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The Insult And Intimidation Of Black Women Is As American As Apple Pie

In an ideal world, we would spend the next few hundred words articulating the significance of a Black woman achieving rapid career acceleration in the entertainment industry after decades of hard work. Leslie Jones’s addition to SNL, an institution Whiter than tampon commercial underwear, is a major accomplishment. As is her being cast in the Ghostbusters reboot.

Instead, we are forced to lament what continues to be the striking reality for Black women in the age of social media. That with increased visibility comes increased vitriol. And that we exist in a society that feels entitled to dictate the narrow confines of where Black women are allowed to flourish versus the spaces that we should not encroach.

This isn’t a tale limited to Leslie; the Rio Olympics had us revisiting the targeted insults lobbied at Gabby Douglas, a young woman who has also been open about how the ill-spirited commentary affected her. Talk to any Black woman of any level of notoriety or platform in social media and you’ll be regaled with tale after tale of unprompted gender-based and race-based (and sometimes both at the same time) hate speech from keyboard trolls the world over. Ultimately, the plight of online harassment, on Twitter especially, has been an oft-discussed problem that seems to have received minimal traction from the company on a grand scale. 

One could argue that yes, this happens to many women regardless of race. But the layering of race is too critical to ignore here as just a minor component. Jones’s costars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon certainly haven’t been compared to a deceased silverback gorilla. Or referred to as “big-lipped coons.” Or been the target or a publicly coordinated attack by a Breitbart writer. Or any of the other vitriolic slurs that targeted not just Leslie’s gender, but her race, as well as her aesthetic existing on the outliers of what is viewed as traditionally beautiful for Hollywood elite. Jones has been forced to bear the brunt of the attacks herself, with limited public support (if any) from her costars, a circumstance, which, by her own admission, she is used to. An unfortunate reality for a Black woman with a certain level of exposure.

This all came to a head, when hackers infiltrated Leslie’s personal website with her sensitive personal information, not only doxing her, but leaking nude photos from her iCloud and uploading a video of the deceased gorilla Harambe.

The last time this happened on a major scale — with the victims being Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, amongst others — the public outcry was so deafening that the FBI got involved. I’m still awaiting for any of these two conditions to arise in the light of these circumstances. At the time of writing, her costars have yet to comment publicly in support of Leslie’s continuously unwarranted plight. (Editor’s note: The FBI is involved now.)

Instead, what I have witnessed is a plethora of jokes at Leslie’s expense with regards to leaking her nudes; as if a woman who doesn’t fit the perceived mainstream standards of desirability should be less entitled to outrage at her violation of privacy than the Jennifer Lawrences and Scarlett Johannsons of the world. The impetus behind leaking, after all, isn’t just to share the bits and kibbles of America’s most beautiful; its to inflict shame and embarrassment upon women for exercising the right to celebrate their body at their discretion. And the additional layer of comparing Leslie’s physical aesthetic to that of an animal — a comparison with historically racist implications — is intended to add further insult to her public exposure, inviting criticisms to the concept of her or anyone else celebrating her form as an exercise in mockery and humiliation.

It shouldn’t be expected of Leslie to just persevere and rise above this. While it is admirable that she has so far transformed the spurts of written violence into moments of awareness and advocacy, that isn’t a weight that she should have to carry alone, and the absence of certain voices to uplift her in these trials and tribulations is also deafening. We shouldn’t be expecting Leslie to push through this adversity, we should be demanding civility and gatekeeping from the arbiters of the ecosystem that was intended to be built for healthy public engagement and not hate speech. Cyberbullying against Black Women shouldn’t be our expected burden to bear; we are people, not battering rams, entitled to justice, civility and a base-level respect that should be afforded to any human at all levels of celebrity. As social media continues to expand and transform, it is paramount that we collectively hold accountable the gatekeepers of the applications we keep viable via our engagement, and demand that the protection of Black women from targeted attacks be prioritized in the ongoing battles of cyberbullying and internet harassment.

Shamira Ibrahim

Shamira is a twentysomething New Yorker who likes all things Dipset. You can join her in waxing poetically about chicken, Cam'ron, and gentrification (gotta have some balance) under the influence of varying amounts of brown liquor at her semi-monthly blog,

  • Sigma_Since 93

    The Undefeated approached the Gabby Douglas situation from the White Privilege lens.

    • Epsilonicus

      Good piece by them. I like what they are posting on that site.

