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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Pretty sure this guy is going to lie to you ladies.

I have a serious question. I know, I know. Normally when I say I have a serious question, its not really that serious. In fact it’s the anti-serious, kind of like how painting a macrame scarf (WTF?) can be somebody’s anti-drug. Again, this one is serious.


Have any of you people every met somebody in real life that was actually…breathtaking? Or stunning? Or somebody that actually took your breath away on sight?

See? Serious.

I thought really long and hard about this one day and I realized that I’ve never actually seen a woman with my own two eyes who I’ve deemed as either of those terms. But men especially thrown those words out at women like darts – BONG BONG – when we meet them. Hell, Marcus Graham called Skeletor breathtaking when he met her by the elevators in Boomerang. And it was game then obviously. Mostly because Jacqueline Broyer was not, in fact, breathtaking.

Let’s get this out the way. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there are two things that are fact: busted as the f*ck and absolutely banging. At least in the realm of female attractiveness. The middle tier (or the 90 percent non-outliers on the bell curve) all come down to personal preference really. But it never fails, you go out and there is some simp ninja telling some woman who couldn’t take anybody’s breath if she was a starring alien in Lifeforce.

Here’s an anecdote that might refute most of what I’m saying and prove it at the same time. I know I contradicted myself, look I don’t need that now. There has been once in my entire life where a woman has stopped me dead in my tracks. I was at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta in like 2003 and Mick’s was still open. It was the summer and I was visiting from out of town and I walked into the Foot Locker entrance. I walked around the banister and and saw a homegirl of mine that used to date one of my boys. I saw her from a distance because she was lightskint as all hell.

Anyway, as I start to approach her I actually stopped dead in my tracks and just yelled out “DAMN!” I was stunned for 1.5 seconds by just how absolutely gorgeous she looked.

And she was at work. As a waitress. At a restaurant. Not dolled up or anything. I can honestly say that I’ve never had that reaction since.

Even when I see her now I don’t have the same reaction though she can live off of that one day forever for all I care. Point is, I’ve lived a good long life thus far and have seen scores of women. Definitely at least four score. Now perhaps my standards are a bit high (fairly or unfairly) but superbad is superbad whether your a pr0n star or a librarian. Pr0n star librarians get extra points. That’s what mama used to say. She also told me to take my time young man and don’t rush to get old. But that’s neither here nor there.

All this to say, every time I hear a dude say that some woman is breathtaking or stunning…I think he’s lying. Every.Time.

But my guess is that men say it because women eat it up. Also, I can’t imagine a woman actually telling a man that he was either of those things. That’s too much of a leg up for him. She’ll end up naked before she can spell out whatever word she used to compliment him. I have had plenty of women tell me that they thought some particular chap was “gorgeous” or “beautiful”. I’m never quite sure what to do with that information. In fact, as I re-read what I just wrote, I’m not even sure what to do with that. And I wrote it.

Ladies, if you call me beautiful, I’m assuming that means you want my wang.

Anyway, good people of the V.S.B., have you ever actually met anybody who you’d consider to be breahtaking, etc? And more importantly, ladies, just how much do you think men lie to get you interested? If a man were to tell you that he thought you were stunning, would you believe him? (If your ego wasn’t involved)? Fellas, have you ever told a woman she was breathtaking…and didn’t mean it but thought she wanted to hear it?

Let’s help that chick stuck lonely at the bar people. Help her


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • Dione

    “some simp ninja telling some woman who couldn’t take anybody’s breath if she was a starring alien in Lifeforce.”


  • Girl Kanyeshrug

    “If a man were to tell you that he thought you were stunning, would you believe him? ”

    Yes ( I would believe that he believed that). But mainly because more than one guy has said it.
    (I know this sounds as if I am stuck on myself, but I’m really not)

    • Dione

      I agree with you. I wouldn’t believe people but I hear it so often. (Pretty girl problems, anyone?)

      The weird thing for me is that I never seem to hear it from the attractive men in my age group. I always hear it from older women and men. Even when I’m sick and in the Walmart looking for NyQuil (true story). When someone says, “Excuse me ma’am, I just want to say that you are beautiful,” and then walks away, I’m much more likely to believe them than that “simp ninja” in the club.

