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That’s That Sh*t I Do Like.

So yesterday I wrote about how underwhelmed I’ve been with a lot of music lately. Boo hoo ninja. Boo hoo. And while that may be true there are lots of sh*ts that I do like. Not just music either. There are books and movies and *SQUIRREL*…

….like I was saying, there are lots of things that make me happy in life. So since it is Friday and since our community has opened their hearts and wallets to help us with a project we’re working on, I figured that we’d end this week on a positive note.

So here are some things that make Panama a happy man in life. And yes this will be random. And no, this won’t all make sense, but yes, that’s how I roll. Picture me rollin’.

1. Their Eyes Were Watching God (the book, not the movie)

This is my favorite book ever. There was a time, you know, when I used to read books, that I’d read this book, along with Ayn Rand’s Anthem (another favorite) every year. So it’s no surprise that the movie that Oprah produced pissed me off more than President Grant’s wife after he told her she was ornamental, and not functional. By the way, there can’t be any worse dis ever to your spouse than to just tell them that they’re only ornamental. Just callin’ ’em Christmas and being all disrespectful. What was I talking about again? Oh yes, my favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God. Zora put her foot all in this book.

2. Sprinkles on ice cream

Judge me. But there’s something about sprinkles that makes me happy and want to hug armadillo cubs and orphans from those adoption commercials. I have purchased my own thing of sprinkles so that I can put them on my ice cream at any time. They so pretty.

3. McDonald’s frozen strawberry lemonade

Confession time: I have no idea how to drink those damn things without getting the freezer burn problem. Or whatever you call it.

4. Milo and Otis’s album The Joy

We covered that yesterday.

5. Fresh white-tees

I love buying new packs of white t-shirts. There’s something classicly fly about a white tee.

6. Chuck Taylors

Over the course of my life, I’ve probably had at least 50 different pairs of Chucks. A few years ago, I donated like 50 pair of shoes to The Salvation Army. I still have like 5 pairs. Which I realize isn’t a lot. But it’s a lot for a small time fella from a big city. Or a Good Kid in a M.A.A.D. city.

7. 2 Chainz & Kanye West “Birthday Song” video

I used to hate this video but now I absolutely love it for its sheer ridiculousness. There are few videos who take the most wonton idea and turn it into a video full of non-sense and big booty hoes. This video achieved such goodness.

8. The Doors

“Light My Fire”, the 7-minute extened version, is one of my favorite records ever. Come to think of it, so is “Break On Through”. While they’re mostly just uber popular songs, they are uber popular for a reason.

9. The Terminal

It’s not one of my favorite movies, but the scene where Viktor explains to what’s her face why he is in NYC and waiting so long. Well it nearly brought tears to my eyes the first time and every subsequent time as well. That was real love. And it made me happy.

10. The Big Bang Theory

This is just my show and it makes me happy.

Well that’s 10 things that Panama does indeed like. He likes them enough to speak in third person and share random palindrome’s with you: a man, a plan, a canal, Panama.

So what makes you truly happy in life? Daddy Mack tells us on Kris Kross groundbreaking second album, Da Bomb, that they’ve got a lot to live for…but its all better if you’re happy.

What’s your happiness?


We’d like to send another round of shout outs and thank yous to the people who’ve contributed to our project financially, who have supported us, and those who visit every day! Thanks for sleepwalking!

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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Marshal


    • Marshal

      Oh……Oh my………OMG………..I’m actually FIRST????? WOW!!!! (had a Fantasy Academy Award/Oscar Moment, sorry)

      Ok, my Happiness is spendingtime with my Daughter doing any and everything she likes to do (that’s my first-born and something about having a Daughter breings the soft side out of a guy, what can I say)

      Playing basketball/Call of Duty4: MW through MW3 with my younger teenage brothers (I’m the oldest son so I Don’t have a Big Brother of my own)

      Reading books In Peace for however long I wish (I love to Read….. Sue me)

      Overall, I’m most happy when Tragedy, Drama, and Life’s Curveballs aren’t being thrown at me all the damn time

      • GambiaGitYoSon

        your enthusiasm for being first is sooo sweet to watch. Giving me some temporary happiness.


      • legitimate_soul

        Because some isht I used to like was when it was fun to celebrate when a person got first on VSB: *cues music and brings out libations to celebrate for old times sake*

        ^Liz, please don’t get me. I mean well! I truly do!

        • LOL shiiiiiiit, we used to give acceptance speeches and er’thang.

      • nillalatte

        *Hits Marshal with a HUGE water balloon to commemorate his FIRST achievement.* Yeah, and you thought you were going to get a cookie, huh?