    • I feel sorry for Gabby, man. People just came at her for the most bullsh*t reasons imaginable.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        I wish I had a way to clap back for all the Black women that went in on Gabby. Track and Field has spoiled many of us as to what we want our sista athletes to look like.

        • It was everybody. From the 2012 game where folks mocked her hair to now when they came for her body language (No sports argument is more ridiculous than the body language one. I mean Tim Duncan!!!) and hand placement when it doesn’t matter. Black women, white boys, Khmer girls it doesn’t matter that was an odd level of vitriol.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            Lisa Leslie was a cautionary tale that everyone forgets about. In the gold medal game, that Aussie gal snatched Lisa’s hair piece out but Lisa was fortunately able to keep it moving. Now imagine running, jumping twirling on some apparatus and getting your long hair caught up and snatching your own do out. Gabby or some other sista does not need to be the first female to have this happen to them. World Star, the memes and gifs would be brutal

            • Hammster

              Good point

          • Tambra

            There was a recent article which highlighted the hypocrisy with the hand placement and Gabby Douglas, where someone pointed out that there were 2 American men ( white) who medaled and while they stood at attention, they did not put their hand over they heart and not a word was said.

  • Two different thoughts. One is that this is just the latest manifestation of rape culture. We allow this because it benefits a lot of people. Feminista Jones had a tweet storm recently about this. the sad thing is that between the dudes who get some brief reprieve from the quiet desperation of their lives from conquering some women (even if it is technically consensual $ex) and the women who get their esteem by being “pure” and “reliable” and “better than those h0es”, I’m doubtful about it being fixed easily. While the actual attackers are few in number, the people that benefit are legion.

    The other is a real fear that the tools used to stop the idiots can be turned and used against the victims. The Kinfolk Collective got temporarily ran off of Facebook due to someone siccing the moderators on them. Other Black groups have had the same problem. There needs to be tools that are both strong and deft. Otherwise, we’re just building a weapon against our own Black women.

    • Ess Tee

      Speaking of Feminista Jones, she had a really productive back-and-forth with W. Kamau Bell yesterday about this. I didn’t see the dialogue ’til the early evening but it happened later afternoon. In any case, he’d tweeted his support of Leslie Jones then ended it with something along the lines that Leslie will rise once more.

      Feminista Jones asked him to consider what it means to suggest that Black women will remain strong in the face of such abuse, and how it can be too much to casually think that this strength just happens. Kamau was really receptive to the viewpoint, understanding that while he was attempting to show support, it also played on these tropes about Black women.

      • If we believe people can bounce back from abuse, then it actually becomes an enabling behavior for the abusers; they’ll eventually be OK, so I don’t have to change.

        But many people aren’t OK. Nate Parker’s victim has been resting heavy on my mind since I learned she committed suicide.

        • FWIW, it’s a way to humble brag on your social networks. The people who bounce back from trauma tend to have more friends and a strong support system from family. But if your pops was already ghost, and your mama got issues, and something happens, you’re screwed.

          • I don’t know what FWIW means, lol.

            I do college persistence work and the reason why poor, first generation college students do not get through school is due to the lack of a support network that knows what they are going through; only 10% of poor, black, first generation students graduate in 6 years versus 80% of students from the top quintile of wealth. Your bounce back is only as good as your net; if your net is filled with holes and dealing with health and financial problems, then you’re in for a hard landing.

            • Bkmews

              FWIW = for what it’s worth. Great point about the crucial importance of having a strong support network.

            • PinkRose

              Quadruple that retention number if their major is in STEM, unfortunately too many of us in STEM “get ours” then leave the kids to fend for themselves.

              • It’s also rooted in that universities feel STEM majors must weed out the weak. It’s the excuse they give themselves for not holding STEM professors- who generally have lucrative job offers in industry- accountable for excellent teaching and tutoring.

                Schools like Xavier demonstrate what STEM education looks like when they want as many students as possible to succeed.

      • Cleojonz

        I saw that exchange with W. Kamau Bell. It was very productive. I was still a little disappointed that he backpedaled and deleted his original tweet. At least he was open to hearing exactly why what he said wasn’t cool. I think he meant well, it was just a little insensitive.

        • Ess Tee

          Oh, he deleted it after all? Damn. That’s unfortunate.

