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It’s Colder Than A Witches Tit In The East. I Have Questions.

It's super cold outside on the East Coast. Like, really cold.

Dear Black People: Blackness Is Not A Disease

Blackness is not a disease. Blackness is not a disease. Blackness is not a disease. Blackness is not a disease.

On Being A Little Tired Of Being The “Safe Black Friend You Talk To About Race”

I’ve wondered if I’ve become “The Black Friend” -- the safe space where good intentioned White folks can ask questions or think through the first-drafts of their thoughts on race and structural inequality

Explaining White People, Part 2: Waiting For A “More Informed” Opinion About Race Issues

For liberal White people, there seems to be a strong tendency to fight the power and be vocal about what's wrong in the world, no matter how big or small the cause…until something race-related happens. Then things get reeeal quiet.

Waiting For ‘Black Jesus’ To Rise

Damon and Panama discuss the series debut of 'Black Jesus'

Explaining White People, Part 1: Why Whites Take Pics Of Other People’s Kids

To help the rest of us understand the appeal, I'm here to provide a series of quick, scientifical looks into why White people do White people things.

Jason Whitlock, Greg Howard, And Speaking Around “Company”

Although there’s no worse thing a Black person can be than an Uncle Tom, there’s no worse place to have a conversation about a Black person’s Blackness than in front of a bunch of White people

Why “Black Middle Class” Is The Ultimate Oxymoron

While buppies have taken on the sacred ritual of mimosa toasting during brunch, they also drive to their grandmom annem’s on the south side when it’s time for the whole fam to get together.

I Have No White Friends (And I Think I Know Why)

As our wedding date approaches and the planning becomes more and more likely to drive us insane ...

Circling The Wagons With Marcus Smart

Last summer, I got pulled into a conversation about President Obama, crime, and George Zimmerman...

Macklemore’s Real Problem With Black People

Imagine a world where... 1. Justin Bieber and Beyonce performed together at a major event ...

“White People Crazy” — Funny or Offensive? (Or Neither? Or Both?)

My verdict? Slightly funny and slightly offensive. Basically, it's "Hangover Movie Funny." ("Han...

“Yes, I’m Black (And I Write For EBONY). No, I Don’t Want To Talk To You About Race”

***The Champ's latest at EBONY discusses why he's not always interested in having race-related c...