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That Awkward Moment When “I Have Principles” Means “Dammit, No More Chick-fil-A”

If you’ve ever checked out my VSB bio, you’re likely aware of my fondness for soups. More specifically (quoting myself) “soups that happen to be especially creamy.” And, although this was written over four years ago, my adoration for soup remains just as intense. I love soup more than fat crackheads love Home Depot. Seriously, if I ever got married, instead of having the guests choose between steak and chicken or some shit, I’ll have a station with soups from all over the world. (I also plan to have an omelet bar, all you can eat pancakes, and a selection of bacons made from dozens of different animals, including alligator, tiger, and shark. You’re probably laughing now, but tell me that wouldn’t be the awesomest wedding reception you’ve ever attended)

Want proof of this love? Try this. A few weeks ago, the high temperature in the Burgh reached 99 degrees. You know what I had for lunch that day? A bowl of soup. Dinner? Two bowls of soup.

Yet, despite this love affair, my infatuation with soup caused (and is still causing) a serious crisis of conscience. You see, although the Pittsburgh-area contains many different diners and obscure restaurants where you can get a good bowl of soup, sometimes it’s not really worth the search, and sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the ATM because some Yinzer greasy spoon still only accepts cash. When this happens, there’s always Panera Bread — a chain where the soups (and the bread bowls they come in) are consistently good — and this is a problem.

Why? Well…

From “Lawsuit: Bias against ‘fat, black or ugly’ at Panera franchise”

A Panera Bread franchisee had a policy of keeping “fat, black or ugly” people off of the cash registers and out of management positions, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court today that seeks class action status.

The lawsuit by Guy M. Vines, 21, of Castle Shannon, claims that Panera franchisee Covelli Enterprises discouraged managers from hiring African Americans, and then relegated them to menial, back-of-the-shop roles.

It follows a lawsuit filed in November by a former Panera Bread manager who said he was fired under pretenses after he objected to such policies. Both Mr. Vines and the former manager are represented by attorney Sam Cordes.

This was a pretty big story in the Pittsburgh-area last winter. So big that the Black community (Yes. All five of us) staged an unofficial protest of Panera Bread that, to my knowledge, is still going on today. I haven’t stepped foot in one since January.

I also never had a Panera franchise open a block away from where I live…something that is going to happen next week. Drats! Since learning this, I’ve begun crafting elaborate excuses for why I should give this protest thing a “break.” (My favorite? “So what if they didn’t allow Black people to work the register. At least they weren’t slaves. And, stop being a hypocrite, man. Slaves picked cotton, but that didn’t stop your Black ass from wearing shirts.”)

Anyway, I’m bringing this all up because of how interesting it is to me to see the mental machinations we put ourselves through when our principles aren’t necessarily convenient.

And, I said “we” because I know I’m not alone. For instance, I’m sure if I took a poll today asking people to name their favorite fast food restaurant, Chick-fil-A — the same Chick-fil-A whose president recently stated that he was a strong opponent of same-sex marriage — would win in a landslide. I’m also sure there would be quite a bit of overlap if I made a Venn diagram of “people who have eaten at Chick-fil-A in the past month” and “people who have marched in support of gay marriage.”

Yesterday’s post dealt with a man who had his “come to Jesus” moment, and ran the other way. He (obviously) failed on a pretty large scale, but I don’t think that allowing ourselves to defer our principles for a moment or two of pleasure is really all that different.

I have no doubt that, sometime within the next couple of days months, I will be craving some creamy chicken soup, and this craving will cause me to “delay” my Panera protest for a day. I will enjoy this soup, and it’s likely that I’ll enjoy this soup so much that I’ll delay the protest another couple of days. Soon, that delay will just turn into “Eh…it was a good effort,” and I will not feel bad about this at all.

The moral of this story? The judgements made by men have myriad effects, none greater than…actually, you know what? F*ck a moral. Why the hell did it have to be Chick-fil-A? I mean, why couldn’t the president of Hardee’s or Lady Foot Locker or wack-ass motherf*ckin Chipotle have said this instead???