      • Cheech

        I didn’t see the exchange, and it sounds productive. But he may not have been just relying on (propagating) a stereotype, but also expressing a supportive thought about a personal friend.

        • Ess Tee

          Yeah, he said as much. I think FJ was also trying to get him to understand, though, that even that kind of support (“You’ll rise again! You’re strong!”) for a friend can play into stereotypes.

          • Brother Mouzone

            I think we all get caught up in the STRONG BLACK WOMEN narrative, including Black women, to the point where it’s often the FIRST word used when an athlete or celebrity is describing their mother, as if that’s the ultimate compliment. It’s become the thing that people hear so much that they think it’s a given and what sistas wanna hear, especially since a lot of them cosign it.

            • joyeverlasting27

              I don’t think it’s said as a compliment. It’s just a prevalent reality, a statement of fact. It would be great if our circumstances didn’t require us to have such strength, but that’s not our reality. Which is why it’s not fair for that trait to be held over our heads or used against us.

  • I don’t think cyberbullying is a real term for this. Not only does it imply a child like relationship but also parameters that are somewhat limited to online activity. This is past that. I feel like both terms cyber and bullying are just bland. Bullying is a word borne out of child relationships, however damaging or toxic they may be. It implies the solution of everyone holding hands and agreeing to get along. This is assault. It is a violation and harassment of a human being. Let’s be open to calling things by the horrible words they deserve.

    • Question

      Agreed. Cyber Assault (cyber only used to denote the medium through which the assault took place).

      • This is all so deeply embarrassing to witness as a human being. I read a description of the original posts on her Twitter and I was mortified. I didn’t dig deeper because it felt like feeding the spectacle to me and it hurt. It hurts as humans and women to live with the treatment of our fellow women the way that it is and has been for so long. It’s so normalized. It is like apple pie. They both fucking suck.
        Leslie Jones is a magnificent, devastingly hilarious woman that stands like a chiseled six foot tall middle finger to everything mediocre white men fear. I can feel the balls shrivel up in fear. Thanks to their privilege and entitlement, this is what gets thrown at her.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      yeah, this jawn is assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, terroristic threats, you name it.

    • Junegirl627

      Your right it’s sexual assault/ harassment. This is using a woman’s sexuality against her to put her down. This is a virtual rape.

      • It even breaks federal laws. I’ll be waiting for the FBI to not just get involved but come down hard. Crack down on that crime too. Not only the one that’s good for sitting around in suits feeling superior.

        • Duff Soviet Union

          The cops can do something about this. They so often feign ignorance of technology, but when something high profile happens, they stamp it out quick. They just feign ignorance because they don’t care about the rank and file, and also because they’re some of the worst abusers when it comes to weaponising online technology against women.

      • Our laws are behind behavior like this. It’s only now catching up on regards to revenge p!rn laws. But I see this as a chex crime- you’re using a person’a body and chexuality to try to publicly embarrass them. And since the Internet is immortal, the evidence is never going away.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    The ideals of internet troll culture is to “take people down a peg or two” Victims are usually women. It’s easier to shame with nudes. Black women even worse because you could also be extremely racist. But the ironic thing is that they don’t think they’re being racist. They’re being shocking for shock value. It’s all about having power which is to me the truly scary part of this ordeal.

    I just hope this doesn’t take the wind out of Leslie’s sails ya know?

    • HouseOfBonnets

      Same because despite the criticisms she gets (even from some black people) she is hilarious and has worked her behind off to get this shine… would kinda break my heart if she decided to pack it up due to this even though I wouldn’t blame her.

      • Courtney Wheeler

        Yeah. I like her. I want more for her instead of her schitck but she’s perfected it and really gave a jolt to SNL. But this has been a problem for a long time with hackers. I don’t like the idea of censorship but parameters need to be put into place.

        • Question

          Its all being lead by the CTO of Breitbart (Conservative nonsense “news” outlet). What’s not interesting is their defeaning silence regarding his actions (first Twitter and now hacking her personal page). Sometimes by not saying anything, you say a lot – and in many ways, this just proves what we already knew about them.

          Its just amazing to me that in the same space that Leslie Jones is being consistently and viciously attacked by a small group of people, people can say things like “President Obama ruined race relations in this country”.

          I guess the only thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that Wypipo truly do live in a reality, that aside from the sun, the air we breathe and the color of our currency, is vastly different from my own. And the truth is, that’s not going to change. Ever. Ever ever. But that’s not the learning.

