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Donald Trump Gives All The Fucks. This Is A Bad Thing.

Donald Trump is a scary, scary man. I can hear you saying “no shit” from my office in DC. From his cabinet picks – nearly all of whom are unqualified for their new jobs or in the case of Jeff Sessions, qualified on paper but good gotdamn – to the potential Supreme Court picks, we’re in for a society defining four years in America. And not in a good way.

He’s been in office for not even a full week and hell has broken loose. We’ve been gifted terms like “alternative facts” which would be hilarious if it wasn’t real life. Sean Spicer, bless his heart, probably has had Resume Builder open on his desktop computer at all times since taking this job as the White House Press Secretary. He’s had to come out and lie about the numbers at inauguration AND voter fraud. Even if he drinks Folgers, I imagine there aren’t too many great parts about waking up for him. Shit, he has to check Twitter JUST to see if his boss went off the reservation while everybody was sleeping.

Think about that: The White House Press Secretary probably wakes up and the first thing he does is check Twitter to see if his boss said anything he’ll have to defend.

This brings us to the heart of the matter: Donald Trump gives all the fucks. His ego is titanic, both literally and figuratively. There are no individuals too big or too small to address directly, something that he’s proven time and time again. Both the inauguration fiasco AND the voter fraud bull malarkey are 100 percent about ego. Only in Trump’s America is the President worried about being a big draw like he’s fucking Bruno Mars.

The voter fraud shit is especially stupid. He’s been running around claiming that he won fair and square – bigly – and here he is NOW undermining the entire process. He also seems to think that if there was voter fraud – because Hillary won the popular vote – without thinking, at all, that IF there was voter fraud to the tune of 3-5 million (we’re talking ABC’s Scandal level shenanigans here), that possibly it would invalidate his OWN presidency.

But because this is Donald Trump, he can’t leave well enough alone. He needs to win so he does what any person who has to win does: doubles down.

Regarding the inauguration numbers – including a clear set of lies from the use of magnetometers to the grass coverings,  of which he required Sean Spicer to tell for no real reason since it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme – he went and had a picture of inauguration framed and is allegedly putting it up on a wall in the White House, even if it has the wrong date on it. Apparently Slim Charles is Trump’s ego-maniacal muse. I wouldn’t flinch if he had “We Fight On That Lie” carved into the Resolute Desk.

However, calling for an investigation into the alleged voter fraud that didn’t occur during this election in WHICH HE WON? That’s an impressive level of megalomania even by Trump standards. Levying claims that fraud existed and forcing Sean Spicer to walk into the lion’s den and talk about it based on some “studies” (of which the authors, assuming this particular study is what he’s referencing, claim he misinterpreted) is beyond reckless. Why would you call for an investigation into something that you have no tangible proof of to begin with? He doesn’t even have an inkling. He had a thought because folks keep telling him that Hillary won the popular vote and because he is the Trump, that should be impossible.

People need to stop using the word “won” around him.

Further, let’s say they determine there was fraud, wouldn’t that invalidate this entire election? This one sided bet where he’s assuming a bunch of “illegals” voted, giving Hillary the popular vote tally, would signal, probably the biggest scandal in American electoral history. People already think their votes don’t matter and many sat this one out already, how does this HELP that process? You want to make a mockery of the entire democratic system that put you in power? Sometimes its okay to sit your ass down somewhere.

I really don’t think Donald Trump gets it. He doesn’t understand that his words have power now. Before this election, he could say what he wanted, walk it back, and folks would forget about it eventually. Now, his words can affect the economy or our standing in the world.


Part of me thinks this non-sense is a smokescreen to distract from all of the executive orders he’s signing, some of which are more concerning than others (while some are just principled statements without much force of law). While we’re talking about “alternative facts” and inauguration numbers and voter fraud, and as Trump lies and his staff lies directly to the people, all of the policy that matters is happening in the background.

And that’s the problem, Trump has shit to say about anything policy related short of words like “sad,” “it will be big,” “trust me,” and “amazing.” But once his ego is involved, he’s doubling and tripling down and gives a fuck about it all. There is nothing he doesn’t care about on a personal level and there is nobody whose opinion he isn’t listening to. And he’s our the damn President.

Donald Trump is a child with the nuclear codes at his side every day for the next four years who is more sensitive and petty than 50 Cent.

Only 1,378 days until the next presidential election.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • Janelle Doe

    My two questions:
    How many executive orders are we at now? And is ruling by executive order the new precedent?

    ION the woman from the March was written up in the ROOT. And feminists are having interesting conversations about it: http://www.theroot.com/woman-in-viral-photo-from-women-s-march-to-white-female-1791524613

    • Janelle Doe

      “I don’t think it’s a matter of white women becoming interested in our
      issues; I need them to recognize they are implicit or complicit
      benefactors of systems like white supremacy and patriarchy—and that’s a
      problem.” -from the article

    • Negro Libre
      • Janelle Doe

        Well, then thankfully he has started out right
        *snark is a symptom of my persistent traumatic stress disorder

        But seriously, is there nothing a Dem controlled House and Senate would be able to do?

        • Negro Libre

          Executive orders can be overturned by the Supreme Court…

          But it’s rare, mostly because and in a sense, rightfully so, they don’t want the burden of such a responsibility.

          • mssporadic

            They may not have a choice soon. He’s doing so much that lawsuits are going to start flooding the courts, and he can’t bank on every federal appellate court leaning his way no matter how much he stacks it with conservative judges. Therefore, a few will make it to SCOTUS. If there is enough strife, SCOTUS may take up the cases just to shut everybody up.

    • DM.

      “Don’t forget: White Women Voted For Trump”—> Classic.
      I need that on a tshirt

      • AshAlly08

        I know everyone wants to go after the 53% of white women who voted for Trump… but let’s not forget the millions of people who didn’t vote at all. We’re talking about a margin of a few hundred thousand in the swing states… this is why we need mandatory voting.

        • Janelle Doe

          I get why you say this but I figure if voting is mandated then we’ve already lost.
          What if voting got you tax rebates or something like that?
          Incentivize versus Penalize?