Anyway, people of VSB.com, have you ever had a moment where you were forced to, um, “reconsider” your principles because they weren’t convenient? If so, what did you do?

Also, am I the only one willing to shank a kitten for a spicy chicken sandwich right now?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

***If you’re in the DC area this Thursday, make sure to come out to “Myth or Maybe” — a relationship-related discussion hosted by Panama and the homie Rahiel from Urban Cusp***

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  • Kandi

    Iono about Panera but as long as Chik Fil A got that lemonade and the chocolate chip chocolate chunk cookies (that come in the 1/2 dozen) I’m rocking with them til the wheels fall off or I get diabetes.

    • Latonya

      and their milkshake is the best! Peach is my favorite!

      • Iceprincess

        The winter flavor, peppermint chocolate, is the TRUTH!!

    • Before leaving the US I made it my mission to inhale as much Chick-Fil-A as possible. The simple deliciousness of those waffle fries dipped in Polynesian sause and the liquid diabetus they call sweet tea had me looking like http://alltheragefaces.com/uc/500f91000d2fb

      • LeonieUK

        Am I wrong for visting places in the US that have Chic-Fila? I mean the day they open a store in the UK, I will become a store manager and drink all the peach milkshake I can.

        • YES!!!!

          • LeonieUK

            When then you are going to have to give me a better alternative, cause Southern fast food is nice.

    • Ly

      Here is a post about what Mr. Cathy really said about gay marriage. Food for thought http://www.getreligion.org/2012/07/wheres-the-beef-what-the-chick-fil-a-boss-really-said/

      • Thank you. Stating what you believe in us not the same as bashing what others believe.

        • Zackly.

          • SweetSass

            Wrong, when ‘what your beliefs are’ are that the other person shouldn’t have rights… yes, that is bashing them. Gay bashing.

            • I think you’re stretching the definition of bashing reeeeeeaally thin.

      • Deviant

        It’s not his beliefs it’s his financial support of right conservatist groups that active campaign to withhold the rights of all two consenting adults to enter into legal contracts with each other aka get married.

    • That Ugly Kid

      Question. What the f*ck is Chick-Fil-A? I’ve never heard of this place before.

      • Yonnie 3000

        *shakes head in pity* I feel bad for you son. Where do you live?

      • I am so so sorry. Where do you live? Cant be the south…..GASP!! Have you ever had a Krispy Kreme donut?

    • eve

      LOL. Yup, I’m rocking chick-fil-a until they stop selling delicious fries, the Polynesian sauce, and the cookies and cream shake :)

      But for real, though, I’m in favor of traditional marriage yet I DON’T stop going to establishments that believe the definition of marriage should be changed.

      So I don’t get why others withdraw support from companies who’s beliefs they oppose.

      But to each his own.

    • I am down with Chick-Fil-A. Hell, just give me some crust off that good ass chicken! I’m sounding like a stereotype and I don’t give a damn, you hear me?

      The Lemonade is the sh*t!

      I don’t that that a place that operates under the guise of being a business that has Christian principals should condone same sex-marriage.

    • trav tha matic

      yo dame talk about alphas bruh and engineers and waka flocka

  • I don’t live within 3 states of a Chick Fil-A *falls down and bursts into tears* In a way that’s a good thing because I’d be 150 lbs heavier. The only thing that separates the Cathy family (owner of Chick Fil-A) from other business owners is that he openly states his beliefs.

    Target got busted for supporting a gay marriage on the sly, and the owner of URBAN OUTFITTERS (yes, pink skinny jeans for men Urban Outfitters) supported Rick Santorum. And the owner of American Apparel is just a perv. And then there’s Nike and sweatshops…

    Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like

    • Rog

      “Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like”

      Yup, also In-N-Out burger has been printing Bible verses on their cups for years.

      My issue with the boycotting of anything business is consistency, if we knew the dirt on all the business’s we shop at we’d probably be Amish by now.

      Also, how could you not know the company that’s been closed on Sunday’s for 40 years for the purpose of Church and family wouldn’t be against gay marriage?