          The learning is that I’m ok with that.

          • Courtney Wheeler

            I agree but I also think the reason why things have been so intense and visceral is because I do believe they feel like the times are indeed changing. Peoples attitudes toward minorities, women, and sexuality are shifting and ceratin folks in the status quo are having several tantrums about this.

            The Breitbart nation has also been a small fringe group of passionate nut cases. But their deceased leader..just like Hannity..O’reily…Alex Jones…it’s entertainment. They don’t even believe the things they say. They like the attention.

            • Question

              Completely agree on things shifting. I’ve long said this, but things are only going to get worse, because what they thought was a leak, has now become a faucet that can be turned on and off without their assistance. In other words, its too late for them – enough Black folks have made it where we don’t depend on their benevolence for more Black folks to make it.

              What we’re experiencing is just the natural reaction to creating your own space, intentionally and deliberately stacking the rules in your favor and still seeing a slow transition to becoming second class citizens.

              If you can’t win in your own house, playing house rules, what does that really say about you?


              I’m glad that you exposed Alex Jones too. I can’t stand his views.

            • Duff Soviet Union

              We’re basically in the death throes of white supremacy. There’s going to be a lot of ugliness as whites rage against the dying of the light (it’s obviously already happening), but it will come to an end. Hopefully soon.

          • Deeds

            Why do you think that black women don’t need WP, but black men do?

            • Question

              Its not that we don’t “need” WP (or that Black men need them more), its that the assistance of WP isn’t really an option for us. White men and White women gain something from the attention of Black men – For white men it’s affirmation of their “cool”, their masculinity and their social capital. For white women its confirmation of their sexuality and superiority relative to other women.

              What do White men or White women gain from associations with Black women? Nothing. Too close associations with Black women will cause problems for white men with White women and White women don’t associate with any other races/classes of women, period.

              So its not so much that we as Black women don’t “need” them – its more that the benefits of their association have never been extended to us.

          • Duff Soviet Union

            It’s ridiculous, but so very white, to blame Obama for “dividing the country” and not, you know, the racist &*((*&’s who lost their goddamned minds when he got elected.

      • cakes_and_pies

        She has been in the game for awhile. Reading her Wiki, she about that determination and is finally reaping the benefits of hard work. I hope this doesn’t do her in.

    • This is why is so extremely important to not worry about being shamed. These sons of bytches are relentless. Hopefully, she doesn’t show ANY signs of weakness.. We also need to rally around her and let these mfers know that WE aren’t having it… YOU CAN’T MESS WITH OURS….

      There’s a young sister on Twitter who stays publishing trolls private info…

  • HouseOfBonnets

    The thing that angers/perplexes me the most is the fact that in a technological age where we can do things like background play on YouTube, tracing, and disabling of comments sections at the drop of a hat for some why does it always take millions of hurdle jumps and tons of outcry to cause change when the victim is a POC especially women? 9 times out of 10 the ones making these racist, sexist, and vile comments and hacking her are less than mediocre trolls living it up in their mama’s house draining the bandwidth she pays 50 dollars a month for with the smell of stale pop tarts in the air. While I would like to see things like laws enacted nation wide to at least curb this foolery in addition to the overlords of social media to enact features to curb/eliminate this i’m not sure what it would take for it to happen.

    Also Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon are all trash for not even speaking up. Posting a hashtag takes 5 seconds, but if this was Amy Schumer or Leah Dunham I doubt there would be a lack of support because white feminism.

  • YeaSoh

    We should just start our own social platform where you have to answer black questions like “who is allowed to make the potato salad at the cookout” for entrance:

    Choose carefully
    a. anyone (denied)
    b. grandma
    c. whoever shows up first (denied)
    d. all the above (denied)

    And after like 2 attempts you are blocked for all eternity. Unfortunately, some of a y’all won’t make it in either.

    On a serious note, evil is real and will for ever be out there. The best thing you can do is know:

    God don’t make no mistakes and you are exactly who you need to be

    • HouseOfBonnets

      Proud to say that I would easily pass said questions with flying colors lol

    • Vanity in Peril

      But some of this is also coming from black men.

      • And black women as well…

        • Vanity in Peril


      • YeaSoh

        I forgot how NASTY we can be to each other… smh. Baby steps?