          • AshAlly08

            I don’t know about tax rebates, but I agree with incentivizing. How about making Election Day a national holiday, in addition to making it mandatory, so people don’t have to stress about getting kids to school or missing work or standing in a long line to vote in the first place.

        • Brown Rose

          it doesn’t matter who stayed home. The vote that was cast is what matters. White women were the catalyst vote period. it was obvious that white men were going to vote for Trump in droves. But white women were the ones that made it possible for this cretin to walk into the white house.

    • BatmansExWife

      And Brooke Obie from Damon’s previous post interviewed her!

  • Brooklyn_Bruin

    ” Apparently Slim Charles is Trump’s ego-maniacal muse. I wouldn’t flinch if he had “We Fight On That Lie” carved into the Resolute Desk”


    • “We Fight On That Lie”

      Spanish – American War, the Iraq War, the Chicago War…My bad that last thing hasn’t happened yet.

  • This is just reaching a level of absurdity I didn’t think would come until midterms. I can’t even imagine how much more this will ramp up in coming weeks.

    • Hiding My ?hide yours 2

      Pretty Ricky what it do.

      • Just trying to think of something useful

    • It’s only going to get more like a bad work of fiction from here on.

  • Hiding My ?hide yours 2


    That’s all I got.

  • Negro Libre

    Welp, I mean, Donald Trump does get his news from

    Alex Gobble Gobble Goebbels Jones, so…


  • Rewind4ThatBehind

    Donald Trump is the Superhead of politics.

    He’s been in the cut for a long time. Shaking hands, making friends, putting strange substances from other people onto his face to change his overall appearance.

    Silently waiting as people belittle him & his conquests til the moment when he’d turn all of their dirt onto them and capitalizing in a tell-all manner nobody expected that shakes up the industry.

    But unlike Superhead, when it comes to the question of how delusional one person can be, his money allows him to supercede where she failed. Because he’s gone so far, he’s made the rest of us delusional with him..expecting facts to win, reality to make sense, and common sense to be the stand out above all else.

  • DM.

    Eh. I’m over it. I cared when it mattered.

    I wish everyone had this much agency last year when liberals were writing hit pieces (on their own nominee) all over the place “Hillary and Trump are equally terrible!! Her emails! Crime Bill 1994!”

    • Janelle Doe

      well said!
      Now it’s all about mid-terms. And how to try to use that to shift things however much or slightly it can happen.
      *looking for Tristan and his countdown blog for the day

    • Brooklyn_Bruin

      Over it you say?
      Live in Canada do you?

      • Kylroy

        …not yet…

    • Asiyah

      Both are equally terrible with respect to foreign policies. They don’t differ on anything except for Russia/Syria. They’re also equally terrible with respect to their affiliations and love of corporations. But obviously he’s worse when it comes to domestic policies, not because he has any, but because he picked cabinet members who do. This country has officially become a corporation. He’s just the face. His men will make sure they screw the country over worse than any democrats, and democrats will continue to enable it.

      • Leggy

        Seriously Aren’t you tired of this piece of sh it rhetoric? Aren’t y’all “better and more woke people” tired of these false equivalencies?
        Trump has no domestic policies? All the executive orders he’s signed within the last days are what exactly?

        • Asiyah

          Trump has no real conviction, Leggy. He’s constantly flip-flopping. That’s why he’s always caught in lies. All of the executive orders he’s signed in the last few days are mostly with the help of his men, who have always held pretty crappy policies. Giuliani? Pence? They have always been this way. Now, one could make the very valid argument that Trump chose these men because they are more in line with his own policies, and you know what, that could be it. But Trump the man has never been consistent.

          • Leggy

            His executive orders are sure filled with conviction. I’m just glad that high horse all of y’all sat on this election circle is going to give y’all a clear view of the destruction. Happy viewing!

            • Asiyah

              Yes, because I’ve been viewing the destruction for years. YEARS. When Obama was deporting more illegals in higher numbers than his predecessor, droning a lot of black and brown people abroad, turning a blind eye to our own people dying at the hands of corrupt police, spying and surveilling Muslim communities. None of this is new. THAT’S THE SAD PART. So yes, I’ll be on my high horse viewing the destruction that has been taking place for years.

              • Leggy

                Rolling my mother fu cking eyes. I’m glad your chosen president is going to stop all that now! Yay!! You win!

                • Asiyah

                  Go ahead and be patronizing and condescending, I don’t care. I didn’t choose this president, and as I’ve stated before, I had the privilege of living in a blue state where my vote wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Hilary was going to win in NY regardless. There’s no victory here for me. This has been years in the making.

                  • Leggy

                    You still haven’t answered how Hilary and trump are just as bad foreign policy wise.

                    • Asiyah

                      I did above.

              • Question

                WHICH illegals did Obama deport? “91% of whom were found guilty of committing multiple crimes”.

                In terms of policing, I’m curious – how would you like the federal government to get involved that does not violate or usurp states rights? Remember, policing in the US is not a federal activity…

                • Asiyah

                  “In terms of policing, I”m curious – how would you like the federal
                  government to get involved that does not violate or usurp states rights?
                  Remember, policing in the US is not a federal activity…”

                  That’s a question I ask myself all the time. I know my politics are “stupid” and I don’t care, but I still think about them. What is the best way for the federal government to not infringe on states rights when the state is systematically murdering people? I don’t have the answer to that nor claim I do, but when our president has no problem calling Kanye a j*ck*ss because of him interrupting Taylor Swift but is mum on certain things I guess I find that problematic.

                  • HouseSublime

                    “I don’t have the answer to that nor claim I do, but when our president has no problem calling Kanye a j*ck*ss because of him interrupting Taylor Swift but is mum on certain things I guess I find that problematic.”

                    What does that have to do with anything? He made a comment that people didn’t care about after 5 minutes. Deciding to infringe upon states rights causes legal and political issues that tie up courts. Holding illogical criticisms of Obama for state/city issues (which police problems are) makes no sense.