      • Val

        “…if we knew the dirt on all the business’s we shop at we’d probably be Amish by now.”

        So true.

      • Jay

        Although I’ve only been there on my West Coast excursions I’m gonna warn you: Bruh say something else about In and Out Burger… Thats my FAVORITE fast food joint ever!!

        • Beautifullyhuman

          In-N-Out gives me my life! And it’s so cheap. Bliss.

      • Difference between president/company simply not supporting it and putting large sums of money into groups that are actively against it. Not to mention there have to be Christian groups/organizations that aren’t necessarily against gay marriage/LGBT rights (though I’d be at a loss if I had to actually name any offhand)

      • “Also, how could you not know the company that’s been closed on Sunday’s for 40 years for the purpose of Church and family wouldn’t be against gay marriage?”

        ^^Thats what the hayle i’ve been saying! I understand that people feel some kinda way but to act like that this is surprising behavior is just ridic.
        Meanwhile i love chick-fil-a and will continue to eat there. Just because they’ve come forward to say that they are against gay marriage doesn’t change anything. They would have been just as against it if they had kept it to themselves. Who cares what they think?
        Eat Mor Chikin!

      • Yeah, and thats just the half of it. Coke and Pepsi are both like two of the top Republican contributors. A lot of these top retail stores back republican candidates and give money to those causes. If you’re going to boycott for these things, then you really need to know what you’re getting into.

        That being said, knowing this about Chick fil A, I’m not as excited about eating there as before. Their food was never all that to me. It was just kinda a good feeling eating there thinking I was supporting some kind of a cause – kinda like shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe. But for a guy who doesn’t see religion in that same light, they’ve lost their appeal to me. Doesn’t mean I’ll never eat there, but it does change my opinion of them.

      • Bible verses are offensive now?

        • Yonnie 3000

          To some people. Why is that surprising? Perhaps the not so religious, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, just to name a few.

        • It’s not offensive, just that if I, as a Muslim, would put Qur’anic verses on a fast food cup, I’d be considered dogmatic and like I am trying to force people to convert.

      • Ms. Bridget

        Forever 21 been printing John3:16 on the bottom of their yellow bags for a while now.

        • MJoy

          I like that. It makes me smile but I always think, “They can do this?”

        • I think they stopped because they received complaints. Haven’t seen those verses in a while.

          • Ms. Bridget

            Maybe my store had a surplus of bags…

            • LOL maybe.

              • me

                They still print John 3:16 on their bags. Went shopping there a couple of weeks ago.

      • Love there food and what they stand for .

    • Royale W. Cheese

      I was pretty upset about Urban Outfitters when I heard that news. It’s the shiest of all sheists. That store’s demographic is über-hipster. Talk about putting one over on folks. It’s like discovering that Ben & Jerry’s is actually run by Micelle Bachman.

      • Val

        “It’s like discovering that Ben & Jerry’s is actually run by Michelle Bachman.”

        Oh my God, don’t even say something like that to make a point! That woman is a sociopath.

        • demondog06

          and’ll she’ll prolly be presudent one day!

      • Urban Outfitters doesn’t offend because of its beliefs. It offends because of its clothing. Same with American Apparel.

    • Beautifullyhuman

      “I don’t live within 3 states of a Chick Fil-A *falls down and bursts into tears* In a way that’s a good thing because I’d be 150 lbs heavier. ”

      Lol…I understand the sentiment. They recently opened a Chick Fil-A near my workplace and I’m sure the workers can attest that I’m there almost weekly. As a matter of fact, I’m sure they know my name. lol. I’m a chicken sandwich/nugget fiend. If only there was one closer to my house. :-(

      • I don’t live near a Chick Fil-A now, but I was born in Atlanta. My mom ate Chick Fil-A her whole pregnancy. I joke that my blood type is Chick Fil-A+, and that I’m addicted to those sandwiches like a crack baby since that’s just about all I had in the womb

        • Jay

          Chic-Fil-A+… Nice. iChuckled.