        • Marshal


          Tha’s all right, I realized that I have a better chance being first in VSB than winning the Mega Millions or the Powerball………..The Lottery Gods are Cursing me because I’d actually INVEST and Do Good over Spending like Vince Young or some Overrated Rapper/Athlete

      • “something about having a Daughter breings the soft side out of a guy”

        Huh Bruh! I’m a pushover when it comes to my daughter.

        • I think that every dude is. I don’t let her get away with murder, but I do like to just let her be her. lol.

      • LMNOP

        reading books in peace is amazing.

      • Marshal

        Oh, I almost forgot- the UFC makes me Very Happy. Leave it to MMA to grant fights People WANT to see whereas Boxing has Russian Brothers going Tea Party with the Heavyweight titles, Floyd Maywather ducking Pacman-yes, Money Mayweather is DODGING Manny so he doesn’t Lose

        • I figured the whole Floyd is dodging Manny thing was old news. Floyd has fought fighters more dangerous than Manny in his career and beat them.

          Plus The UFC’s ability to impose their wills on fighters is on the wane. Jon Jones’s ability to essentially cancel a PPV will be a watershed moment for MMA fighters in their quest to get a bigger piece of the pie from the events they make possible.

          The argument that boxing doesn’t match big names is flawed as well. Other than RJJ-Bernard Hopkins II, Wladimir vs. Vitali, and Floyd-Manny, most big fights get made. We just got Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson (Super Middle-Weight Champion vs. Light Heavyweight Champion), Sergio Martinez vs. JCC Jr.

          We will probably never see a Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva fight, but the equivalent of weight class champions going toe-to-toe in boxing has been going on with regularity for awhile.

          • Marshal

            As far as Jon Jones canceling his fight-I wouldn’t have given Sonnen a title shot either. This mofo LOST his last title fight to Silva, and he gets ANOTHER ONE right off the back?!!! GTFOH. Sonnen talked mad trash about Anderson, Brazil, and he should’ve watched his first fight More Carefully so he wouldn’t have mad Another “mistake” like trying a stupid back-handed strike and falling on his ass.

            Dana White and Zuffa bought out all the other MMA promotions because they weren’t being shown on primetime TV, nor were they creating/promoting PPVs. Outsid of Pride Fighting Championship, I never liked EliteXL, Bellator or Strikeforce

            • @Marshal @Dash

              I love both sports and I like where they are heading. (The comparisons between the two can get lazy to me though) Boxing was losing me for a minute but the last few fights made up for it. Each needs to tweak some somethings about how they are run however.

            • I’ll tell you, I do miss the hell outta the WEC though. **sob**

        • The UFC makes me happy too…
          If they would just give Anderson Silva a damn opponent that can actually fight.
          Stephan BONNAR? Really?

          • Marshal

            There’s NOBODY left that can hang with Anderson Silva, he needs to fight GSP or move up to the LHW or HW division. He whooped Forest Griffin-, the guy who beat Rampage; whooped Rich Franklin, who beat Ken Shamrock and other top contenders, and Anybody Else thatchallenged him at 205. Belfort and Rua were manhandled by Anderson, he avenged his loss to Okami from Pride, and Henderson was a JOKE of a challenger

            • That is my point, and a testament to one of the glaring problems with the UFC- their upper-weight divisions are pure garbage. They filled middleweight+ with aging stars from Pride just to get people to watch, and the Ultimate Fighter has yet to produce decent contenders. I won’t even get started on welterweight, there is just no excuse. That is the only reason people like Silva & Jones even have a leg to stand on. If there was more focus on accquiring talent instead of producing events back-to-back filled with mediocre cards at BEST, Dana wouldn’t have this problem. As it stands the only reasin Silva & Jones have to fight each other is because there is, literally, no one left. And Silva is not going to fight Jones, he’s going to Mayweather it until his contract is up 2 fights from now.

              • Marshal

                U make some valid points, but The Ultimate Fighter DID produce some good conenders- Diego Sanchez, Griffin (former LHW Champ), Rashad Evans (fromer LHW Champ), Chris Leben, Nate Florian, Nate Marquart, Frankie Edgar (forme Light Weight Champ), Phil Davis, Josh “Douchebag” Koscheck, Jon Fitch and so on.

                WEC and Strikeforce fighters were givin chances to prove themselves worthy of being in the UFC just like everyone else, plus the non-promotion fighters. It’s not Dana’s fault that the Ryan Bader’s, Cain Velasquez’s, Jose Aldo’s, Dominic Cruz’s, Urijah Faber’s and other now-defunct promotional fighters are occupying spots. HTey aren’t ulling their weight (pun intended) in non-UFC fights to get title shots

      • random things i like:

        watching Lion King, any parts with Timon talks

        playing wrestling with my daughter on the bed-awesome

        listening to saxophone compilation while i work

        watching old Arsenal FC videos where they won, esp with Thierry Henry on them

        chilling with my boys by the park braaing (barbecuing) and telling nasty jokes while sipping on heinekens.