      • Mo-VSS


      • Taylah

        breathtaking, not beautiful, is what the convo is about

      • xLadyTx

        +2 The Walmart sick aisle thing happened to me too…

      • CurlyTop

        Same here. The older folks know how to boost an ego.

      • Andi


      • Todd

        Well, you do have a pretty face. I do think we need to get you in for some booty injections and breast implants. Boyish shape is no bueno.

        • TheAnti-Cool


          Not a Nicki Miraj Special! You cold mayne.

          • Todd

            Hey, I like my women like Jessica Rabbit. If I wanted a dude, I’d just come out. My state has legal gay marriage thanks. :)

            • Wild Cougar

              Would you say that was a well calibrated neg? I would not, but time will tell.

              • Todd

                No, it was just my opinion…but good one. ;-)

            • Cheekie

              On the real, Jessica Rabbit was my FIRST look at a va-va-va-voom body. I wanna be her when I grow up.

      • Mr. Wee Thomas

        Where is the world coming to, that game run in Walmart trumps the exact same game run in the club. Are grocery and megastores the club of the new millennium?

    • TheAnti-Cool

      Y’all do know that the Very Smart Bots are going to demand visual proof of your breathtakingness, right?

      • Dione

        I don’t know how to add a picture :(
        (But I was hoping you’d ask.) :)

        • TheAnti-Cool

          Go to and register with the same email you use here at VSB. Hope to see you soon. :)


        • xLadyTx

          Go to…:)

        • WayUPThere

          The council asks for permission to request that all VSS’s who make any and all claims, readily offer pics in the fashion seen above by Dione.

          Btw, go to, set up an account, add your pic, and your done.

          • Dione

            LOL. Picture added!

            • TheAnti-Cool

              (checks Dione off the list)


            • tgtaggie

              I’ll be the first to say it. You’re pretty. That is all.

            • Moni No_L

              Im glad you asked how to add a picture cuz I sure was wondering! Thanks!

              • TheAnti-Cool

                1) You’re too cute in that pic.

                2) You look a lot like my fifteen year old niece. I mean a lot.

                (squints and move closer to my screen)

                If that IS you, don’t tell your mama I’m on here. You know she don’t like me. lol

                • Dione

                  Awww thanks Taggie and TAC! I’m pretty sure I’m not your niece (if I am, can I have some money?)… here is me in video form a couple of years ago in college.
                  (I forgot I was online a few times!)
                  PS my hair is actually really curly. But my friends used to straighten it all the time.

                  • Rogman

                    Fro some reason that video has me here chuckling.

                  • Corey

                    Your 2 girls 1 cup experience is PRICELESS!!!!

                    • Enid

                      I just read on Wikipedia what 2 girls 1 cup is.

                      I feel very sick to my stomach.

                  • Panama Jackson

                    let me just give you some major kudos as being the first person providing that much visual proof of yourself. most people add tiny pics. you done went video on a ninja???

                    consider the bar elevated.

                    step up people.

                    • Justmetheguy

                      ” consider the bar elevated.

                      step up people.”

                      My thoughts exactly. That’s confidence! Props to you Dione. The video actually did her even better justice than the pic though, so I see why she was confident lol

                    • Dione

                      Awww thanks! You sure know what to say to a girl.
                      (Unless you’re lying to me to get me interested?!)

                      Anyway, for the kudos, here’s a free one-liner. Feel free to drop this all day long.

                      “Do you know who I am?! I survived the Rapture!”

                  • Justmetheguy

                    Nooooo! Not the two girls one cup joint smh lol

                    She is a pretty chick though. Nice energy too. (That matters a lot to me) The video did you even more justice.

                    P.S. You watched more of the clip than I could’ve. I still can’t bring myself to watch that mess smh

            • DQ

              *Signs off on picture update as self-elected Gravatar Compliance Officer*

              • TheAnti-Cool

                Mm hm.


                • Andi

                  +1 -_-

                  • DQ

                    After all we’ve been through? Afterall the counseling and prescription medication…

                    …this is what you do to “us”? You just gon’ turn your back on all we were to each other Andi? All for a cheap +1 cosign of TAC’s hypocrisy?