          • Beautifullyhuman

            Lol…I know. That was very witty.

        • LOL!

    • Ny

      Loving this perspective-kinda makes “things” [i.e. compromising my principles] easier for me. :-)

    • Royale W. Cheese

      “In a way that’s a good thing because I’d be 150 lbs heavier.”

      That’s the one thing that keeps me away from Chick-fil-A when my principles fail me. People can say what they want about skinny chicks, but I like being thin, d@mn it.

      • DG

        Despite the evil ways of you and your ilk, I like you being thin too.

      • Lol that always trips me out. The only people who -really- complain about skinny women… are heavy women!

        “I don’t want to be too skinny” lol right.

      • hehe

        Word! That is the main reason I refuse to partake in chick-fil-a. Everyone tells me it’s addictive. Nah I’m tryna stay cute n trim. I’m not trying to expand my waistline.

        • Val

          I don’t know if Chic-fil-A is addictive but White Castle sure is.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            Cires on the inside after realizing it’s been so long since I’ve touchd a white castle / crystal burger ; (

        • This sh*t (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Crack_street_dosage.jpg) is addictive too… and it keeps the weight off.

          • Royale W. Cheese

            It also keeps the “cuteness” off, too. Tryin to stay slim, not crackish. lol

          • demondog06

            and helps you get rid of those pesky things like friends….and teeth!

      • Ms. Bridget

        This. A small #1 with a vanilla milkshake (replacing the drink) is 1240 calories. That’s almost my whole daily allotment! I’ll pass…

      • Nerd Girl

        I get the kid’s meal when I go (most of the time, anyhow) – craving satisfied without blowing my caloric intake for the day. Win/win.

    • Val

      Target absolutely does not support gay marriage. Target supports anti-LGBT candidates.


    • DQ

      ****Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like****

      Pretty much

    • Or urban legend-flavored racist Tommy Hilfiger and the episode of Oprah that no one ever saw despite it being a hugely popular talk show series yet claimed it as truth because that girl around the way told them.

      • DQ

        Tommy DID say he didn’t want us wearing his clothes tho… that’s true. It was right after he woke up in a bath tub full of ice in a hotel missing his kidneys. I clearly heard him say, “Them ninjas done stole my damn kitneys (that’s kidney’s with a T), I’ont want any of them ninjas wearing my clothes ever again”.

        True Story. Word life.

        • thelonius
        • “I clearly heard him say, “Them ninjas done stole my damn kitneys (that’s kidney’s with a T), I’ont want any of them ninjas wearing my clothes ever again”


        • Ihatetchu DQ.

          • DQ

            Hate is just love turned upside down and inside out. By the way, Bill Gates is Beta testing a new comment tracking software. If you forward my comments to your friends you will get a check from Microsoft. No lie. A friend of mine tried it and got a check for $100 dollars.

            • You are a 105 degree F mess.

    • “I don’t live within 3 states of a Chick Fil-A *falls down and bursts into tears*”

      If it makes you feel any better, I stay around the corner from one…just saying…

    • Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like

      PREACH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miss t-lee

      “Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like”


  • I just wanna say I stand behind Chick-fil-A & that magnifical chicken sandwich. I don’t get why people are so shocked by this. The company has never been shy about their religious views. Why would they change it now that it has become (dare I say it?) the “popular” thing to do? I’m sure the company can justify the backlash by saying Christians have to be prepared to face ridicule when they stand by their values, which are not always “popular.” If anything, I support Chick-fil-A for not flip flopping. If they came out in support of gay marriage they better take it all the way & get their happy arse employees to make me a milkshake on Sundays. #2cents

    • Iceprincess

      I mean, i feel you on that. Its a family company; they can do whatever they want, believe however they want. My question to CF is, why would you SAY it?? Just seems like a retarded bizness decision to me. Gay ppl like chicken too! Duuuh. It seems they are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face, & thats not cool.

      • Val

        “Gay ppl like chicken too!”

        Lol. Yep. But you know what, bigotry is sometimes stronger than the desire to make money. Just look at all of the businesses that we find out are discriminating against women or African Americans, etc.

