having fun and here I am doing the hard work. You know how if there’s a way that race can be a reason something happend, its a likely culprit? Well, I think for women, inconvenience is their beef 99 percent of the time. Hmm…which leads to another type of invention…

4. The f*ck-up-your-fun call

Every man is familiar with the rampant “you don’t care about me” phone calls during that one night a month he goes out with his boys. It’s like the second you go do something you had to seek permission for, the texts start. “When are you coming home?” Or the phone calls start. “You didn’t put the dishes up”. Which leads to man’s most important invention of all time…the Loud-Arse-Universal-Hush-and-Fun-Diversion-Tactic-That-Works-25%-Of-The-Time. Or LAUHFDTTW25OTT for short. A man see’s that his girl keeps calling he knows he has to answer so he hushes his boys (and strippers) the f*ck up so it doesn’t sound like’s having fun. Which never actually works because well, women aren’t stupid. And plus, fun or no fun, when she makes that call, its going down. Joc.

Good people of VSB, those are just a couple of women’s inventions. What are other fine innovations and inventions that women have created? Make Plato proud. And to be fair, ladies, what are completely male-centric inventions and innovations?


Check out Panama’s recap of Braxton Family Values episode 3 and latest blog post about women’s obsession with engagement rings and trapping men over on Guyspeak. Peep game shawty.

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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • Jessica

    Wait, what? First time hearing about this “mute” function on Twitter lol.

    • Jessica

      I unfollow bitches lol.

      • Magnet for Foolishness

        No, I think I co-sign this one…my comment went to the wrong place.

    • Panama Jackson

      really? get with the program. you all created the damn thing. lol

    • Magnet for Foolishness


  • Jay

    How about the sex “rain check”.
    When shes like not tonight babe. I’m soooo tired. How about a rain check.
    Oh a rain check. Nah thats cool. Because I need documentation to have sex with my effing girlfriend. As if next time that we do get it on it will be because and only because she had issued said rain check.
    What are you guys the federal reserve of p***y? Printing these rain checks out of thin air? That’s how inflation happens. I say we go back to the gold standard of a**

    • Sigma_Since 93

      Nice economic references. You need to document these in your phone so they don’t become subject to faulty memory on her part.

    • WIP

      Genuine question: if your woman doesn’t want to have s.e.x, would you prefer her to grin and bear it? Or tell you not tonight and do it when she’s into it?

      • Jay

        There you go… being all reasonable and asking thoughtful questions and sh*t…

        • Panama Jackson


        • a to da j

          @Jay, did you say a women was “being all reasonable and asking thoughtful questions?” I think I may need to cancel Christmas this year, sumn aint right in the universe.
          @WIP, tell me not tonight, and then get turned on when I just take it any. Oh wait, I think I’ve said to much.

        • The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap)


      • Sigma_Since 93

        I don’t mind the rain check; there’s nothing worse than grade c chex. I just hate that the woman that claims to NEVER forget anything selectively forgets she gave me a coochie cupon when I try to reedeem. I would refer you to my comment which should be above yours but it’s in moderation prision right now.

        • Jay

          My point exactly. My issue with the rain check is that it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Rain check or no its going doing tomorrow… or the day after orrr… whenever she says so =/ Theres no guarantee even with a rain check. Whether or not I’m given a hypothetical rain check the result is the same: blue balls tonight, better luck next time.

        • Todd


          Real talk, here’s some advice for all of you women out there. If a dude is willing to take Grade C punani on the reg, you need to contemplate leaving the dude. Seriously. The best case scenario is that dude got a side piece or is in the closet. The worse? Well, here’s a hint: We are…PENN STATE!

          • Sigma_Since 93

            Thank you sir. Please pass the love offering collection plate to the left.

      • Todd

        I vote for the latter. If it means we hardly have sex, so be it. If you don’t want sex, just keep it 100. I’d rather have no sex than obligation sex.

        Speaking of which, I wonder how my wife is doing, since she seems to ask for sex on a schedule. If most women are the Federal Reserve of sex, my wife is Zimbabwe. As Ron Paul says, END THE FED!

        • Jay

          Thats word. If its not tonight then thats what it is but miss me with that rain check ish.