                    • Asiyah

                      I was just simply bringing up the example that Obama can speak on certain things that are of little importance (not on a local or national level) but keep mum when it comes to real issues. I didn’t express myself clearly.

                    • Question

                      What has Obama stayed mum on? If you’re talking about violence in Chicago or in inner cities, he has not been mum – unless you’re only sources for Obama’s comments are right wing news sources…

                    • Asiyah

                      I never read right-wing sources, so no. I won’t post up sources because what’s the point? I will just be called a hotep or fake woke or told “that’s how it is” and really who wants to have an intelligent discussion at this point? Criticize Obama or Hilary respectfully and suddenly you support Trump. Read democracynow for example and you’ll get a feel for my position. Or not. I really don’t care lol

                    • Question

                      You aren’t a martyr, I haven’t called you any names (e.g. hotep, fake woke” etc.) and I’ve been trying to have an intelligent discussion with you. However, you need to bring accuracy with your criticisms, otherwise, you aren’t misunderstood; you are ill informed. Big difference.

            • Janelle Doe

              Yah, I don’t see him flip flopping on those signatures on the Exec Orders…
              *sincerely hoping I am proven wrong

              • Leggy

                He’s not flip flopping on sh it. These idiots are just saying that and clinging to that hope to make themselves feel better. If there’s one thing you can bet on republicans to do, it’s definitely to appeal to their base.

              • Asiyah

                He won’t, I’ll give you that. He has a pretty solid team that won’t let him even if he wants to.

        • Hugh Akston

          They’re going to learn

          • Asiyah

            Going to learn what? That Trump’s cabinet will be worse than anything Hilary would have come up with? That’s a given.

            And how is that a false equivalent? I specified foreign policies and love of corporations as to the areas where they are equally as bad.

            • Hugh Akston

              ehh as others have posted your comment /question lacks nuance or much evidence but to each his own

              • Asiyah

                So there’s not much evidence that both Trump and Hilary profit, benefit, and itch for foreign policy that is detrimental to both foreigners and Americans? You don’t think that selling arms to the same people, warming up to dictators, and doing as they see fit in other sovereign nations is enough evidence that with respect to FOREIGN POLICY they aren’t much different?

                You know what, I’m convinced, I’m stupid. They are 100% different in EVERY ASPECT, and I made a huge mistake in not voting for Hilary Clinton, who won the popular vote and my home state. It is my fault and my fault alone that Trump won because I’m just too stupid to ignore all the foul cr*p both have in common. Or maybe they have nothing in common? It’s not like they ran in similar social circles or anything.

                • Hugh Akston

                  Please be specific

                  Don’t say selling arms without stating to whom? And when? How? Etc

                  And that’s what I mean by baseless or lack nuance

                  If you are going to make an argument be specific and provide your sources

                  As for the other paragraph those are your words not mine

                  • Asiyah

                    I said it above: KSA and Israel. And Qatar (I didn’t mention it). And it is known that KSA and Qatar is directly responsible for arming “moderate rebels” that have killed innocent people from Afghanistan to Nigeria. Not to mention both candidates have unwavering support for illegal settlements in West Bank and Gaza, not to mention deplorable actions by the IDF against Palestinians and Black Jews. I provided my sources above, and received only one criticism about Obama’s deportation record (a valid criticism, I’ll add). As usual, I was laughed at (not offended, I’m used to it). I provided sources that aren’t your typical right-wing BS because we know they demonize Hilary and praise Trump. Trump just approved a huge arms deal with KSA and Qatar and dropped his first drones in Yemen. They are colluding with almost the same people, keeping the status quo, continuing long wars that will only affect us later. Except now Trump is banning visas from certain Muslim countries, Muslim countries that the Bush and Obama administrations helped to ruin.

                    • Hugh Akston

                      “So there’s not much evidence that both Trump and Hilary profit, benefit, and itch for foreign policy that is detrimental to both foreigners and Americans?”

                      none of the links you provided support such arguments about Hilary profiting on foreign policy deals or selling arms to dictators etc…

                      you’ve shifted your entire argument in the above paragraph to me….

                      let me know when anyone here stated that they both were different 100%…i think the opposite is true…and it was you claiming that they were both the same (re: clinton and trump)…

                      now you are arguing about deals Obama made to KSA and Israel, and then jump to Clinton and Trump…

                      one of the links you provided was talking about the Iran deal and did not mention Hilary once…

                      as far as Israel is concerned…again its a complex situation…one of which I disagree with O, and Clinton…but her views and Trump are not the same..heck she even worked out a cease-fire between Israel and Palestine…but again who cares about facts and nuance…just throw an accusation and say “see see they’re both the same”

                      context matters…but lets pretend they don’t exist

                      “Except now Trump is banning visas from certain Muslim countries, Muslim countries that the Bush and Obama administrations helped to ruin.”

                      again that can be a fair criticism..but the statement “well they’re both the same” simply ignores everything that happened, and why they happened that way…

                      statements like “they are both the same on foreign policy” simply shows a lack of understanding of both individuals total view on countries outside of the US…

                    • Asiyah

                      The link about the Iran deal does mention Hilary and how she differed from Obama and Kerry regarding the deal and sanctions.

                      Hilary hasn’t been president but she was SOS so my focus on the Obama administration and its arms deals is relevant as she was a part of it.

                      My goal has never been to change people’s minds or get you to agree, but I will stop right here because it’s obvious that while you don’t see any connection, I do. And so do many other people who are not Trump supporters but were affected by neoliberal policies put in place by a congress she was part of (and her husband). Diego Duarte here mentioned that a few posts ago about why many were against her and why many non-Americans feared both of these candidates. As an immigrant, I naturally see something that others may not.

                      And while no ban was placed on these Muslim majority countries until now, those specific countries were chosen due to preexisting policies. Since neither my links nor personal anecdotes will convince you of anything, for a very long time any visa applicants from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia had to work harder to get visas and prove they have no affiliation with their governments. The wheels were already put in motion for this ban long before Trump. It was only a matter of time. I know from personal experience with the visa process.