        • Iceprincess

          Yes, but they usually keep it on the DL (pardon the pun), then when they get caught, deny deny deny! If im understanding the controversy correctly, CF is saying, “yea, i said it! And what?” To me, thats just weird when youre in the bizness of slangin chicken. Like, nobody cares bout your biggoted politics. Give me my 8 piece & STFU!

          • MJoy

            He sees it as his justifiable belief, not bigotry. If he were to hide his feelings he would feel like he were denying his religion… which no one likes to do.

        • “Just look at all of the businesses that we find out are discriminating against women or African Americans, etc.”

          Like Shoney’s- remember that one?

          • Val

            I’m not sure if I remember the Shoney’s incident, PA. But, I remember when Chris Rock’s mom got all bent out of shape because she was treated poorly at Cracker Barrel. I was like duh!, on that one. I remember Denny’s had an incident and then they hired Sherman Hemsley (RIP) for their commercials. Like George Jefferson doing commercials for you would make things better.

        • Saying you believe in the Bible =/= bigotry.

          • Glip

            +1. When folks can understand this key difference, maybe there will not be so much animosity toward Christians who simply choose to live by the Word of God.

          • SweetSass

            But keep your Bible beliefs out of government. Ie. do not allow governments to discriminate on the basis of gender or preference… ie. in issuing marriage licenses. If you don’t believe in gay marriage… don’t have one… but don’t try to prevent other people from getting married. That is stepping out of bounds.

            • Ok, its kinda nuanced, but I would compare it to pro life people. They believe abortion is murder. That belief would logically lead you to say nobody should be allowed to kill innocent babies, right? So if you are being real about that, you would contribute and campaign to limit abortion rights. Why should you be forced to limit your speech, your beliefs, your contribution, your political activity to yourself?

              If you truly believe that as a nation, if we put a rubber stamp of approval on something that God says is an abomination, then why should you limit your political speech and activity? Because others disagree?

              What if you want to campaign to stop the use of corn sugar because it leads to obesity? You could just decide to not drink soda. But your campaign would infringe on others rights to consume corn sugar. That’s the nature of political activism. You’re gonna trample somebody’s rights.

              • MJoy


      • “Gay ppl like chicken too!”

        definitely a t-shirt

        • DEFINITELY.

        • You could do big numbers with the “Gay ppl like chicken too!” shirts in Atlanta. Real big numbers.

          • *throws money at this guaranteed business

            • MJoy

              children’s college savings? Here you go.

      • Read the lubked article in the first comment that’s not exactly what happened. The press ran with (and twisted) a statement he made.

        • Linked article

          • BeautifullyHuman

            I read the article. The press definitely placed their own spin on it, but nowadays that’s to be expected with journalism. Unfortunately, it’s about the most sensational story, not facts. All I know is I’ll be continuing with my Chick-Fil-A adventures. They’re finally arriving in LA and I’ll be damned if I stop eating these cracktastic chicken sandwiches now.

      • Thriller

        Just because you don’t support gay marriage, it doesn’t mean you are against gay people. I believe marriage is a union between man, woman & God and I think gay marriage is wrong. Civil Partnerships like in the U.K. I think is a great idea. Pretty much all the rights of marriage.

        There’s no way i’ll let someone call me a bigot for this very fair opinion.

        • SweetSass

          Fair? Lol, for whom?

          You are a bigot. (I don’t need permission to call you one.)

          • mena

            No. He isn’t.

      • Yonnie 3000

        You should really read the article of what was actually said. Somebody posted it up thread. After reading it, I don’t think it warrants me abandoning Chick-Fil-A chicken minis, the southwest salad, or the half lemonade/half iced tea concoction. I would consider giving up these items if there was evidence of them discriminating against LGBT employees or customers. I haven’t read about any customers or employees, or potential employees (or ex-employees) coming out with these claims.

      • mena

        They were pressured to finally come out and say something. Their records are public (taxes and the organizations that they give money to) so finally, the just came out and said, “we don’t believe in gay marriage.”