    • ALM247

      “God don’t make no mistakes and you are exactly who you need to be”

      Positive and uplifting :)

  • bear_in_nola

    “It shouldn’t be expected of Leslie to just persevere and rise above this.” This is exactly why she will have little support. We are just expected to deal with whatever happens. It’s just sickening how mad people become when a black woman is successful. It’s my hope (but not holding my breath) that those she works with or for come to her defense. I don’t have the exposure she does but I can say it is always frustrating when my bosses do not come to my defense. I’m here to support her however I can.

  • Coward, insecure, jealous, racist , scared, bigoted, hurt…
    There just aren’t enough words to describe the type of person that pulls these attacks while hiding behind a font. The shiddy part is, these are the same people we walk past everyday that say “hello” or “good morning ” or “I’ll have that on your desk right away boss.”
    I like Leslie.
    I hope somebody schools her a little better on the net. Racists and hurt people gonna be around for a long time.
    F¿ck em all.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      Keyboard cowards

      • Since VSB’s inception we’ve seen a few float through. They are an interesting type of filth whom I haven’t figured out yet.

        • Courtney Wheeler

          They’re weak though. Amateur league..I pray a decent troll comes along VSB for once

          • HouseOfBonnets

            Me and you both. What can I say it’s the petty in me.

          • Don’t. They mar the landscape and cause everyone else to bog down in their sh*t when there are more entertaining, interesting and productive discussions to be had. I’ve seen what the so call amateur trash can do and it isn’t worth it for anyone because people will feed them.

            • Courtney Wheeler

              No you’re right. I never feed the trolls..but the petty in me wants to take over. haha

            • cakes_and_pies

              There was one here last month that made me rethink even revisiting this site. VSB/VSS’s egging on a troll who kept posting hanging and burning Black bodies is not cool.

              • Courtney Wheeler

                Oh wow I wasn’t aware that went down. That’s crazy

              • When was this?

                • cakes_and_pies

                  Maybe a month ago? It was some troll who came into a post late about race like they always do, and the commentors just kept responding to all his vitriol language, responses, and posted pics.

                  • Ah. I seldom look at a posts after 4 something in the afternoon so that’s why I missed that. I still don’t get why people respond. Just flag and delete.

                  • Blueberry01

                    I remember that ish…

            • Look at the cesspools that are the comments section of The Atlantic and New York Magazine. All a troll needs is a crumb to be fed for weeks on end.

              • After TNC disabled the comments on his blog I haven’t ventured into the comments section over there. I can only imagine.

                I remember when Jemelle Hill used to get insulted in the worst ways when ESPN had Page 2 going. The worst insults against both her blackness and gender.

                • Anyone who thinks overt racism has ended has not spent two minutes in the comments section of any major media outlet. The article doesn’t even have to be race related for the n-words and the white supremacists to start trolling.

                  • grownandsexy2

                    I noticed that quite awhile ago. It can be about the weather or some other mundane topic, and somehow someone will work the POTUS into the conversation as if because he sun didn’t shine, it’s somehow his fault and it’s all downhill from there.

                    • Weather report: “Today it’s gonna be cloudy.”
                      KKK Troll: “Because Obama’s monkey face absorbed all the sun and freedom.”

                      It makes NO sense when they do this and it’s almost always steeped in racist language.

                    • Blueberry01

                      I think I read that somewhere. No lie!

                  • Illumina

                    If you want a rage stroke, go to the comments section of your local newpaper(s).

                    It’s even more disturbing cuz you know these mofos are close to home. H e l l they could even be next door.

                    • grownandsexy2


                    • Cheech

                      I like to think they have all that time to comment because they’re unemployed, and/or old and dying soon.

              • Kas

                I read NYMag so much less now because of their troll problem.

                • Cleojonz

                  Some sites you just know not to even bother with the comments.

                  • grownandsexy2

                    AOL comes to mind.

                    • Cheech

                      Or WaPo

              • Michelle

                Like a NYC timb-wearing cockroach.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          The beauty of this space is that it’s OUR space and the readers and the owners get all Under Armor when needed. Trolls will never get traction here #protectthishouse

          • miss t-lee

            Yes lawd.

            • Sigma_Since 93

              Liz will come out of retirement and put folks in moderation!

          • Hammster

            Damn right!

          • Kas

            They get bemusement from us not anger, so they move on.

          • Blueberry01


    • miss t-lee

      This is true.
      Folks like to act like internet trolls aren’t the same people we see everyday. Like it’s an alter ego or something.
      It ain’t.

