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The Black Model’s Reaction To The TODAY Show’s Makeover From Hell Is The Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

NBC screenshot


By now, I’m sure you’ve seen or at least heard about the footage of the TODAY Show’s makeover from Hell, where a Black model (Malyia McNaughton) had her beautiful curls turned into a bird’s nest by “beauty expert” Deepica Mutyala. A bird’s nest sitting on top of a streetlight on a windy-ass day. A bird’s nest in a Sharknado.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a moment and watch.

Now, watch it again. But this time pay no attention to her hair and just focus on her face.


It is the face of uncontrollable fuckshit happening around or to you. Which, for many Black people, is the face of capital letter White People whitepeopling. But, since you’re at work (or on internationally televised live TV!) you have to stay pleasant and professional. It’s not all that different from what we saw with Emmy Victor earlier this year and Draymond Green last year.

(And yes, I know Deepica Mutyala isn’t White, but crimes against Black hair make you White by proxy. And this was such a blatant example of whitepeopling that even the actual White person there — Savannah Guthrie — acknowledged it and threw some shade with “it helps to be beautiful.”)

It’s the type of practiced, performative countenance that might make Susan from Accounting assume Tasha from Sales likes her and her terrible, off color jokes, her beet and bologna casseroles, and her “concerns” about Black Lives Matter being divisive. But, in reality, Tasha hates Susan’s guts. Tasha despises Susan. Tasha hates Susan so much that when Tasha’s husband picks her up from work, all Tasha’s husband asks is “What did she do today?”

Tasha hates her so much that she’s no longer Susan. She’s just “she.”

But Susan will never know. Because Tasha has student loans. And a Benz she really, really shouldn’t have bought but needed to to remind her why she smiles at Susan every day.

Damon Young

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  • DBoySlim

    She had a nigg@ moment.

  • StillSuga

    Everyone woman with natural hair who watched this felt a pain deep in their heart. Do you know what it is to have someplace important to be and to actually have your hair (A) do what you plan and (B) be dry when you take it down??? That “stylist” should be deported to Texas or Florida, lol.

    • miss t-lee

      Don’t send her here, send her to Guantanamo.

      • Cuba doesn’t want her ayus either.

        • miss t-lee

          LOL. Noted.

        • StillSuga

          Russia then

          • miss t-lee

            Yup…send her to the Gulag.

        • kingpinenut

          I know my black a ss is comin to Cuba right after Ghana

    • QueenRaven23

      I don’t want her here in Florida. The ladies that have touched my hair is lighter than her and have done better jobs than that ish.

    • YeaSoh

      My heart broke

      • StillSuga

        She must have been an imposter. The real stylist got caught in traffic

        • YeaSoh

          I want a public apology

          • LadyJay?


  • HouseOfBonnets

    For Colored Girls Who Have At Least Considered an Assault Charge / When Sharron from Operations once again insists on touching your fresh box braids even though she almost caught a right hook when you wore your twist out last week.

    • Lmao!!!!!

    • Detroit Skater

      For Colored Girls Who Have At Least Considered an Assault Charge <<<

      • Tiarajreed3

        <<a:y. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bx325a:….,…

      • Patriciajgarza4

        <<m:y. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bx801a:….,….

    • fedup

      Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl ! Lawd, these fools don’t even realize how close they come to “goin home”.

    • Veronica Luckett Kirkland


    • The Colgate Smile of Irritation. All she could do was grit her teeth, lol.

    • Digital Puppy

      “For Colored Girls Who Have At Least Considered an Assault Charge”

      You won the internet for me with that line. Thank you for existing!

    • RobBoogie2k

      Ohnooooo!!!!! And the Gold medal for post of the year!!

  • miss t-lee

    I saw this yesterday. This is definitely the reason you don’t let certain folks mess around in your hair.
    First time I’ve ever seen somebody’s hair look worse *after* styling.

  • I was watching this like… “Are you kidding me?”

    Like that broad needs to be fired. Like was it on purpose? Why did she touch her hair? Couldn’t she just tease the curls a little? I have questions.

    • miss t-lee

      Summer hair. Just should’ve put on a headband, her hair was fine…lol

      • StillSuga

        Exactly. She could have done a little part, roll/twisted one side and fluffed, not pulled the rest. Easy!

        • miss t-lee


    • Mika

      #bobbypingang…………. She could have worked wonders with just three.

  • YeaSoh

    So wow. I’m irritated by this video on so so so so so so so so so many levels.

    1. Bish you Indian – If you don’t HAVE black hair don’t touch my sh*t and for d@mn sure don’t call yourself an expert when it comes to what’s on my head.
    2. The way she was pulling at the model’s strands I wanted to jump through my computer screen and tackle that bish. Like, I am my brotha/sista’s keeper. A good elbow to the chin wouldn’t hurt either (well it wouldn’t hurt me anyway)
    3. Bish be honest, like you know da mb well it looks a mess and you just gon’ leave her hanging like dat. You bish. A “my bad girl. This is not what I intended but it usually works” or something was in order, yuh bish.
    4. Just ugh.

    • MALynn

      The show hostess was all… It helps to be beautiful lmao! Like, at least you cute girl lol!

      • miss t-lee

        She tried to save her…lol

      • Tish Harris

        I laughed at that part too, lol.

    • LOL “Bish… yuh bish” has to be some of my favorite sentence structuring to date.

  • A.G.

    Did y’all see how she cut her eyes? I think I saw fire. Her face was all of us.