  • Sigh. I’ve been having this little crisis for weeks since I realized they were funneling money into anti-LGBT orgs. I don’t give a damn what the president feels–it’s just that I’d essentially be putting money into an org that would then give it to these groups to my potential detriment. I’ve been doing pretty well, though I did slip once or twice over the last few months–but me eating there less has inadvertently caused my family to eat there less, so I feel pretty good about it. It’s made my life a little difficult, though. Dem nuggets…

    • Ditto. It’s that they dump so much money into evil sheit. The owner can believe what he wants. They ARE good….. that spicy chicken is the bomb…. But if i can’t stand up on principal over a god-d%mn chicken sandwich, then i’d be a pretty weak person.

      • DQ

        But it’s not just a Chicken Sandwich… it’s Chick-fil-A. That sandwich damn near has supernatural characteristics.

        • By my calculations, their spicy chicken sandwich is only 10% better then Wendys. So it’s not that difficult of a sacrifice lol

          • Breezy


            • BeautifullyHuman

              Huge lies!!!

      • What is evil about the groups they contribute to?

        • DQ

          Sigh… Cougs don’t do this. You don’t need this food fight in your life today.

        • SweetSass

          They are preventing and espousing that other people should not have rights, that they should be discriminated against. Pretty obviously evil to me.

  • Amos Banks

    I nod my head whenever anybody brings up the topic of today’s youth and their misogynist music, but AMG still comes up in my music shuffle.

  • Valerie

    Annoyed. And ate my last Chik Fil A last…Thursday? Enjoyed it. Wept. And it had just opened near my job about TWO months ago. I didn’t hear about Panera Bread – which is about three yards from the Chik Fil A, and I have a serious relationship going on with the Sesame Asian Chicken Salad. That’s the only thing I ever eat there, because that’s how serious my relationship is with that salad. And that dressing. CURSES!!!

    Actually, I’m eating one last time at a lot of places in the next few weeks only because corporations and chains are evil and must be destroyed. I’m taking a stand!

  • Rayne

    Chipotle is delicious!

    Taco Bell Imitation Bowl on the other hand….sigh.

    • Latonya

      Chipotle is just ok! Its like something is missing! Freebirds is better!

      Off topic: Did they ever find Katherine Jackson? I’m here watching on CNN that she was missing? That Janet slap Paris!

      • Katherine was never missing. She’s the sole heir to Michael’s estate. The other Jacksons not named Janet are trying to make her look crazy are trying to get Micheal’s money. Tito’s son TJ (who was Kim Kardashian’s prom date) is trying to get custody of Paris, Blanket and the other one. They aren’t bout that life, and Paris is blasting the whole family on twitter, hence Janet smacking her

        • annette_b

          Thank you for the Pulitzer caliber reporting on Jackson-gate. I’d heard there was drama, but didn’t pay attention long enough to find out what had happened. Inquiring minds do want to know and your thorough yet succint summary is appreciated. I admire your style…

      • LSQ

        freebirds is awesome [that is all]

        • miss t-lee


  • The last time i surrendered on a boycott? I bought an R Kelly album :-( Sorry :-(

    • Royale W. Cheese

      No need to feel bad. All that means is that he does not creep you out. As a woman, I think he’s creepy. I can’t pay to listen to his voice.

    • DQ

      I can’t say I did the same, but I understand how it could happen. I swear it almost feels like that dude came with hit after hit after hit when he was accused. It was like he knew he had to publish the cream of his catalog… right then, and right there, or he was never gonna make another album ever again.

      If he had put out some sorry a$$ music, he’d probably be in jail right now… and I’m only halfway kidding.

    • Val

      Boycotting RKelly is kind of a given for me. There’s really nothing that could get me to buy an RKelly song. Not even if he performed a duo with Alicia Keys.

      • mena

        What if he just had one note in the entire song? An “ooo yeah” over a piano riff?

        • DQ

          Then he’d be Jodeci?