      • “Folks like to act like internet trolls aren’t the same people we see everyday. Like it’s an alter ego or something.”

        Swap out internet trolls with s*x offenders and we have a whole ‘nother discussion that goes back to what we said on twitter about the way people cosign violations.

        • miss t-lee

          Whew, this truth.

          • An unfortunate one but yeah. These are everyday a$$hats that we all know.

    • grownandsexy2

      “The shiddy part is, these are the same people we walk past everyday that say “hello” or “good morning ” or “I’ll have that on your desk right away boss.”

      Our co-workers, bosses, neighbors.

    • So I told my wife that some of my co-workers were little d ick nigg@s that do little d ick nigg@ shyt. I’m pretty sure that’s what this is.

      • Not that titles mean a whole lot, because in the end – a higher title means they know who’s azz to roast when they need a scapegoat…
        BUT – make more money than them bidges, and you will be hated with a fury.

        • Blueberry01

          …and consistently dress/perform/make coffee better than them…it’s a wrap.

  • Junegirl627

    I am so full of rage right now.

    They are doing this to her because she is a threat! It’s easy to be in a movie if you look like Gabriel Union or Halle Berry. People can separate you from your color if you are beautiful enough. Leslie isn’t pin up girl material for this society. She is brilliant and funny. She can bring in an audience with her talent alone and she doesn’t need beauty or others approval for her success. Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy are not an iconic beauties and we are supposed to celebrate that. We are supposed to be happy that a normal lard eating white girls can find success in hollywood regardless or talent (side eye to Schumer). Leslie is out here being her fabulous funny self and others are looking for HER approval.

    So they are trying to bring her down. Because god forbid she upsets the natural order that says only the prettiest with the sexiest bodies male or female shall be allowed to eat from the big table.

    I may be wrong for this but where are OUR MEN!!! The Will Smiths, The Michael Strahans, The Sean P.Diddy Combs, The Jay Z’s, The Kevin Harts, The Dwayne Johnsons. Every Man of Color should be out there Caping for her. Because she is our sister.

    • Question

      None of the men you mentioned are secure in their “power”. They know what’s up. Their position in society is precarious at best – and they know this. Which is why I caution all young people who look up to them. All of them depend on White American acceptance for their $$$. Hence why the only words you’ll hear from them are words about how we need to find common ground and come together.

      ‘cuz Will, Kevin and Dwayne know how film financing works.
      Diddy hasn’t mattered to anyone…ever, really.
      Michael is in the employment line.
      And Jay-Z needs white money to invest in his bad investments.

      So no. You’re looking to the wrong group of men.

      And that’s just it. Black women in some ways have more freedom because we have never been accepted by society. We push and shove our way in, and society is pushing back hoping we’ll lose our balance and miss the train. Its why Oprah can make big bold statements, but Will Smith can not. She succeeded in spite of, not because of.

      • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

        No truer statement than this….”black women in some ways have more freedom because we’ve never been accepted.”

      • NomadaNare

        It stings because its true

        Our patriarchy has handicapped us substantially and we dont even see it

        I am highly impressed by this point

      • J Remy

        Damn… If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is. I understand the fragility in my success as a black man.

        Every day I work with Darth Becky’s and post-college Bros who need coddling and assurance that I’m not a threat to their safety. I have to maneuver in a world that constantly reminds me that my success isn’t guaranteed and can be taken away at any moment should a “W” say so. I see my black sisters out here who have to maneuver through the same struggle, but with a since of independence and grace that I strive to imitate. Because I know where strength lies and that’s with black women.

        • Blueberry01


      • Chinasa

        “She succeeded in spite of, not because of.” If I ever heard a word! Preach

      • ALM247

        “She succeeded in spite of, not because of”.

        The doors of the church are now open……

      • Ra

        Black folks & white folks, men & women, and everyone in between always find a way to come together against Jay Z’s African leaning physical aesthetic [large nose & big lips, darker skin tone]. They keep on trying & failing to extend their vitrol against his daugher BIC even before she was born. She’s gorgeous and charismatic looking like daddy and all. Y’all will be alright without Jay Z capping for xyz’s look. Most of the time, he’s just continues to be himself regarding the insults coming his ways from all direction. He’s attractive. Leslie Jones is attractive as well.