        Katt williams impersonations lol “thats my shiiiiiiiit”

        sitting next to a pretty girl/woman on the metro bus lol

        eating cereal with cold milk in the middle of the night

        watching Pretty Woman by myself

        a woman who “dishes out back rubs like sandwiches”

        dating someone who initiates and actually gives head, without having being choked into it lol

        watching Loves Jones on youtube, damm i love that flick

        going on date without having to worry if the girl will order expensive food

  • eazy253

    damn damn damn I thought I had it

    • nillalatte

      *throws another water balloon at eazy253* Now you have it! :D

      • Iceprincess


    • that’s what she said.

  • JessicaL

    Dairy queen’s blizzard of the month makes me happy. I need to come back to this after some sleep.

    • LMNOP

      sleep makes me happy.

    • let me tell you something…the lack of Dairy Queen’s in the DMV is atrocious. I’ve got to drive ALL the way to Seminary Road in Alexandria to even get a DQ Express. just f*cked up.

      • Marshal

        I was wondering why all I see is damn Hagen-Das and these sherbert places and No DQs around DC…..

      • Third Of August


        (Thanks for telling me where a DQ express is, though….might have to make a run every once in a while. lol)

        And the lack of Sonic and White Castle is annoying as well. The South has Krystal, the Midwest/East Coast has White Castle…..and the DMV has…..nothing similar.

      • WVBody

        I was always disturbed by the lack of DQ!!

  • eazy253

    This makes me happy because I laugh every time

    • XD

      This is the funniest ish I’ve seen in a min! Oh…lemme stop laughing so I can type. Bruh, I thought that fight scene in Dolemite’s Human Tornado was bad, but this ish takes the cake!

      Still gotta love Dolemite though.

      • legitimate_soul

        Both of these videos were great. Regarding Dolemite: I love in The Human Tornado (I think) where he is escaping butt naked, he jumps off a cliff, and then his voice comes in “Ya’ll muphu@@as didn’t think I jumped?!” and they REWIND the entire movie to show him jump again. Yes, you gotta love Dolemite.

        • YESSSSS!!!! I had it on VHS so you must know how much I used to piss people off rewinding that part over and over again. The day when somebody got me for my Dole tape I wanted to shoot somebody…literally. I got to see Rudy Ray Moore in person some years ago. It was one of the hight points of my life.

          • legitimate_soul

            You got to meet him? Cool! I have a love of Blaxploitation movies and I appreciate the nod to Dolemite with Bullhorn on Black Dynamite.

            • We were backstage for a concert. I don’t even remember who’s concert it was. When he walked in, I was the only one who showed any kind of expression. It was actually a little heart breaking to see that hardly any of the folks knew who he was. Even when he went on and did a short set.

              Yea, I’m a blaxploitation junkie as well. My brother and I used to host “Bad Black Cinema nights” at the crib. You know what, I may have to start that back up again.

    • JessicaL

      I died the same way he did watching that clip.

    • yo, when i saw that for the first time yesterday I think, I was in TEARS.

    • MJoy

      That death just gave me life

    • Royale W. Cheese

      Er mah gerd. lol.

  • jesi

    Whoa! Am I first? I like being first! What makes me happy:
    1) strawberry twizzlers. Name brand only, please
    2) sassy schnauzers.
    3) in “moonstruck” nic cage’s speech about how we’re only here to love each other and die.
    4) fall
    4a) the fair, cool nights, warm days, fall clothing I.e. sweater dresses
    5) JESUS
    6cherry icees
    7) pajamas

    • Marshal

      Sorry, I sorta just fell into being 1st…….

      No hard feelings”””

      • chameleonic

        *replacement ref decides jesi was first*

        • LMNOP

          lol, yeah it’s a tough call.

          • Marshal

            *looking at the tape a la Instant Replay*

            I clocked in at 12:09, and jesi came at 12:15, so in Track-Lingo, I Usain Bolt-ed her
            TAKE THAT!!(gotta love Hot Wheels for copyrighting that phrase)

            • chameleonic

              Usain-Bolted or take that?! thats diddys catch phrase! mmmmmmmm.

              • Third Of August

                Hot Wheels was around WAY before Diddy blew up.


              • Marshal

                I forgot Diddy was saying that for years…..

    • Anastasia!!!

      Yaay for Jesus!!

    • Val

      Yep, Fall is the best season, especially in the North East.

      • Iceprincess

        +1 Autum is my favorite too.*Hands Val a mug of hot cider*

        • Val

          *Mmmm, that’s good! Just what I needed this morning. Thanks, IP> :-)

      • JessicaL

        I live in Florida. There’s no such thing as fall here. The only two seasons here are hot and hotter. I guess it’s cool that you can go to the beach on Christmas.