                    • Hugh Akston

                      “The link about the Iran deal does mention Hilary and how she differed from Obama and Kerry regarding the deal and sanctions.”

                      it would have been best to ask which article as i did not specify rather than say that it did…but here is the link that you yourself provided: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/02/science/top-scientists-letter-trump-iran-nuclear-deal.html?_r=0

                      please tell me where it mentions Hilary and i will correct myself

                      “Hilary hasn’t been president but she was SOS so my focus on the Obama administration and its arms deals is relevant as she was a part of it.”

                      you made a statement about Hilary profiting off of selling weapons to dictators, and her foreign policies…yet provided no evidence for such statement

                      “And so do many other people who are not Trump supporters but were affected by neoliberal policies put in place by a congress she was part of (and her husband). Diego Duarte here mentioned that a few posts ago about why many were against her and why many non-Americans feared both of these candidates.”

                      who here have said she’s perfect? no one. and we all know about her husband, again who have stated otherwise? but the notion that she and trump are one in the same, so far, lacks any evidence, or nuance to their views, or facts of their past

                      “As an immigrant, I naturally see something that others may not.”

                      see something =/= fact or correct…plenty of yt Christians viewed black folks as inferior to them…quite naturally due to their upbringing…but what does have to do with one or the other?

                      the issue at hand isn’t that you see things different from others, but what is the accurate view based on the evidence…you are an immigrant, so what? i’ve lived over half of my life overseas and i’ve worked with the Clintons directly, and indirectly…and during this whole election i’ve stated my issues with her but to close my brain and say she was the same as trump on foreign policy, that would have been intellectually dishonest

                      over Christmas i was having the same conversation with a friend in a different country where we discussing that…but by the end of the conversation he realized he was making an emotional argument, not a logical one…

                      “Since neither my links nor personal anecdotes will convince you of anything”

                      your links failed to substantiate your claim of Hilary profiting from selling arms to dictators, and that her foreign policy and trump are the same

                      “for a very long time any visa applicants from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia had to work harder to get visas and prove they have no affiliation with their governments.”

                      the same can be said of countries in the Caribbean, or S America…etc…and you think we don’t know this? two year ago i was overseas working in various countries, and know this first hand…i have friends working at refugee centers, and passport centers…embassies…etc…again you think they didn’t know Clinton? but once they heard Trump opened his mouth they all knew what was coming and wanted to avoid it at all cost…but here you are telling those folks that trump and hilary have the same foreign policies

                      “I know from personal experience with the visa process.”

                      and so what? you think you are the only one? and you think i don’t know this? you can’t see a difference between “hey its a crappy system right now, but hey you might get in, someday, don’t give up” …and “hey, you terro rist rap ist thief backward individual you are not welcome here, so don’t even think about applying to come to this country, your kind is not welcome here”

                    • Question

                      The problem is that you’re viewing things in isolation when in reality, the world is one geo-political game board and all the countries are pieces. Perhaps the Iran nuclear deal IS a way of putting a stop-gap on both Saudi Arabia and Israel, by providing the way for another country to have economic weight in the region, such that the policies of Saudi Arabia and Israel are no longer “de facto” accepted?

                      And I don’t understand your point about the visa process – the whole point of a visa process is to control the flow of who comes into your country and from where. First you mention that we’ve supported Iran, which you don’t like, and now you’re saying that you also equally do not like the difficult visa process that comes along with being Iranian, Sudanese or Somalian? BTW, those visa processes have been in place for decades, particularly for Iranians (since the mid-70s after the fall of the Shah and the rise of Khomeini.

      • Question

        No, both are not equally terrible with respect to foreign policies. One believes that we should increase the use of nuclear weapons, should continue to expand the size of our navy even though it is (and has a mandate to be) larger than ALL OTHER NAVIES COMBINED, believes that pulling out of foreign trade deals is best for America (news flash: trade deals are much more about exporting American things out than importing non-American things in) and believes that tough rhetoric alone is going to squash IS.

        The other has some plans and ideas, and has ~15 years of experience to back it up. Some of her plans are bad, but she’s also shown a willingness to reflect the will of the people and alter course.

        So, no, both are not equally terrible with respect to foreign policies.

        • Asiyah

          We see things differently, and I respect that. Both have no problem with droning people, taking resources from other countries, and in their beliefs that certain countries should have nuclear weapons while others shouldn’t.

          • Question

            The way you address droning is by demanding that your congress people put limits on its usage. This is the way technology-in-warfare unfortunately develops and has developed for centuries – we develop something, we use it “yay, great, its working” until “oops, wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen” or “did we really just do that?” and then we take a critical look at its potential and put limits on it.

            Submarine technology. Mines (particularly under-water mines). Nuclear weapons. Napalm. Chemical/biological weapons. And now drones.

            I’m not knocking your thought processes at all, because I think its valid. But they also read as though you’re looking for a politician who best aligns with your views to seek office, rather than shaping your politicians to align with your views. Does that make sense?

            I think that’s what the GOP has done so effectively. If you look at Tea Party’ers – they won seats because they reflected the interests of their constituents. We need to do the same. If droning, for example, is something you care deeply about – how do we shape our politicians around that? Because the likelihood of someone seeking office who shares your views is low because of how politics works…

            • Asiyah

              “I’m not knocking your thought processes at all, because I think its
              valid. But they also read as though you’re looking for a politician who
              best aligns with your views to seek office, rather than shaping your
              politicians to align with your views. Does that make sense?”

              Hmmm…this could be true.

          • Naomi

            Asiyah, HRC had over 15 years of experience in foreign policy in the trenches. The thing about that is that you have to acknowledge that she understood that some tactics work, some don’t. Drones were a “new” idea, allegedly smarter than sending in foot soldiers, which is why they were quickly approved and implemented. Drone strikes will go down on the WRONG side of history, as will President Obama’s role in permitting the CIA to expand its use and keep it classified. However, that simply does not excuse the rhetoric that HRC would have been worse for foreign policy than dt. At all. Foreign Policy and drones are two different animals. I’m not defending drones, but I am saying that these are false equivalencies. Being “woke” does require some level of investigation into the proclivities of the other side. The moral high ground can be lonely and beset with sinking sand.