                    • TheAnti-Cool

                      You know that our e-lationship is as solid as rock. R.I.P. Nick Ashford. But…


                    • DQ

                      *That awkward moment when TAC realizes I was talking to Andi*

                      Umm… yeah TAC, our uh… e-relationship. Yeah.

                      p.s. finding out about Nick Ashford yesterday, stung… alot actually. Stung in an Ossie Davis Ruby Dee kind of way? Does that make sense? :(

                    • TheAnti-Cool

                      No worries. My life is one long awkward moment.

                • DQ

                  Wait a minute… didn’t you just say that gray on white gets you going?


                  • TheAnti-Cool

                    I say a lot of things. I even mean a few of them. :D


                    • DQ

                      *I’m still not sure why TAC won’t be my Tuesday jumpoff. First of all forget what I said above… we’re e-good together. Second of all… Tuesday, and TAC… say them together and you have alliteration. You can’t fight the power of literary devices… let’s make this happen (on Tuesdays).

                      Plus I find your humor/wit to be breath taking. *Waits to see if she believes me*

                    • TheAnti-Cool

                      …”Tuesday jumpoff”…

                      (throat punches DQ)

                      That’s how I take away a man’s breath. HMPH.

                    • nillalatte

                      LOL… (starts the man down count)

                    • DQ

                      *Sucks on Ricola to soothe throat*

                      Is that anyway to start our e-life together? You wanna start off thoat punching and what not? What if I was drinking something? I coulda choked.

                    • Corey

                      That’s what she said

          • Khrissy

            I tried to do this(gravatar) and it didnt work :( i feel challenged. I dont like my generic face thingy

      • Sugahoneyicedtea

        I love “Very Smart Bots” lol

    • Panama Jackson

      so if more than one person says it, it must be true? i’m wondering if i believe that logic. cuz what if everybody is lying.

      not saying that about you, im sure you’re lovely. lol.

      just asking.

      • Sugahoneyicedtea

        True lol but I guess even the best lies are sprinkled with a lil truth. So technically I guess it IS partly true. And thanks for the complement *e-blushes*…

  • Naima

    I have definitely seen someone who was breathtaking. I’m a straight female, but I think women are more beautiful than men. This woman who worked at the Clinique counter at Nordstrom was soooo beautiful. I could BARELY remember what I was going to buy. I just kept staring. I don’t know man. My faith in God was renewed.

    • Andi

      “I’m a straight female, but I think women are more beautiful than men. ”


      • DQ

        Are men supposed to be beautiful?

        • TWIsM

          You know I was gonna ask the same thing, DQ. Like Panama said I feel a little weird hearing the words beautiful or pretty thrown in my direction at a dude. I always think “Are those words really used to describe men?”

          • DQ

            Or the word pretty. All dudes want to be attractive, but few (at least that I know) want to be “pretty” or “beautiful”. It just doesn’t feel right.

            • TWIsM

              Say that again! I’ve heard women say “Oh no… pretty is a compliment.” Sure if I sat to pee, I’m sure it would be. It’s just awkward.

            • Malik

              I’ll take pretty or beautiful. Compliments are always welcome.

              • DQ

                What if they say, “Malik speaks so well”?

                Still a compliment :)

        • TheAnti-Cool

          Men don’t have to be beautiful but they can be. Pretty is a different thing. I don’t want no pretty man.

          • DQ

            This man would prefer to be attractive and/or handsome.

            A beautiful ninja might as well be a pretty ninja.

            • Panama Jackson

              i’m with you hombre.

            • Be On It

              Well, I know guys don’t like those adjectives, but if said in a positive tone, then calling a man beautiful, for me anyway, means that he is at the pinnacle of attractiveness. It just doesn’t get any finer.

              Now, pretty can mean that a man is too concerned w/ his appearance and grooming (metro, a Kappa, a diva dude) and is just so dang ol dainty and siddity that he has lost every last trace of his masculinity. Or, it can be a young lad who, while very aesthically pleasing, has a face more reminiscent of that of an attractive girl. These dudes are the ones who become slores to prove that they are straight (or they become drag queens. there is no inbetween) and usually end up having a bunch of kids with random women (e.g. Bow Wow).

              • TheAnti-Cool

                What Be On It said.

              • Malik


                • TheAnti-Cool

                  You’re beautiful when you’re angry. :D

                  • Malik

                    This made me smile.