          • Or his “mentor” Aaron Hall *snickers*

            • mena

              I liked Aaron Hall. :-) 90s :-)

          • mena

            I swear. You are about to get sent to the corner with PA. He needs company from time to time.

        • Val

          I still couldn’t @Mena

  • Royale W. Cheese

    The only way to defeat Chick-fil-A is with a competitor called Rainbow Chicken, which wraps everything in delicious bacon, and stays open on Sundays as “reverse CFA day.”

    I am writing up my business plan as I type.

    • DQ

      The universal bacon wrap has potential. The “open on Sundays” doesn’t hurt either. Now what else you got…

      …cause Chick-fil-A? Yeah they got this lemonade this is so damn potent, you can drink it, let the ice melt, and drink it again.

      • Royale W. Cheese

        Hm. I think Rainbow Chicken is going to have to team up with Sonic to compete with drinks that tasty. Have you ever had a Sonic cherry limeade?

        • DQ

          I have, and it is delicious. But again, Chick-fil-A lemonade: The drink you drink twice. Also in the interest of accuracy, I must demand that Rainbow Chicken actually serve Chicken sporting the entire Roy G. Biv color schema if I am to patronize them.

          • Royale W. Cheese

            The first thing I could think of was a big bowl of rainbow colored chicken nuggets that looks like a bowl of cereal. Rainbow Chicken nuggets, the breakfast of champions.

      • Jay

        How is there not an all bacon fast food joint yet??? It’s like the most fetishized meat out there.

        • DQ

          I honestly don’t know. Bacon makes damn near everything better. I honestly think if you put a few good slices of high quality bacon in your gas tank it might even improve your “miles per gallon”. That’s just a theory though.

          • demondog06

            bacon, cheese and garlic……these are things i can’t get enough of. you can put any one of these things into just about anything and make it better
            cereal…ice cream….pudding……
            and don’t even get me started on bacon, garlic and cheese stuffed deep fried pork rump….it’s like god and his angels having an exctasy induced orgy in your mouth

            • DQ

              The future Mrs. was telling me about either a bacon shake or a bacon ice cream the other day that she heard about (I can’t remember which one it was). I think I draw the line right about there. I don’t need bacon encroahing on the sovereignty of my desserts, but for any of my main meal? Bring it on.

        • thelonius

          I am sure I am gonna lunch with bacon after reading this.

  • LA Red

    Bite your tongue…Chipotle is DELICIOUS!

    • Latonya

      Chipotle is ok its not that delicious!

    • DEE GOTTDAYUM LICIOUS. In fact Imma have a steak burrito bowl in my dreams. Night, y’all.

    • DQ

      I will tolerate no Chipotle Blasphemy up in here. You will praise their bowls and their burritos. You will praise them and you will like it (not speaking to you Red, I’m just issuing a general ninja warning)

    • Jay

      #TeamChipotle #F*ckmorchikn

    • #ChipotleComa World Wide!!

      • Sula

        Hear, hear!

    • mena

      Chipotle is no where as good as Moes. Sorry on that one. I mean Chipotle is good but some people stan for those bowls. It ain’t that serious.

      • Iceprincess

        Hell yea thank you mena! #TEAMMOES

        • mena

          That chipotle ranch sauce…DUDE!!!!

      • AfroPetite

        I frequent Moes solely because I get a kick out of busting through the doors and yelling “Welcome to MOESSSSS!”

        • mena

          And when they don’t do it, you feel kinda lonely. :-( At least I know I do.

      • Moes is that move. A a Joey and a few beers is nothing but heaven to me. I do avoid Moes on Tuesdays because it’s family night because groups of five year olds have the manners of baby goats.

    • LA Red

      Their chips and guacamole are without a doubt as addicting as crack. Plus how can you not love a fast food place that sells margaritas?!

    • Kema

      Chipotle & Qdoba!!! Vegetarians and Pescatarians win!!!

    • The Law

      Qdoba > Chipotle.

    • nillalatte

      #teamchipotle and don’t forget the honey vinaigrette! That shyt is awesome.

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