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The Danger Of Dating A Crazy Motherf*cker

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for and EBONY Magazine. And a founding editor for 1839. And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • DG

    Sh#t, everybody know Kool-Aid tastes better out of a Solo cup anyway…

    • Tes


    • JessicaL

      Especially frozen

    • I see what you did there but prolly didn’t and it was just something I over-noticed by namechecking the Solo cup that shares the same name as the production company, Solo Journey.

      I need a drink.

      • Rewind

        1800 Coconut & pineapple juice, LETS DO THIS!

        • MJoy

          my favorite!

          • Rewind

            Because being an alcoholic is awesome

      • P. Servant

        I don’t know. I saw Solo as meaning “by yourself”.

        Me no know. :/

    • Did you know that the bottom rim of a Solo cup tells how much goes into a shot? I learned that over the weekend.

  • Jay

    My name is Jay, and I approve this message.

  • Tes

    Sadly, I’m not a crazy motherfcker. :( I can’t know the joys of said individuals nor their tales of mischief, mirth and murder.

    *kicks rocks to corner*

    • Denial…it’s not just a river in Egypt, LMAO!!!

    • Rewind

      I’m sure there’s been one time when you looked at a man all lovingly as he sleeped, and then randomly thought how great his teeth and ears would look as a necklace for 5 seconds, shook your head, and forgot about the whole thing.

  • LOL! Y’All had that fool dribbling kool-aid!

    • WIP

      I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the Kool-aid all over is face- where did it come from??

  • iamnotakata

    Lol! But dude in the clip was all kinds of fine, nice teeth…

    • Wam

      Yes yes yes!

    • Thai

      Who? The narrator?…Agrees if so.

      • JessicaL

        +1 For the narrator guy.

        • WIP

          +1, he was cute.

      • Aly

        In the freeze frame he looks like he wants to give me a kiss…and a donut. I’ll take both please.

    • mellow.


  • Nubian Goddess

    Don’t judge a book by its cover, before you uncover the pages!

    Happy Monday Folks! Have an absolutely terrific start of the week. Peace ourr!!

  • eating the bathroom is nasty. #thatisall.

    • JessicaL

      That fool was eating lipstick. I guess crazy is contagious.

    • WIP

      Where did they find the “Christmas Story” extra large pink bunny suit?

  • Telekendall

    I dated a crazy one. then my lil sister said “you know crazy dates crazy right?”
    broke that mess up and been sane ever since

    she is a wise one. smh

    • Telekendall

      lol wait. She is watching the muppets. YES!!!

      • larenee10

        Ma na ma na

    • Latonya

      lol your sister is very wise!

    • Rewind

      Why can’t all family be that trust worthy?

      Thumbs up for fixing the crazy all by yourself, usually need a whole team of psychologists for that.

  • Lies crazy women are the best.

    • Anastasia!!!

      See Malik, That’s what I heard!! Please men, explain this!

      • Well see Anastasia, there are many different types of crazy. The worst is POSSESSIVE crazy. Follows you around. Constantly lurks in your phone and all your online accounts. Tries to break into your e-mail. Always suspicious of all your interactions with other human beings and your whereabouts. That isn’t a fun crazy for anyone. Men/women do not like that type of crazy. Okay, actually attention seeking men/women do secretly love it until it becomes inconvenient.

        I like a completely different type of crazy.

        • What kind of crazy is that?

        • Rewind

          Kneegrow stop, you know that don’t make any kind of sense.

          Crazy women are crazy. Crazy men are crazy. Crazy = someone is probably going to die/end up with a hefty jail sentence.

          Me nuh wan nun dat

          • Eh, I hate the liberal use of crazy. Some of the best women that I’ve had the pleasure to be in my life have been in-and-out of “medical facilities”. I adore “off” women and welcome them to my life.

            • Kema

              Thanks Malik! We, um, I mean they love you too. :-)

              • MJoy


            • misstlb

              I Love me some Malik! Keep it 100! Men know they like some crazy women. Believe me i have 3 brothers and their women are crazy. They complain but are not going anywhere any time soon. I just shake my head and laugh.

              • demondog06

                um thats because they’re crazy…
                you just don’t up and leave a crazy person…

                they’ll kill you…….
                or get you fired, arrested, set up, put laxatives in your froot loops etc…..

                • African mami

                  Woof woof!! True dat!!