          • StillSuga

            Very true…

          • Humble_One


            What man want’s to be beautiful? Luckily my 1.5ness doesn’t have to deal with that. I’d prefer rugged, tough, and masculine.Beautiful = pretty and I don’t know too many straight guys that want to be called either.

        • Cheekie

          “Are men supposed to be beautiful?”

          That was my entire question while reading this piece. When I think beauty, I think feminine features. Like, some women are into purty ninjas and that’s cool (I was myself in high school… lol) but for me… there has to be SOME rugged features present. So for me… handsome ninja >>>> beautiful ninja

        • Justmetheguy

          ” Are men supposed to be beautiful?”

          That’s what I said. It’s not even a question which sex is the most beautiful. I still don’t understand how y’all can find us hooligans attractive, but I’m glad you do. Btw, DQ you my homie and all, but you might wanna make up wit TAC, cause uh…ahem… Andi’s spoken for…

          (winks at my e-crush who I just claimed without getting confirmation from first) lol

          btw, that throat punch to take the breath away was brilliant. Gave me a hearty chuckle over here lol

          • DQ

            If that’s your e-boo she wasn’t last night LOL


            Aight, I respect the unverified non-confirmed retroactive e-claim. Andi is e-yours.

            • Justmetheguy

              ” If that’s your e-boo she wasn’t last night LOL”

              You take that back! Or meet me outside! lol

              Goes and has jealous ninja convo with Andi.

              ” I want you to be honest with me. How do you know this DQ dude? Be honest.” lol

          • TheAnti-Cool

            I love how y’all are just giving Andi away as if you had any e-claim to start with. lol

            I say let all interested VSB enter a no-holds-barred cage match. Winner gets to ask Andi for her e-hand.

            (sets up ladders, tables and chairs)

            Good luck and sht.

            • Corey

              Good thing I don’t have to worry about that with you. I think that dried patch of my saliva on your face speaks a thousand words.
              Marking territory VSB style!!

              • TheAnti-Cool

                I didn’t tell you? I been scrubbed that off. I was getting strange looks from even stranger men. A few women too.


              • DQ

                As long as you didn’t create that patch on Tuesday. :)

                • TheAnti-Cool

                  I thought I made it clear that Tuesdays aren’t good for me anymore.

                  (steals your bag of Ricola and considers taking your breath away again as well)

                  • DQ

                    Look, my people and your people did lunch – they said you could do Tuesday, we signed the papers, and we booked it. It was all legal and what not. We already got marketing on the whole “TAC Tuesday” promotional campaign. You can’t ask me to pull out now. #AlleyOop

    • Nerd Girl

      Yes! There is a girl I went to school with who remains one of the most striking woman I’ve ever seen in my life. She is gorgeous. Breathtaking. All of that. And she’s married to the most regular looking little man in the world.

      • Justmetheguy

        ” And she’s married to the most regular looking little man in the world.”

        Regular-lookin ninjas FTW! And I always root for little men too (pause). It’s great to be male sometimes. These success stories inspire us all :) lol

  • TheAnti-Cool

    Anyway, good people of the V.S.B., have you ever actually met anybody who you’d consider to be breahtaking, etc? And more importantly, ladies, just how much do you think men lie to get you interested? If a man were to tell you that he thought you were stunning, would you believe him? (If your ego wasn’t involved)? Fellas, have you ever told a woman she was breathtaking…and didn’t mean it but thought she wanted to hear it?

    Nope. A lot. Nope again.

    (gets comfy)

    • DQ

      *Pulls TAC up out her EZ Boy Recliner*

      Why for come you getting all comfortable? This ain’t not spectator sport. We need answers. You tellin’ VSB nation you ain’t never come across a stunna? Not nary a one?


      • TheAnti-Cool

        I’ve seen some very attractive men but not of the take-my-breath-away kind. *yeshrug*

    • Panama Jackson

      i’m starting to think you’re lazy.

      • TheAnti-Cool

        It’s not that I’m lazy PJ. It’s just that I don’t care. :D


        • WIP

          Office Space…

          • TheAnti-Cool


            You’re good. :) That’s in my top five favorite movies of all time.