            • Asiyah

              ” The thing about that is that you have to acknowledge that she understood that some tactics work, some don’t.”

              This is VERY true. That’s why I said that I was upset she lost to Donald, a man who had no experience. I abhor her foreign policies but can’t deny that she knows how tactics work and that she was qualified.

              I don’t consider myself “woke” by any means. Just that I see things from a different angle. But woke? No. I have a lot to learn, and I know that.

      • DM.

        Trump is just about to sign a blanket order banning ALL immigration from a bunch of countries in Africa and the ME. How are they equal in terms of FP?

        • Asiyah

          Yes, countries that Hilary and Obama had no problem droning or b*mbing. But you know what, I am very naive and idealistic. I cop to that too.

    • Leggy

      Well said. Even on this here website all those “she’s just as bad as trump”, some idiot actually asked me how any trump policies would affect black people, people here campaigned against her strongly and now they’re mad that trump is president? Seriously, Fu ck them!

      • Asiyah

        I’ll cop to being that idiot who says that with respect to foreign policies they’re both just as bad. I’m sorry I see things different. My bad.

        • Leggy

          You know what? I’m actually going to engage you in this ridiculousness you keep spewing? How exactly are they both bad foreign policy wise? You mean the trump who’s going to announce this week that he’s stopping legal migration from Iran and 8 other countries in the Middle East, or the trump who’s about to reduce the amount of green cards given out in the us yearly, or the trump who’s planning to move embassy to Jerusalem which would cause more harm than good or the trump who’s basically a puppet to Putin or the trump who’s going to sign an executive order to start building a wall? Tell me exactly how they’re just as bad when it comes to foreign policy? Please enlighten me.

          • Janelle Doe

            *has signed the executive order to start building THAT wall

            • Hugh Akston

              Nope. alternative facts

              • Janelle Doe

                Is it bad that I now don’t know what is the truth?
                Is this what the game was about all along?

                • Hugh Akston

                  That’s pretty much it

                  But for me though I still go back to A is A

            • Leggy

              Wow. Alright. Yeah, I honestly can’t engage in politics for the next four years. I honestly can’t take the hit after hit.

          • Asiyah

            The Hilary who was part of Obama’s cabinet, and Obama deported more people than his predecessor.

            Both Hilary and Trump (as well as Obama) have a love affair with Saudi Arabia (a huge sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East). Source:


            “During his time in office, Obama transferred more than $100 billion in
            over 40 different arms sales to Saudi Arabia, more than any other
            administration in history.”


            “Clinton supports the nuclear agreement and her Iran policy is similar to the White House’s, though hers is packaged with more hawkish rhetoric. But, according to The Times, she split with Obama and Kerry shortly after she left the administration on whether to ramp up sanctions against Iran in the midst of nuclear negotiations.”





            “Of all of the presidential candidates, from both parties, who cluttered this primary season until recently, Clinton had the longest public record of engagement with Israel, and has spent decades diligently defending the Jewish state.”
            (Because it’s more than just moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Yes, it’s deeper than that)


            That’s just a few. With differences here and there, tell me, what’s the major difference between Hilary/Obama administration and Trump with respect to foreign policies? They have ALL colluded or intend to collude with foreign dictators (Sisi, the royal family of KSA, the Khalifah family of Bahrain, Erdogan, Netanyahu, Putin, etc.).

            • Leggy

              This is such a bs answer I don’t even know where to start. So Hilary would have done all this sh it trump is doing now? That’s the question I asked. Answer it. HRC would have put a blanket ban on immigration from the Middle East and Africa? HRC would have moved embassy to Jerusalem? HRC would have built a wall? HRC would have been putin’a puppet?

              • Asiyah

                Hilary has already done that, Leggy. Look at her track record. So now I provide actual evidence of things she did under the Obama administration and that’s bs? Wow, Trump is a Putin puppet. And Hilary would have been a puppet to another bad leader (Netanyahu, anyone?). You’re right, let’s not talk politics, because you don’t respect my opinion and find them laughable, and I feel the same way about yours.

                • Leggy

                  Not respecting your opinion is such an understatement. I don’t even think they’re valid. Good day.

                  • Asiyah

                    LOL thank you very much for that. You’ve felt this way for a while. Should’ve continued not replying to me lol

                • Question

                  I’m in full agreement with you on Israel and Saudi Arabia and I think a lot of people are. To change those things, we have to fully understand why we support those two countries and how we can go about changing it. But just “hillary supports Israel and Saudi Arabia” – that’s an indictment of 95% of our politicians. Should we be mad at the support or understand the basis for continued support and then seek to change it??

                  And real talk – good luck with Israel. American Jews are politically active and have cleverly aligned anti-Israel sentiments with anti-Semitism as though Jew (a basis of belief) and Israel (a geo-political entity) are synonymous.

                  • Asiyah

                    “That’s an indictment of 95% of our politicians”

                    Which is why I don’t see the point of voting. Our system is too entrenched for any democrat or republican to be that different with respect to our current relations with certain countries.

                    • Question

                      So you’re saying apathy is the better way? If we don’t like how our politicians think and operate, the best way to encourage change is to not participate?

                    • Asiyah

                      No I’m not saying apathy is the better way. What I’m saying is that unless we actually change the system itself none of this matters, but again, I’m very naive and idealistic, and as Leggy said, not valid. And again, I see things very differently from people because I don’t believe in that lesser of two evils thing. To me, the best way is to hold our politicians accountable for what they do and not keep saying “that’s just the way things are.” But if I don’t see any real difference, how can I make an educated or informed decision? Apathy is certainly not the way but people are asking me to make a choice I do not agree with and when I say I don’t agree with it and WHY I’m told to get off my high horse. I’m not offended by that at all and I’m not whining, just pointing out that very valid point.