            • Rewind

              Well that’s the thing, I’m not using the liberal version. That version is just called “not for me”…but nobody ever says that for some odd reason.

      • demondog06

        -there’s never a dull moment.
        – crazy cooch snaps like a rat trap…somethin’ about it makes it extra extra good, and extra good cooch is real hard to walk away from, you’re willing to put up with a lot more crap to keep the supply of it flowing
        -if you’re an adrenalin junkie or a sadist, then crazy chicks is the only way to go.
        -crazy chicks will jump in and help you out in a club fight…
        -most crazy chicks are just misunderstood…
        – got a young jump off threatening to go public to the wifey or ruin you political career? Put your other mistress, the one that’s cat shit crazy on her young azz… one will ever find the body….

        • bhillboy

          Yes, crazy women be having some good “stuff” but that’s usually all that they can offer you, a wild night. I don’t like them. I don’t trust them and I stay the F- away from the mentally unbalanced. She can’t even get attention from from me.

          • Aly

            Good for you.

          • Demondog06

            Ok I’m more than a little weirded out thai’s avi is showing up with bhillboy’s name and post. Am I the only one seeing this?

            • demondog06

              ok maybe it was something weird going on with my i-pad because now its normal

              • YeahSo

                I wanna know what showed up.

                • Demondog06

                  When I access this site from my I pad, the posts that has, shows thai’s avi.
                  But when I log on from my office computer it shows up normally

                  • YeahSo

                    That is weird… you thought they were the same person didn’t you? I’d be freaked out.

        • esa

          ~ and extra good cooch is real hard to walk away from, you’re willing to put up with a lot more crap to keep the supply of it flowing

          okay i know i am gonna sound real naive and foolish, but WHY ? if you dont care for the person (and if you know she cares for you), i don’t understand why is sex more important than love or respect .. could break it down for me ? would appreciate it ..

          • It would be harder to leave good food than good cooch IMO.

          • Jay

            Allow me. Brace yourself… this may come as a shock but here goes: MEN PLACE A LOOOOOOOOT OF WEIGHT ON SEX. It means a whole whole whole lot to us. Mind blowing sh*t right?! Frequent, great, unpredictable sex, if this is present in a relationship then we will put up with a lot of f*ckery. Not saying its right/smart/mature. I’m just saying.

            • Crazy girls usually have some crazy sex game. I mean, that is what I have heard. So when she latches onto your leg like Jeff Van Gundy when you try to break up with her; you will relent knowing that the make sex will be spectacular…so I’ve heard.

          • demondog06

            well for starters it depends on your definition of what “love” is.
            secondly. were visual and physical creatures. with us for the most part it’s about sex and/or convenience. generally speaking, sex for guys takes a whole lot more effort to get. good sex even harder. and thus dudes aren’t so quick to let it go when we have it, especially if a nugga lacks options.
            a lot of times guys get into relationships simply because of the steady supply of the voodoo.

            i wish that i had some deep and cerebral answer for you ma, but many of us dudes stick around chicks that we need to charge to the game simply because we’re pu$$y whipped

            • mellow.

              aw…this saddens me..makes perfect sense for sure! but i walk away sad for it …….* kicks rocks- L for semi-normal Mellow.*

  • AfroPetite

    This further confirms what I already knew about men insisting on punishing themselves by dating, staying with, and seeking out crazy women to date. Men love the “crazies”.

    “I like a woman with a future and a past, a little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last.”

    • AfroPetite

      smh moderation….*corrects comment*

      This further confirms what I already knew about men insisting on punishing themselves by dating, staying with, and seeking out crazy women to date. Men love the “crazies”.

      “I like a woman with a future and a past, a little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the sh*t last.”

      • Thai

        Yes! Especially the way ole dude frantically went searching for his medicine…in her purse. So you mean to tell me…you kno this crazy chick could possibly purposely-on-accident kill you bwhahahaha…iCant

        • JessicaL

          Lol I was watching the video on the phone so it wasn’t very clear. But um, was that his insulin? *Leaves to check video for confirmation*

          • JessicaL

            That was his insulin. Ded at “you’ll get your insulin back, when you stop liking other womens’ facebook statuses.” Smh, facebook still ending relationships.

            • Thai


            • AfroPetite

              Lol exactly.

    • Kanye East

      You’re crazy.

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