            (cues “Damn It Feels Good To Be Gangsta”)

            • Justmetheguy

              Office Space was pretty damn hilarious. The Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta song is what took me over the edge lol

              I can remember only two occasions where I saw chicks that were BREATHTAKING. (Two that I vividly remember at least)

              One was in the Dominican Republic (yeah…exactly) and I was in the middle of a conversation with my boy while trying to buy a pack of wife beaters (foolishly only packed two) and this chick who was dressed in some type of employee uniform. She literally had EVERY DAMN BODY (including some women who were probably looking for a flaw) stopping or at least staring and breaking their necks looking back as she passed. God bless that lil island.

              The other time has me kicking myself, cause I saw this woman getting on the D.C. metro. I saw her walk in and she was that breathtaking that I was thinking “damn, I hope she stands and turns to the side so I can just sit here and stare, cause I don’t feel like trying to be polite and looking away. Eff that. Would you believe she comes and sits RIGHT NEXT to me. As if this wasn’t enough she turned out to be the most down to earth woman you could imagine. Starts talking to me for the whole ride about some newspaper for the homeless and about all the great humanitarian projects they had going on to help the homeless. Talking bout how easy it was to end up homeless and how people ignored them. I swear this woman was the most breathtaking creature I’d ever laid eyes on in person. Like I didn’t even know God showed off like that fa real. Anyway, somehow she distracted me from her beauty by being so down to earth. Also she was so cool and so altruistic that not only did she distract me from admiring her beauty (by making me admire her soul) but she also made me wanna start buying that newspaper that I had been politely declining for a while at that point. Anyway she got off the train while I was still in an ambivalent trance, and I realized why advertisers always use attractive women to get our attention. Never had I cared about the plight of the homeless like I did during that conversation…smh @ my ape-like behavior lol. It happened so fast, and she was so breathtaking (like literally) that I didn’t even think to attempt to get the number (also the convo had more of a friendship vibe, than a flirtatious one, so it wouldn’t feel right).

              I would imagine the chick from Mos Def’s song “Ms. Fat Booty” looked something like that fa real fa real. Man, I gotta get back to DC :)

              • Corey

                Am I wrong for laughing at “newspaper for the homeless”??

                • Justmetheguy

                  @ Corey- Nah, not when you pointed out the fact that I said it that way lol. It’s a newspaper in DC that (isn’t free like the others) uses all it’s profits to benefit homeless ppl (and homeless guys are usually the ones selling them too). It was so random that she wanted to talk about that, but I was just smiling since she was talkin to me at all lol

                  • Corey

                    Ok. Cool cause smooth had a visual of handing out free newspaper as cover.


  • Leila

    I met one guy who took my breath away and he’s one of my closest friends now. But I met him at work and I’m not joking, it took three times before I could talk in full sentences around him. All the women in the office were mesmerized by him and he didn’t have a clue cuz he’s real modest, but absolutely gorgeous.

    • Kidsister

      His modesty probably made him that much more attractive. I love it when they’re modest :)

      • xLadyTx


      • Leila

        Yesss! It makes them so much more attractive. In his case, he grew into his looks in college and didn’t realize his affect on women. He’s actually a little shy which makes him even cuter.

    • Siobhan

      I had a similar experience with a geology partner in college. No lie, when we had to work together, and he stood behind me while I was typing on the computer, I lost the ability to do basic addition.

      He was a beautiful man, and also very modest. I don’t think he realized the extent of his affect.

      • GypsyCurl

        I also know a guy that is absolutely beautiful (my way of saying breathtaking). I saw him around my school and would say to myself, “I could see myself making some cute blakistani (Black/Pakistani) babies with him.” Ironically, the guy I am dating now is friends with him. (They both started med school together.)

  • Kidsister

    I’ve met guys that I thought were “breathtaking”. This one dude I know, smiled at me when I first met him and I could’ve sworn his dimple made that *ding* sound effect that you hear/see on tv and in the movies…I remember like it was yesterday. MMM MMM MMM…SMH.

    As for men lying to get us interested, I think it happens just about everytime a man opens his mouf to spit game. My cousin’s finance-ee’s opening line was “I just want to take you out for some ice cream.” 10 years later, she still aint got that ice cream #lies

    • Cheekie

      “My cousin’s finance-ee’s opening line was “I just want to take you out for some ice cream.” 10 years later, she still aint got that ice cream #lies”

      Jigger WHAAAAAA?! Now THIS is the type of stuff that makes me an angry black woman. That is cold as ice (no cream)! Lemme go start a petition…

      • Kidsister

        I’ll be the first to sign!!