        • Panama Jackson

          and this comment also kilt me dead. thank you.

      • Come On People

        A man would want you to grin and bear it. They don’t care, when they want to get it in, they want to get it in. It does not matter if you are tired, sick, in a bad mood, the world is falling around us and other things of the like, they just want to have sex at that moment.

    • Panama Jackson

      You know, my only beef with a s*x rain check is that if i try to do the same thing…then our relationship is in trouble.

      its like a lil wayne libra scale.

      • Todd

        Sadly, I’ve had to break out the rain check lately. So wait…I’m supposed to be glad that you aren’t going to scream rape if I sexually penetrate you while you just lay there? Yeah…that’s not what’s good.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          Don’t end up like Mr. Bobbit as a result my friend.

          • Todd

            Hold on playa. I didn’t mean forcing my wife into sex. I mean the whole just laying back and thinking of England while she “does her wifely duty” thing. I apologize for not being clear!

      • Tristan

        I busted out the raincheck the other day (that chipotle did a number on me #tmi) and she brought it up twice since, like idk what was on the schedule that night but i think its gone forever lol

        • Panama Jackson


        • Sigma_Since 93

          This is where we as men should use technology to our advantage. Use that cell phone voice recorder and time and date stamp the reciept of that cupon!

  • Malik

    There’s a mute function on Twitter?!

    • Cheekie

      Yeah… and I HAVE seen it used like a mug. I’ve also seen folks tell the other person they muted them. Chaos ensued. -_-

      • Eloquence, Inc.


        I am DYING!

  • LA2DC & hating it

    Mute!!!???…hmm checking this out now (please standby for a relevant comment)

  • LA2DC & hating it

    Back now…couldn’t find mute button…oh well.

    I will confess to having an ex-best friend, circumstances include showing her amateur sex tape during my 21st Birthday party and attempting/agreeing (point of contention) to sleep with my ex during Grad night…(sigh) the only friend I ever had to chuck deuces to.

    • Panama Jackson

      it seems like most women’s ex-girlfriends are because of perceived jealousy or because you all dated men that would sleep with your friends…from jump.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        touche lol

      • LA2DC & hating it

        Not sure if you mean I was jealous or if she was…but in some ways I think she wanted to steal the thunder of the huge 21st Bday Bash I had that she couldn’t afford…but she was always a sexual show off, sending us naked pictures of herself, demonstrating her brain skills in class on suckers,etc. lol.

    • Cheekie

      “Back now…couldn’t find mute button…oh well.”

      Not entirely sure but I think it’s only available on certain Twitter apps. Don’t think Twitter for web or any of the “official” twitter aps have it. Then again, I’m not a chick who USES that function.

      *sticks out tongue at PJ who needs to STOP GENERALIZING* ;)

    • a to da j

      So she showed her own tape, or you showed said tape to put said ex friend on blast, TMZ style?

      • LA2DC & hating it

        Oh no, she showed her tape to everyone in the VIP area including people in my family. I had no idea, until one of my other homegirls (whom she had just met that night) came up to me all disturbed (she was grossed out) and told me about it the next day. I was embarassed, mortified, and had a some things shouldn’t be shared with people you’ve never met before… or at all conversation and she insisted that I was wrong and that she did nothing wrong.I just couldn’t see myself being tight with someone who didn’t have as much respect for themselves as I did.

        • a to da j

          “Drugs are bad mmmkay and anyone who uses drugs are bad mmmkay”

  • carolinagirl27

    Ok so I had an ex-best friend and that b*tch was trippin!!!

    She was my best friend in high school but she convinced me to break up with this guy because she said he really wasn’t into me(stuff like “girl he won’t sit with you in the cafe!”). So we break up and she continues to see her boo thang, but she soon wound up pregnant. Well, come to find out after I started talking to the ex again that they were bumping uglies! So I told the supposed daddy that baby probably wasn’t his because she had been sleeping with other guys(This is trifilin I know, but I was 17, I know better know ;)). Well, it was big confrontation in the cafeteria but there was no fight.

    I still don’t know who the daddy is…we’re friends on Facebook(I know, I know) and I secretly get a little happy when I see that she has four kids by four different guys and works as a waitress at Chilis. (Triflin again..I know…don’t judge me)LOL…but yea the article is spot on!