  • HouseOfBonnets

    Also where have y’all hidden Dhiraj? I wanna make sure she will be leading us through the valley of plastic and waist snatchers that is Hollywood

    • QueenRaven23

      The upcoming season looks 10x better than Atlanta’s season.

      • HouseOfBonnets

        It does

  • IsitFridayyet?

    1. That “One Minute” hairstyle is a lie, that twist out took her at least an hour.
    2. As I watched I winced in pain as if it were my hair being yanked.
    3. That model showed pure grace.
    4. This woman should NEVER being around a woman with natural hair. I knew something was wrong when she said “the side ponytails is back like the ’80’s and ’90s”.

    • miss t-lee

      Your #4. Yup. Dead giveaway.

      • YeaSoh

        That’s the moment I was like “it’s over, nothing left to see here.”

        • miss t-lee


    • Junegirl627

      In all fairness they all looked jacked up by the end of that “demonstration”

      • miss t-lee

        oh wait, she f*cked up errybody?

        • MissusMaxwell

          I didn’t see what she did to the 3rd model, but she put some ol’ messy, slapped together braid in the Asian woman’s hair.

          • miss t-lee

            I saw that after rewatching.

          • LMNOP

            She did a messy twist and said it was a “new kind of braid” or some ish. She didn’t even pull a brush or a comb out for any of them. It was a mess.

        • MrsNumbles

          She jacked ALL of their hair. Homegirl should never have been on the show.

          • miss t-lee

            It was straight amateur hour with that one.

        • KWhoa

          Yes the Asian woman got got too.

          • miss t-lee


          • Vanity in Peril

            She walked away from that effed up pony she gave the Asian woman like, “…annnd whatever, figure it out, moving on…”

          • Junegirl627

            which is the most disrespectful. I mean lets be honest here. Asian hair is the MOST manageable. How do mess that up? #howsway

        • LMNOP

          Yes! Even her own hair, watch the whole clip. I have NO idea how this woman got considered a “beauty expert.”

          • miss t-lee


          • Crystal Savage

            In the comedy improv they got an exercise called “expert” were you talk about some sh it you know nothing about. Maybe this segment was an extended skit.

      • #blackhairmatters

      • A.G.

        This is true, but I kinda liked the white girl’s twist to the side thing.

      • IsitFridayyet?

        Oh no, I didn’t know she messed up everyone’s hair.

      • NonyaB

        Meanwhile, some actually talented hairdresser languishes somewhere, bypassed from another missed opportunity. How did that fake bish get on TV? She probably can’t tell the right end of the curling iron!

      • Janelle Doe

        I was thinking that too. None of the hairstyles worked. TODAY show needs new people.

    • Giiiiiirl. I was like…

      • LadyJay?

        Now you KNOW your azz and mine would not have kept it together.

      • Has anyone tried her hair products?

    • LMNOP

      That twist out took time, sure. But destroying it with “an easy summer hairstyle” only took sixty seconds.

    • PriceIsRightHorns

      I’m cackling at number four. I was waiting for her to give Malyia a pair of roller skates so she can channel Tootie from “The Facts of Life.”

  • HouseOfBonnets

    This up there with the time buzzfeed had the black girl looking casket sharp Just say you have no experience with black hair/models…’s not that hard.

    • miss t-lee

      Oh man. I remember that “makeover”.
      She looked like she was ready for her viewing.

    • A.G.

      For that reason, I feel iffy about having non-black makeup artists help me when I’m at Sephora or Mac.

      • miss t-lee

        All the time.
        It only takes once.

        • A.G.


      • QueenRaven23

        I have one go to girl at Sephora. Black chick. When it comes to my skin, I have problems with saying I want a black chick (or guy) that knows what she’s doing.

        • Mika

          I ask nicely, “do you have anyone here that is familiar with products for women of color” LOL

        • A.G.

          Yeah I will wait patiently because my foundation color cannot be messed up.

          • QueenRaven23

            It took me forever to get away from the MAC Nw45 life and actually find a foundation that matches my skin tone. I had to find someone that could point me in the right direction.

            • A.G.

              I use Mac NW43. What do you use now?

              • QueenRaven23

                I’m using makeup forever HD foundation. I love it.

              • Jennifer

                I just moved from NW45 to NW47 and my life will never be the same.

            • IsitFridayyet?

              I’m sooo nervous about my foundation color. I was tested by a Black make up artist at MAC and informed that I was an NW 45. It is such a common color, but it seems to match my skin tone.

      • HouseOfBonnets

        That confirmed for me that if a MUA doesn’t have experience with all skin tones shes not a real MUA

      • Leggy

        I always go black chick or gays of any colour. No one else.

    • Murphdigatis

      “Casket sharp” is my new go-to instead of “mortician made up”, Well done!

    • YeaSoh

      Yeah this is a mess

    • L8Comer

      This reminds me of the time I was a bridesmaids for my white friend. We all had to get our hair and makeup done by this old white woman. I really tried to get out of it, and so did the hair dresser and makeup artist, but my friend wanted us to all look the same.? But we don’t look the same ?? It wasn’t my day tho… Those wedding pictures are still traumatic for me to look at

      • Kas

        Consider it character building

      • lol I can just imagine, the sorrowful untagging of photos on Facebook. While sipping wine and crying about how cute you could’ve been.

        • L8Comer

          I was soooooo mad lol. And yes I had to untag all of them smh

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