      • Cris Until I Find a Clever Name

        Ooh that’s a sexy a$$ed line!

    • Bisous

      Haha I swear the same thing just happened to me like a week ago. I was looking… well not my best, but decent. I was totally prepared to just watch him from afar and not even approach but he approached me! He looked exactly ike what you said and more. I swear I forgot my name, my birthplace, everything. I was pitiful. Intelligent, down to earth, and fiiiiiine. Didn’t even get the number. -________- oh well.

      • Kidsister

        lol @ being totally prepared to watch him from a far. I’ve def been there….so sorry to hear you didn’t get the number :( I hope your paths cross again!!

  • Sagey Bear

    I’ve seen plenty of women that have simply stopped me in my tracks with their looks alone. Less than 10 I’m sure.
    For me however, a woman could walk by me everyday and look plain Jane as all of perdition until I get to know her. If I really enjoyed her personality, who she is and what she stands for, there is, in no certain terms, a heavenly glow added to everything she touches. Suddenly, she is stuck in my mind like a paradise for my mind’s eye to peruse endlessly.

    Other women tend to lose significance. All I really see is her. Everybody beyond her turns into a place holder.

    Of course, none of that sounds normal. Not in the life I live or the people I talk to. I always hear different perspectives. For me, it is all true and I’ve never needed to lie to tell a woman she was beautiful. If I said it, I meant it because I could see it.

    I’m a natural high kind of guy though, so I might as well walk around hopped up on percocets. IJS.

    To me, the most beautiful woman in the World(here on planet Earth) has as much to do with who is looking at her as it does why it is being said.

    • Tes

      Suddenly, she is stuck in my mind like a paradise for my mind’s eye to peruse endlessly.
      That sh*t right there? That’s why I could never be a thug…

      • Sagey Bear

        Tes, cannot you be a thug in the streets? Or at least thug this network connection into order? Thugnanimous, Bwahaha

    • nillalatte

      Sagey, you a deep brother, you know that? I’m sure you do, but damnnnnn… I wish there were more like you roaming this world. Just sayin

      • Sagey Bear

        I don’t even understand why anybody calls it deep. Sincerely. They teach this stuff in kindergarten. At least, that’s where I learned it. Where I first heard “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Didn’t understand it but went to work trying desperately to implement it. So, you calling it deep has me all kinds of confused. Frustrated even. Upset. But I’m sure you meant it as a compliment; Thank you. Still, to me, it is simple as saying sugar is sweet. But what do I know?

        • SunaoButterfly

          Aww, see now Sagey, you spitting truth again. It is kind of upsetting when people call you out on stuff that just seems so damn obvious. Cuz it’s like, “But it’s so clear! Why can’t you see it the way I see it?” I hear ya. But you know, not everyone sees stuff the same way. You should feel blessed that you can see the heart of things so easily, but realize it can be a little lonely. Not all of us have such excellent vision. ;-)

          • Sagey Bear

            Hmmm, is it a truth outside of myself? An esoteric thing of an uncommon variety of romantic?

            Perhaps my questions belabor the point of innate dispositions. There is a balance to everything in science & religion. Balance must be the key since it seems to be the only common denominator. (Now, to me, that’s deep. I will be thinking about that for years).

        • nillalatte

          Because not a lot of men can or will express themselves as eloquently as you do. They may teach it in kindergarten, but I think some men missed that day of class- hell the entire year! Yes, it was a total compliment.

          • Sagey Bear

            Hmm, Thank you again. Grateful & glad you are around.
            P.S. I asked my mother to explain it to me BUT TRUE STORY the Lion-o of the Thunder Cats looking into his sword and saying his “sight beyond sight” line is a flashback I tend to get when anyone ever mentions “beholder”. So, it feels like I’m seeing a magical secret that only I have the ability to see. I probably shouldn’t share…but I think it’s cute. Not that there is anything cool or acceptable about a grown man calling himself cute. YKW, smh at this entire comment after Thank you. lol

    • tgtaggie

      +1 and co-sign. That is all

    • DQ

      ****Other women tend to lose significance. All I really see is her. Everybody beyond her turns into a place holder. ****

      Yep. That’s a breath taker. I’ve never ended up with nary a one that had that kind of alien influence over me through her beauty and I’m honestly glad for it. With great power comes great responsibility…

      …and these are women we are talking about. :)

      *Runs out of area ducking pots and pans being thrown*

      • KT


      • Sagey Bear

        I laughed so hard behind this.