      • Duff Soviet Union

        You make it sound like a lot of them would be standing up for her if not for money. I’m not so sure. Hart in particular is not fond of women darker than a paper bag.

    • There is no wrong group of men. If you can’t stand up against this because you’re afraid you won’t be rich anymore, you are culpable of just that.

      • Junegirl627

        I agree with both you ,@nomadanare:disqus and @disqus_v2Yv1ipRt0:disqus . Yes it may hurt you in some ways. Your star might dim a little but they are at a level where they will always be successful. Plus I purposefully mentioned the men I did because they have black daughters who will become black women. This is happening to Leslie today, but it might be one of their daughters tomorrow. So instead of using all of you hollywood might to protect only your own. Stick out your neck to us, your sisters.

        They are always quick to say. Women buy music, tickets, clothes, etc. (spend money) so cater to women. Well cater to us in how you protect us from a world try to hurt us as well.

        • PDL – Cape Girl Shero


    • Hammster

      Out of all of the men on that list, Dwayne Johnson (a first and last name blacker than the continent of Africa), is not going to cape for anyone black. I could be wrong but I have never ever even heard the man proclaim any of his blackness. Even the roles he plays or selects are mostly roles that do not mention his race. He’s pretty much the poster boy for racially ambiguous negroes that pray no one finds out about how black they really are.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        He’s proclaimed his blackness. Somewhere out there there are interviews in which he talks about his blackness when he first got into wrestling.

        • Hammster

          I’d probably find gold underneath my office desk before I find it. The problem is, that was back then. I haven’t seen him proclaim it lately. If he wants to proclaim it, it needs to be all the time, not only when you’re a newbie on the come up in Hollywood.

          • Buster Cannon

            Eh, I think it’s a bit much to insist that a black celebrity has to talk about their blackness all the time.

            • Hammster

              I’m not asking him to talk about it. Just claim it. Even Hollywood doesn’t think he’s black. Remember the movie San Andreas where his family was all white? His children didn’t even look bi-racial, just plain white.

              • mssporadic

                Biracial people that procreate with white people may have children that don’t look “black”. Tamera Mowry’s son doesn’t look “black”, but her daughter does.

                • Hammster

                  The Rock doesn’t have a white parent. Tamera does. That’s the difference.

                  • mssporadic

                    His character in San Andreas had a kid with a white woman. It’s an explanation for why it isn’t unusual that the kid in the movie did not look “black”.

                    • Hammster

                      True but it’s quite rare for someone mixed with Somoan and Black ancestry to procreate with a white person and have the kid take on all of the features of the white parent. Can it happen? Yes. Is the kid more likely to have some African and/or Somoan features? Most definitely.

                    • mssporadic

                      You are assuming genetics is that simplistic. The kid is not necessarily more likely to express African or Somoan features. There is a lot at play in determining what you look like.

                    • Hammster

                      I’m not assuming anything and I am aware of the complexities of genetics. I did give credence to what you stated but that in no way means that what I stated couldn’t also happen.

                    • mssporadic

                      You attributed that casting to him denying his blackness. That casting wasn’t completely wrong given the races of the actors.

          • Junegirl627

            didn’t you hear thats the shuck and jive in hollywood. You claim your blackness to get the fan base then you move away from that audience for cross over success (see: Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Christina Aguilera, etc.)

            • Black when it’s “convenient”

              • Blueberry01

                Black when you’re not receiving white dollars…

      • He was in the Nation of Domination!

        • Hammster

          True. J.Lo was a Fly Girl but was on some #AllLivesMatter bs recently. My, my how things change.

          • Tambra

            Well there is a huge difference between trying to get to the top and being at the top.

            • Janelle Doe

              Yep, but just let something happen (ask Tiger Woods)

          • Nik White

            Nah J.Lo been gone. She left after the gun incident with Puffy.

      • StillSuga

        That’s actually not true. He talks about both his Black and Hawaiian heritage on a pretty regular basis on his social media accounts. He hasn’t made his money on being a “black” star yes, but if he ever talks about his start or his roots he’s very specific on where his roots are.

        • Hammster

          Fair enough. I can be wrong and stand corrected when it’s proven otherwise. I was speaking from what I saw and apparently you and a few others have seen more than I have

      • Cleojonz

        As much as I love Dwayne Johnson he strategically and purposely, even as he is finally on a project with a pretty black cast, silent on anything political and racial. It really has caused me to see him in a new light and I don’t jump to support his projects anymore. It’s odd because he actually has expressed pride in that part of his heritage, but that’s where it stops.