    • LadyC

      Ugh! Your ex bestie was so skanky! I’d prolly be smiling too :)

      • Todd

        Preach! I was thinking the same thing.

    • Panama Jackson

      Chili’s has dope food though. Now if you had said Applebee’s…then yeah, you’d def be winning.

  • Mel – The Bone Collector

    Certain apps like UberSocial and Tweedeck allow you to mute and filter out people. I’m don’t believe regular has those options.

    • Mel – The Bone Collector


      • Nell

        SocialScope also has the mute function.

    • Panama Jackson

      apparently people need to realize that is the least resourceful version of the social media function.

  • The Hallway

    This is how you know most of the people that read VSB is old, because all the comments above and under me asking about the “MUTE” function. Ol people ya’ll real cute.

    1. Even though Jay-Z said it I’m sure women came up with the “30 is the new 40″ slogan. However, my favorite meal will always be MILF and Cookies.

    2. The “Button at the Stoplight That People Press to Cross”, men came up with this for women because you MFr’s are so d@mn impatient. Everybody knows that those button are placebos and don’t really work.

    3. The new thing on facebook, with all the activity in the column to the right…It shows you everyone’s activity “LIKES, COMMENTS” even when there offline. It even lets you see people “whom you’re not friends with” pictures. 24/7 Passive Surveillance for the chick that is sorta over you, but you never deleted.

    4. The Return for Store Credit…Women created this so when they spent their husband’s/father’s money, if he wanted them to take it back they could just say “well, you can only exchange it for store credit.”
    -B. Or Men, Because women like to wear clothes and take them back.

    5. The (Read/Unread) function on the Blackberry, come on no man would create the ability for the sender to see if the receiver read the text that was sent. Bullsh!t

    • sunshyne84


      it kills me when ppl press that button at the corner especially when there is traffic and they can’t even cross, it must be fun

      • tooshy1

        I’ve seen both men and women press the button for the traffic signal. I’m like, “yeah, like they are going to stop traffic of 50 or so cars so ONE or TWO people can walk across at the intersection.” Like really?

    • I Am Your People

      Not only does the street light button not work, the ‘door close’ button in elevators doesn’t actually do anything, or the thermostat in most office buildings (they don’t want you screwing up the central HVAC). The more you know

    • Panama Jackson

      Yo…AND they did that BS on the new iOS for the iPhone for text messages so folks can know when you read their text. sheeeeeeeeeeeit. i turned that function off RIGHT away.

      • Cheekie

        WHAT?! I ain’t know that. What kinda arse backward Blackberry BBM ish is that?! WHY would they do that? Like, did ANYONE cry to Apple asking if they wanted this function? All the BBM folks always complained about it because they got busted. lol

    • LushLife

      The cross the stree buttons have a function in Los Angeles. If you don’t press it the little man doesn’t come up and the light it shorter. Since most people don’t walk here you kinda need that button especially for wide streets.

      • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        I’ve never been to a place where the cross walk buttons don’t work and I’ve been to some third-world places in this country. N***as in Mogadishu I guess.

  • I Am Your People

    * I’m pretty sure women invented GPS. A tool to easily find where you’re going and totally not used to stalk your ex?

    *I used to joke that the signatures function in Outlook was invented by a woman, because men don’t care that much, but women like that sort of thing. I found out a couple weeks ago that – surprise – a female programmer did pull that function out of her azz a few days before Outlook was supposed to ship

    * The real-life Jedi mind trick. Can be used in sooo many ways, even on other women. Jackie Christie and Draya, I’m talking to you

    • carolinagirl27

      I dunno if we invented GPS, but it was for damn sure our idea to put them in cell phones! I use to work for a cell phone carrier and you would be amazed how many men use to be in one place when they told their wife they were in another….and those were some fights to see!

      • Panama Jackson

        I believe that GPS joint was a woman invention. Men dont purposefully ask for directions. but if they’re there..i use it now.

        plus getting lost is an adventure. and about your girls knowing where you are using GPS? yeah. totally a woman’s idea.

  • KneeCee

    This mute function…. where do I sign up?