        Yeah, being w/breath taker=bad idea

        from here on out, treat’em like art. Admire and move on.

        • LegallySouthern1

          +1 I don’t wanna be under their spell so I try my best to admire from afar. Then again, everyone looks good from afar then when you get up close they are far from looking good. Yep, admiring from afar is the answer.

      • Panama Jackson

        i’m with you. lol. i had one chick that i saw that i never got to know and i’m pretty sure she would have mesmerized me. it was just too much. but i dont even know if id consider her a stunna either. she was bad but i also think i added something to her allure when i kept adding angel wings and hearing otis redding songs when id’ see her. that was my bad.

        i think i put the p*ssy on a pedestal.

        • Sagey Bear

          or maybe you did not place her on a pedestal. Perhaps, for you, she was just the perfect song at the perfect moment.

          If beauty is fleeting, then surely the time with which, we possess, to recognize it, when we see it, is as well.<—this sentence makes me smile

        • Justmetheguy

          lmao @ angel wings and otis redding songs! U definitely put the p*ssy on a pedestal. As a young gent I used to feel that NOT putting the p*ssy on a pedestal was so weird and counterintuitive. I admired the guys that could do it though, especially cause they always got the results. Learning how not to do that has worked me a couple wonders. I still slip back into that simp behavior every once in a blue moon though. There are some outstanding specimens out chea in these streets.

    • TWIsM

      Well said.

    • LA2Tally

      this whole post. . . . whew! talk about restoring a sister’s faith!

      Thank you for this. . .

      • Sagey Bear

        Idk that I should be happy that I seem to be sharing my delusion and reinforcing a pain seeking behavior. If that is indeed what I am doing by speaking my mind, it inspires my silence.
        I would rather my failure did not turn into another’s tears. Am I the only loon on the prowl for a piece of peace, lust & love? No, not at all. Are my type of dudes worth it? Who knows, I cannot speak for them mens & nem. What I can say is following the path that makes the most sense….makes the most sense. Idk that my path makes any sense at all. Tell me right if I’m going wrong. I just don’t want tears to fall on my behalf at even 1/2 a percent.

        • Squeak

          Sage u know u be wooing em dog. Lol

          • Sagey Bear

            Is that what you’d call what I do? Forgive me, for I know not what I do.

            Don Juan DeMarco…Romeo…Cyrano de Bergerac….more tragic and more romantic than all combined, cause I’m on my last life and I started with 9.

  • Mo-VSS

    If a man told me that I was fine would I believe it? Yeah, I’d believe that I was gorgeous to him. Not to all men.

    And my ex the single most attractive man I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m talking on tv, in real life, in my dreams…all of that. Bonafide “off the charts” fine. Body, face…all of it. I used to say that he was fine (to him), but really, he was what every woman thinks of when she says she wants a fine, dark, chiseled man. Perfection. Period.

    Good Lawd, that man!

    • WayUPThere

      Somebody got turned out…

      Nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve seen it happen to countless women.

      • Mo-VSS

        I’m saying though. Like first date I was so nervous like I wasn’t attractive or something. LOL. I got used to seeing him, of course, but every now and again I’d be like “this man is just….thank God for his amazing ability to make someone like this.” LOL

  • ChaoticDiva

    If I tell a man that he’s beautiful, I am probably thinking about tappin that arse how beautiful we would look as a couple.


    …and I’m pretty sure I ran game on half the Air Force this weekend. Never ever put me in a city full of buff men in town for a convention that are all tanned, and ethnic (of all different sorts) and gorgeous. Yes, this weekend I was quite a predator.

    Ok, now I’m snitching on myself. Back to my cave, Alfred is calling me.

    • Panama Jackson

      so just how many guys did you give your number too? lol

      • ChaoticDiva

        You mean how many numbers I got gotted? lol…

        Because I don’t recall giving out numbers. But then again, I barely remember my own number, especially after a few drinks…

  • IsOurChildrenLearning?

    In my Life I’ve seen 5 breathtaking women and two breathtaking men. That’s it. I vividly remember each instance. *I’m a straight woman in case you’re wondering*