                    • Question

                      I’m not discounting your approach. However, to actively engage politicians to change, I think you have to have a MUCH deeper understanding of why they think and behave the way they do. “I don’t like droning of Black and Brown people” doesn’t tell Hillary Clinton or any other politician what it is that you want. “I want ______ processes/checks & balances set up for the droning of civilians suspected of ____________” and “I want _____________ independent investigations to take place in the event of innocents killed” gives HRC and other politicians something to respond to.

                      I tell my employees – don’t come at me with problems unless you have a solution to suggest. Because I don’t know what to do with complains other than to listen and I don’t have time for that. Now suggestions, even bad ones, are a starting point for something constructive. Ya know?

                    • Asiyah

                      Ok, so you are advocating a practical approach, taking my ideas and turning them into positive action, not negative action. As “stupid” as I can be, even going so far at one point as saying that all political acts are irrelevant, I have changed my opinion a lot about the role of local elections, political engagement, etc. So perhaps not seeing everything in a nihilistic POV is good.

                  • LMNOP

                    I’ve seen some Jewish pro-Palestinian activists and I think that’s where and how a change in US policy will come from.

                    Although evangelicals seem to care a surprising amount about Israel. Being against the occupation of Palestine really doesn’t mean you’re against Israel though.

                    • Asiyah

                      I’ve seen that too. Jewish Voices for Peace is one example.

                    • Leggy

                      Evangelicals care a great deal about Israel because the Bible says the Jews are God’s chosen people. So…

                    • LMNOP

                      Yeah, but they’re not really pro Jewish people outside of Israel.

                    • Val

                      They care about Israel because of a end of times prophecy in the bible that says Israel must be a Jewish state in order for Jesus to return.

                    • Asiyah

                      They don’t even care about the Arab Christians suffering under the illegal occupation. As if Jesus would turn a blind eye to that.

                    • Val

                      Yep, more self serving hypocrisy from evangelicals.

                    • Mary Burrell

                      They are the worse

                    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

                      That’s true and many of them excuse Trump’s vulgarity, disrespect of women, and his other extreme statements.

                    • Wowza23

                      As a Christian this boggles to me no end…I didn’t get it at first. When I speak to my Christian friends who voted for him they come back to one issue – abortion. He got them on abortion. I’m sure there were other items but that was the big-ticket one. When I get really disgusted by this (AKA all day) I have to tell myself ‘This is not my Jesus’.

                    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

                      It is certainly the myth that every Christian is a extreme Trump supporter. There are many Christians who care for the environment, love the protection of health care, oppose police brutality, and desire justice. The hypocritical Evangelicals who ally with Trump do a disservice in claiming that Trump is a hero.

                    • Wowza23

                      Yes they do…they do a very big disservice. They paint us with a narrow and ugly brush…all the while questioning our Christianity because we don’t support him. The logs in the eyes are truly blinding indeed.

                    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

                      We live in certain times where some want to make water oil and oil water. Yet, the truth remains and the truth is that people deserve to exist in liberty and freedom. Someone calling those who disagree with Trump as lacking in spiritual enlightenment is someone who is wrong.

                    • LMNOP

                      Makes sense, they are all about the end of days.

                    • “M”

                      That “rapture” insanity is why they don’t give two hoots about the environment.

                    • Tam

                      But that is risky considering there is no consensus on the rapture

                    • “M”

                      Don’t tell me that. You and I already know that.
                      Tell THEM.

                    • Lisss

                      WHITE evangelicals care a great deal about Israel because most of the jews who live there are European descent, hence white recognition while they have an image of Palestinians as a bunch of dirty Brown muslims.
                      Too stupid and racist to realize that there is a historical Christian community in Palestine and Christians in Israel are treated like dogs.

                    • Question

                      Evangelicals care about Israel because they see brethren-in-faith under attack rather than a geo-political entity that actively is trying to push its weight around in the Middle East.

                    • Brown Rose

                      Plus the escalation of the rapture.

                  • Gibbous

                    Not all. There are plenty of Jewish people, entire movements, who are truely offended and outraged by Israel.

                    • Question

                      Sorry, I didn’t mean Jewish people as a whole. But you’ll often hear from those who want full unequivocal support of Israel claim that criticisms of Israel are anti-Semitic. But I agree – not all Jews and definitely a growing number are openly critical of Israel’s relationship with Palestine.

                    • Gibbous

                      no problem.

                • Camille

                  Have the Russian trolls taken over VSB too?

                • DB. Just DB ™

                  Netanyahu hated President Obama and probably wouldn’t have been very cozy with HRC either. His right-wing Likud party lines up quite well ideologically with Trump and the GOP though. They’ll be best buddies.

                  • Asiyah

                    Oh really?

                    “”PM Netanyahu discussed with Secretary Clinton a broad range of issues
                    relating to advancing peace and stability in the Middle East as well as
                    the potential for economic growth through technological innovation,” the
                    statement said. “Mr. Netanyahu thanked Secretary Clinton for her
                    friendship and support for Israel.”


                    While he hated Obama, as I posted in one of my sources, Obama gave a tremendous amount of aid to Israel, more than any other president, which is proof that Netanyahu’s hatred for Obama was racial and personal.