        • WIP

          LOL, even south Florida gets some Fall and a tap of Winter.

    • how does it feel knowing that what you thought was to be, wasn’t?

      • Royale W. Cheese

        That phrase is very “Morpheus.”

    • I wish we had more fall/winter here in Florida…just so I can wear sweaters, scarves and BOOTS!

      and gloves. Gloves are hot. Hot meaning s.exy.

      • nillalatte

        You mean you don’t have a pair of gloves for the bedroom… you know, to go with your other leather apparel? bol… ;)

        • LOL! Oh yeah…for massage purposes. Back massages. Yeah :-)

  • I love a good palindrome; especially when there’s multiple words involved.

    • Damn autocorrect.

    • lol. me too. and i’m partial to that one cuz well, i like plans.


    1. Making my daughter laugh uncontrollably and wet her diaper(she’s 1 and some months)
    2. People that show one another discreet p.d.a.
    3. Being in love.
    4. When people are genuinely shocked.
    5. Fried chicken when I’m FEENIN’ for fried chicken (I will not apologize nor will I be moved).

    • Anastasia!!!

      I like this list!!!!!

      • legitimate_soul

        Agreed! I like it too:)

        • Iceprincess

          Mr. Me too! *Passes around a bucket of Popeye’s*

          • *takes the big piece of chicken* Say something

            • Third Of August

              ^^^ Always that ONE person.

              I bet you leave the corner of Kool-Aid in the fridge, too…

          • WIP

            *kicks the Popeye’s bucket
            I can’t stand fried chicken, LOL

          • nillalatte

            Is it spicy? I like the spicy chicken. Um.. where’s the biscuits? How you gonna serve chicken with no biscuits. Umph.

  • naturalista88

    1. Vodka
    2. Chocolate
    3. Music
    4. Family (most of them, anyway)
    5. Godson —–>

    • Val

      I used to drink vodka. but only Absolut.

      • naturalista88

        Absolut is one of the many brands that I drink, but I prefer Cîroc for some reason.

        • Eps

          You need to up your game and go Hangar One

          • naturalista88

            Never seen that one in stores, I’ll look it up.

            • Eps

              It is a handmade vodka out of California. You got to go the distillery. The best ever.

    • awww. cute kid.

    • Kema

      So cute! He is fully taken with his foot.

    • nillalatte

      awww… he’s adorable.

  • R. Hill

    I LOVE gummi bears! They always seem to make me smile! It’s the simple things I tell ya. Oh and First Take on Espn

    • Iceprincess

      Yes! But only the brand-name ones in the gold bag. The cheap ones dont be having the right texture.

      • JessicaL


    • Marshal

      ESPN First Take is like the sports version of Morning Joe/The View/The Talk/Fox & Friends/The Cycle; plus Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are hilarious

      • Its funny because Cyndi and Skip be half afraid of Stephen A. it seems

        • Marshal

          When Keri Champion becomes the Offical Moderator Skip won’t have a chance against Stephen A.

          and SOMEBODY from SNL needs to find a Spoofman for Skip, cuz Jay Ferell can’t keep his Stephen A. impersonation going for LOLs forever…

          • Andy Samberg would’ve made a nice skip but he gone now

    • Guenther

      If you can find the gummy Bears from Albanese they are much better than Haribo.Trust me my friend owns a candy shop and they beat the pants off any other brand of gummy

      • Iceprincess

        Say word? Good to know…

    • Royale W. Cheese

      Have you ever tried the World’s largest Gummy Bear? Green apple is delicious.

      • Guenther

        My friend has those in his shop. They look delicious. It is funny to see everyone’s reaction. Usually their jaw drops and they can’t believe that is it real and edible.

  • 1. Sleep, uninterrupted sleep that leaves you with a dream or something to write about once you wake

    2. Human interaction, the type of interaction that sparks some infectious thought that’s either life changing or motivating

    3. Direct deposit, Getting that check on Thursday at 12am instead of friday morning

    4. New restaurants, Going to a restaurant that you just think is going to be ok, but instead is spectacular and surprising

    5. Ginger Ale, I drink ginger ale while drinking or smoking a cigar

    6. Online shopping, better prices+usually have your size+just the sh!t

    7. Finding out someone is interested in you that you thought you had no chance in bedding

    8. Getting a deadline that you weren’t prepared to meet pushed back

    9. Someone you thought was going to be mediocre in the sheets turning out to be a beast

    10. Going thrifting, just another way to express one’s self through clothes

    11. Harolds chicken(Chicago all day)

    I’m out

    • Iceprincess

      You be drinking cigars? ;-)

    • Ginger ale and anejo tequila is off the hook! I lucked up on it in Mexico on vacation.

    • Direct Deposit is the truth! Getting that deposit notification 3 whole days before you were expecting it… make you feel like this:

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