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The 25 Best Booties Not Named On The Original List Of The 25 Best Booties

Josephine Baker (Walery/Getty Images)


Like Vogue, the New York Times has apparently caught booty fever. They think booty is their ally. But, while they merely adapted to booty fever, we were born in it. Molded by it.

Again, we’ve always appreciated booty. We’ve been in booty’s corner for as long as booty existed. To us, there’s no better place to be than booty’s corner. Because we love booty. So much so that here’s 25 more booties deserving of all-time recognition on top of last week’s list.

25. Whoever would have been working the door at “Ray’s Boom Boom Room”

24. Catya Washington

23. Eve. (Not “Eve the rapper.” But “Eve the first woman on Earth.” Although there’s no visual proof of Eve’s booty, we know Adam started reciting scripture the first time he saw her naked, so she must have been holding.)

22. That woman who read the original list, shared it on Facebook, and had at least seventeen different people say “You should have been on this list too!

21. Kim Fields

20. Everyone in that Nelly Miss Applebottom Contest show that aired on VH1 a decade ago and hasn’t been seen on TV or online anywhere since

19. Anansa Sims

18. Aunt Jemina

17. Farrah Franklin

16. That woman on Penn Ave last year who your girl caught you staring at and started to get mad until she looked herself, said “Damn!” aloud, and started gawking with you

15. Miss Twerksum

14. That woman who was working at Banana Republic in the summer of 2005 that made you make so many trips to the store that you ended up getting a Banana Republic card that messed up your credit, ultimately teaching you big booties will mess up your credit

13. Maliah Michel

bria dress12. Cherokee D’Ass

11. Whoever that was in the Wanksta video

10. Angela Bassett

9. Whoever the hell that was on screen for like 1.2 seconds in that Verizon commercial from 2007

8. Michelle Tucker

7. Tyra Banks

6. Josephine Baker

5. My wife

4. Esther Baxter

3. Melyssa Ford

2. Whoever inspired Uncle Luke to create “I Wanna Rock.”

1. Bria Myles

Damon Young

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  • DB

    Anansa Sims got some good genes. While I am old enough to remember Kim Fields on “The Facts of Life”, it took me a couple of seasons of “Living Single” to recognize how good she looked.

    Is your wife the type that would give you grief for not putting her number one on a list like this?

    • st george doesnt exist

      nice hour glass

    • January Jones

      Y’all saying Kim Fields as in Tootie, as in Rejene (sp)?? Umm ummm

      • Jay

        She never did it for me. Now Maxine (Erika Alexander) on the other hand…

        • Got an ex that look a lot like her.

        • January Jones

          Yes, Maxine had a nice body

  • Mack

    11. That was Scarlett my friend… Please don’t ask my why/how I know lol…

  • NomadaNare

    Good God. Bria Myles. TYBG.

  • I feel as though “my wife” may have been added to avoid any trouble…..LOL

    • Yeah…I was thinking the same thing playa. :)

    • Also still ain’t put no VSSes, smart man

  • st george doesnt exist

    YEAH.. thank you for part two and yes to bria myles. Before print died one of my favorite um “magazine models”

    16. That woman on Penn Ave last year who your girl caught you staring at and started to get mad until she looked herself, said “Damn!” aloud, and started gawking with you
    This version of this has happen more than you know. This occur at a friends wedding. One of the bridesmaid ass made the bride secondary. And who got to have that ass bump up on them in the wedding line.. this guy (my homie looked out for me). It was so fat even one friends mom’s had to say look at that big ol ass.

  • Esther Baxter is like the realization of the perfect hourglass shaped woman.

    • BeautifullyHuman

      Esther’s body is sick. I was going to mention her last week but stopped short since I had already mentioned 3 video vixens.

  • Guest

    Bad fiddy…bad!

  • Stephanie Santiago has a nice fake booty and is a Jets fan and was Bonita applebum.

    • You think it’s fake? I’m not sure either way. I’d need to see some earlier photos to make the call.

      • It is indeed. She’s owned up on her tumblr.she a jets fan though and it looks like they did a great job so still A+ from me.

        • Really? I missed that one, and I follow her blog. Link me the post.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Where’s my wingwoman Val?

  • Excellent update. And I see you studied the comments from the right go-round very well. :) And thanks for the name Anansa Sims. I’ve seen her pictures before, but never knew the name. Thanks!

    • BeautifullyHuman

      I agree. I couldn’t believe Champ forgot Bria Myles especially considering his appreciation for her.

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