                    I am not the type to get personal or emotional here, but since this is my very last time posting on VSB, I will end it with this. I will preface this by saying that I am not offended by being called stupid or a hotep or told that I’m somehow responsible for Trump. The only reason I stressed that with respect to foreign policies these two candidates were very similar is a result of hearing or reading hundreds of anecdotes, stories, and concerns from people overseas or immigrants who were equally fearful of a Trump or Clinton presidency. People who were directly affected by policies put in place by Bush, continued by Obama, and encouraged by Hilary. These were not my stories to tell therefore I wasn’t going to coopt them. I don’t claim to speak on anybody else’s behalf nor am I an activist or hero but there is a world out there beyond us that has suffered greatly because of the previous administrations and these immigrants have noticed this was a long time coming. It’s why Bernie Sanders had a lot of support from a large number of Arab and Muslim Americans. To call me a hotep or stupid isn’t offensive. I don’t care what I’m called and I respect differences of opinion. That isn’t the issue. The issue is the complete and total disregard for people who have been affected for years by the racism, xenophobia, white supremacy, American exceptionalism, neoliberalism, and military strategies that have been widely reported by independent journalists here in America and by foreign presses on account of wanting to imagine a different world. To dismiss realities that some of us haven’t faced simply because we haven’t seen them or because we want so badly to believe that Trump is the only evil one in this equation is stupid. And it’s insensitive. It’s more than just a difference of opinion for me because it isn’t about me; it’s about them. It shows me a lack of compassion, empathy and humanity from a lot of you. So with all due respect to most people here, I don’t want to hear the faux concern about this ban from anybody here when it is clear that it’s only a concern because you hate Trump. If you really gave a d*mn about those refugees and those immigrants, you would see the Twitter pages of several activists who work with these populations, the actual Twitter pages of people affected by this and you would see how fearful they were from day 1 and how they knew they wouldn’t fare any better under Clinton because she had already screwed them over several times, or freelance reporters/independent thinkers who have been talking about this for years and are far more knowledgeable than me. If any of you really care (and, no offense, most of you DON’T), you can start with these people:









                    Have a nice life everyone.

            • Leggy

              Also out of that high number obama deported, 91% had committed various crimes? Iike girl, at least read the sources you send.

              • Asiyah

                Valid point. Let’s forget everything else.

      • Rewind4ThatBehind

        I think it was fair to really dislike her if you still voted for her knowing the difference.

        I think many people knew that. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough, as the hijacking proved.

        • Leggy

          It’s very fair to dislike a candidate but still vote for said candidate but to actively campaign against said candidate then be surprised that said candidate didn’t win is a study in stupidity.

          • Rewind4ThatBehind

            Of course, if said people have done nothing but complain and left the vote in the hands of others instead of participating.

            • Naomi

              I logged in to like your post. And I hate Disqus and never remember my password. I want THIS THIS THIS to be in 1 MILLION pt. font.

              • Rewind4ThatBehind

                Thank you so much for that.

        • Janelle Doe

          You bring up something I have been asked myself Rewind.
          In light of Russian interference, did HRC have any chance at all?
          *I mean, if this voter fraud thing is real

          • Sweet Ga Brown

            If voter fraud was real HRC would have won. She would definitely had her way in the voting booth, absentee ballot, and with the electoral college.

            • 4 Eva

              Repubs can also be guilty of voter fraud!

          • Rewind4ThatBehind

            I’m just saying, if we really got hacked, then no matter the votes (because she won by votes alone) he was clearly the Manchurian candidate.

            • Janelle Doe


        • Mochasister

          Yeah, Hillary concerned me too. But even still I voted for her. I just didn’t think (and still don’t think) that he was qualified in any shape, form, or manner.

      • BRNSMRF

        I can’t even engage with them on Trump. That clown they helped get elected is raising my blood pressure daily. Their phony principles and illogical reasoning spread online and offline like a wildfire. It was a vote or regress election for the world. They chose to be witnesses of daily f***ery which may be irreparable.

    • IAmMikeBrown

      Agreed, but you cant give up the fight. Then the terrorists win. Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, and he seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. Let thy faith not fail. Don’t be “over it”.

    • MsSula

      Thank you!

      I am tired of the alarmists after the facts.

    • Question

      Throwing around terms like “war hawk/hawkish” as though she was the only person in Congress who voted in support of invading Iraq, even though she expressed her concerns even at the time of giving her support.

      • DM.

        “She’s hawkish”
        “I just don’t trust her, its not about her being a woman”
        “FBI Director Comey”
        “Look at her dabbing on Ellen, she sucks!”

        Lol we sank our own nominee w/ the pettiest of reasons and now folks are mad Trump won. Folks stayed home, others voted Jill Stein.
        It was ALWAYS a binary choice.

    • AshAlly08

      The “they are equally bad” people need to be the first ones on the front lines fighting hard to atone. I’m still on the fence about whether the “I wanted Bernie but since we got Hillary I’m not voting or voting Trump” crowd should be atoning with them or not. Fake woke folk.

      • DM.

        Yes PLEASE.

      • Asiyah

        You know what? I agree. I should get my b*tt off my chair and make some real changes in this system. I will fight hard to atone by getting involved in civic and political engagement. No sarcasm here.

        Ya can call me fake woke, but I know I’m sleeping. I’ll wake up now and do some real work.

      • “M”

        Get off that fence and put them up there.

        You and I both know there were a bunch of bruthas y hermanos humming along with those white Bernie Bros because they couldn’t deal with the concept of a woman in charge.

        I’m going to give them a gentleman author from The Root, and then Imma let them sit in time out and work their stuff out –


        then they have to get back to work with the rest of us. And they have to stand in the front.

        • I have a cousin who I love from the bottom of my heart. He’s one of the only people I can actually talk about racism with in Switzerland. But his goddamn misogyny and his mysogynoir specifically is driving me up the wall.
          His point: “Hillary should’ve stepped down, because as a woman she never stood a chance against Trump. Bernie would’ve won easily.” He’s blaming her even though she won the popular vote.
          I ultimately didn’t care about both Dems, but I stood with her, because anything would’ve been better than Darth Cheeto.
          Now he’s basically just sitting there cynical and in apathy- which I kinda get, but come on. We’re all in this together.
          To paraphrase the title of the fantastic article about intersectional feminism:

          “My Anti-Racism work will be intersectional or it will be bulls*it!”

    • Aicha7

      A thousand times this. On this site there were people passionately justifying not voting or voting third party because crime bill and Hillary said super predators 30 years ago. Yeah Hillary isn’t perfect but we’re about to test that charming theory a lot of Democrats have about how both sides are equally evil blah blah blah and so far the results don’t look good for them. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions sure appreciates their heartfelt naivete and unwillingness to compromise “their principles”.

      • Asiyah

        Again, I will always defend myself. I’ll pose a question:

        If Jeff Sessions can do things according to his principles (very destructive things, I might add), why can’t I? Real talk.