    • miss t-lee

      I saw Questlove, Orlando Jones, and a few others speak out on twitter yesterday.

      • Junegirl627

        Of course C list actors and performers who pop culture will say “who?” and need reminders of why anybody gives a danm will say something they get more exposure speaking up for her that if they do nothing are gonna cape.

        Where are the A List Stars?

        • miss t-lee

          I mean Questlove is on a show that a lot of people view every night, so we can’t quite call him c list.
          As far as the other folks? When have they ever spoke out? Why would this be different?

          • Junegirl627

            Yes because Questlove isn’t well know to middle americans including blacks. He is fame isn’t crossover. He isn’t B- list because his name is post script. That’s how he’s described. He is not the star of the Tonight show (Alist) The leader of the tonight show band (b list) He is the guy with the noticiable hairstyle on the drums (c list) oh and he dj’s on the side (d list) If someone said who? when you said his name you would describe him as. the drummer with the Afro for the band that plays on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon that made history because of their hip hop roots.

            • miss t-lee

              Ummmmm. Ok.

    • None of the name mentioned are active like that on social media except for Diddy, Questlove and others that are actually active twitter were defending her, there’s also the #blackmensupportleslie but I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative…

    • ALM247

      Gabrielle Union was victimized in the Jennifer Lawrence leak, and none of those feminists spoke out to help her.

  • Yellow Tail

    Things like this highlight the need for more Blacks in STEM. We need to form a coalition of black hackers to expose the little pieces of sheit that do things like this.

    • 15 years ago, I would have been leading the hordes. I’m older now.

    • Question

      Hackers don’t do STEM.

      In all seriousness though, I wonder how the legal system would be applied to brothers caught hacking. I mean, ya’ll see how it is with some turns without blinkers and bad tail lights. Now imagine brothers busted for hacking SSNs and pin numbers from BofA.

      • People forget that the original leader of Anonymous was a Puerto Rican teenager from the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Once they found out he had cousins in distribution, they put the screws to him saying that they’d get him, and he turned State’s Evidence.

        • Question

          Yea, I read an interesting article about him a couple of weeks ago. They always turn States Evidence (or hang themselves a la Aaron Swartz). :/

          • Hugh Akston

            Aaron was a sad story too young

      • Brooklyn_Bruin

        More of us are doing that than you realize.

        One of the most recent atm hacks was blacks and Puerto Ricans coordinating a multi-million dollar heist. Nigerians been on the social hack. You got brothers in fake blue t-shirts walking into Apple stores and leaving with product for the other store. Some of us hacked those new jeeps with keyless ignition.

        Cyber crime doesn’t have the same racial bars to entry.

        • Question

          We were involved in the Chrysler/Jeep hack?

          • Brooklyn_Bruin

            Our Latino brothers. (Who look a smidge afro in these mug shots)


            It really doesn’t take much to get onto the dark web and grab some stuff. And once you get a taste, it’s not hard to learn more. You don’t need to get to Russian/nsa levels to make dirty money. Or so I’ve been read from reputable mainstream sources .

            *looks sideways for the feds*

            Additionally, the private sector never pays employees what they’re worth. I’m surprised that more college educated folks don’t get into so called illegal business.

            Or maybe they do

            *looks at wall street guys making ten figures selling dreams*

            • Question

              I know it was some Puerto Ricans and Dominicans involved. I follow hacks on Quora because I find that world interesting. My Dad’s first software developer was this crazy brilliant self-taught coder who in his spare time used to play around with image recognition technology (this was back in the 90s). He used to lead Ph.D level teams for Raytheon and Boeing, with his non-degreed self. He ultimately had to let him go cuz his meth habit (which allowed him to stay up for 6-7 days at a time) was becoming a problem.

              My Dad still keeps in touch with him and the last time I saw him about a year ago, we went to lunch and he was telling us what he’s been working on with some ‘buddies’ (he’s never met) and my Dad and I both found ourselves looking over our shoulders like, “…umm…should we be hearing this (but tell us more!!!)??”

              • Brooklyn_Bruin

                Black brown excellence?

      • Bkmews

        Hackers are part of the T in STEM (science tech engineering math).

        • Question

          I know that. :) My point was that most hackers generally don’t do college. For what?

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