        • Aicha7

          I don’t mean this in an unkind way but Jeff Sessions has real power, all by himself. We don’t. You don’t.

          Most people’s only power is voting as a bloc, in a large enough bloc that the politician in question will owe you and need you and be likely to take your considerations into account. Hillary needed Democratic base voters and thus would have installed hundreds of people into positions that some we may not have liked, but not a single one of which would have been as bad as Jeff Sessions, James Mattis, Betsy Devos, etc.

          There are other countries where there are third parties that have a legitimate shot, usually in a Parliamentary system. A lot of people rolled the dice hoping that either our situation was so advanced Trump couldn’t do much damage or so dire and terrible it couldn’t possibly get worse so Hillary was just as bad. We’re five days in and they’ve already been proven wrong.

          • Asiyah

            You were far from unkind, actually.

            I have a personal problem with the idea that a white man can act according to his principles but I cannot. I have a hard time accepting this inequality. That’s just me. But as you said, he has real power, I do not. And again, this isn’t about my feelings, and I understand that. HOWEVER, many of you have felt the need to emote about people like me and my so-called high horse.

            • Aicha7

              Oh I completely understand how much it sucks to realize that. I care very deeply about intervention overseas and neither Obama nor Hillary nor Bernie for that matter were dream candidates for me on that level.

              But even though they were and are far from perfect, Trump and his party and people are far worse for actual real life refugees, and Syrians, and Iranians. This is the party that fields candidates who brag about turning deserts into glass in the Middle East and the whole crowd cheers. Trump just signed an executive order preventing refugees from Muslim majority countries in Africa and the Middle East from entering – effectively condemning millions of people to death. Hillary Clinton explicitly called for accepting more refugees. In our political system you only ever have a binary choice. Maybe with some congressional amendments and an overhaul of our election laws that can change but it’s the government we’ve got, and we’re gonna be even further away from that after four years of Republicans in power in all branches doing everything they can to entrench the current system and make it harder for people to vote. They’ve lost the popular vote in six of the last seven elections and elected two different men by only winning the EC so they are going to do everything they can to entrench the current system because it’s perfect for them and right now they control all levers of government including most statehouses and the Supreme Court.

              • Asiyah


                And I wouldn’t focus so much on overseas intervention if it weren’t for how much that affects us here.

                • Aicha7

                  I’ll give you credit for being one of the very few anti Hillary commenters on this site to own your decision and it’s costs here. You might not have changed your mind but you had a ton of company before the election on this site, and they’ve all been joining in on anti Trump articles and never mentioning all the sincere arguments they made for voting third party or not voting. Whether because they believed they’d get a “free” vote bc she was going to win anyway or because they genuinely believed she would be as bad, they are pretending like they didn’t play a role in everything that is happening right now and that is is frustrating for other people to see.

                  • Asiyah

                    It’s easy for me to own my decision because I live in NY, where she was bound to win. I’ll be honest and say that if I were living in a swing state or a state where my vote mattered, I would’ve swallowed my pride and voted for her. That’s why I feel so strongly about this: because I would have compromised anyway. And for what? 53% of WW didn’t vote for her. A majority of White men didn’t vote for her. We’re always bending over backwards for others and nobody comes through for us.

                    • “M”

                      “It’s easy for me to own my decision because I live in NY, where she was bound to win.”

                      You need to watch that redistricting map.

                      And I say that as a fellow New Yorker.

      • Deeds

        Yup, when it comes down to it, the Republicans know how to pull together, vote and put their guy in power, even if they don’t 100% agree with everything. Meanwhile the Dems are infighting on a “pure” candidate.

        • mssporadic

          Dems are too quick to give in too when it’s revealed the candidate isn’t “pure”. They need to learn prepare for these revelations and develop plans to perservere through the backlash.

          Since Cory Booker is unmarried and some allege that he is gay, Dems should start preparing how to handle this so he can run in 2020. Or, work on Elizabeth Warren’s issues now so that they have their talking points ready.

        • Aicha7

          We’re eating each other alive. I can’t decide which is worse right now, the gleeful bragging and anticipation on conservative sites or the cannibalism on display on liberal sites. I go on alt right sites regularly and have for a couple of years because I like to keep aware and trust and believe they are loving this infighting and stoking the flames whenever they can.

    • Monica Harris

      Too much truth. We made a decision. Frankly, I still stand by the Clinton hit pieces. I hope I don’t regret that in 4 years.

      • Leggy

        You’re still waiting for the next four years? These past 5 days should have taught you something already.

  • mssporadic

    FYI…VSB and Demetria Lucas D’oyley are doing a FB Live discussion about chex for 50 Shades Darker tomorrow. Oh, this shall be interesting….

    Darth Cheeto’s emotions and stupidity are gonna get us nuked.

    • Rewind4ThatBehind

      Oh word?


  • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

    One thing I’m noticing on GMA, as they are the kings and queens of being politically correct…..the more Trump acts and without caution or regard, the more I see the walls coming down and them calling him out. There was a nice segment where they talked about his need to be childish (paraphrasing) and to just stop that. Guess what, apparently Pres. Thin Skin was up early checking to see who was checking for him. He tweeted in response to what they were saying. Even funnier? They said he must have been listening to us cause he just tweeted back.

    What an idiot! Sheesh

    • Negro Libre

      I celebrate the decline of political correctness in all elements of society to be honest. Makes it easier to know who your friends really are.

      • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

        Me too. I live for saying what you really think/how you really feel

  • bigheadbaby

    ALL OF THEM! He is the Nitpicker-in-Chief, the Director of the Office of Petty, The Chairman of the Board of Trifling, Inc. The things he gets hung up on boggle the mind. And he keeps the media and the rest of us chasing red herrings right and left. We are out of breath and frustrated, but he is like the monster in the hacker movies who is moving at a leisurely pace while the rest of us are running at top speed and he STILL catches up with us! I see why Melania’s eyes stay slitted up like that…living with him must be one endless loop of looking at him sideways and repeating, “Really, Donald?” 24/7.

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