DC Events: Pop Life | Saturday, February 15th

poplife_012714_3Come out this Saturday for Pop Life DC. Reminisce is the party dedicated to old school hiphop and R&B from the 90s. Well, another love is some high quality 80s top 40s. And that’s what Pop Life is all about! We’re all Madonna, and Rick Astley, and hell anybody else you can think of that was popular in the 80s. From Journey to Michael Jackson. If you’ve heard it, we’re playing it.


Saturday, February 15th


RSVP: poplifedc.eventbrite.com 

SEE YOU THERE!! We’ll be together forever!


TODAY! HIP-HOP BRUNCH at OZIOS hosted by Panama Jackson | REMINISCE

photo 2Start your Saturday off with the Hip Hop Brunch + Party at Ozios hosted by yours truly, Panama Jackson, today from 12-4 (brunch) and 4-830 (day party)!! Swag it out with bottomless mimosas and good foods and stuffs. Plus the hookah and all that flavored smoke. Oh…and read the fine print…COMPLIMENTARY GRAND MARNIER RASPBERRY PEACH BELLINIS from 12-2pm. Y’all know what complimentary means!

And after you’re good and gully…you KNOW what time it is…it’s time to…REMINISCE!

reminisce flyerFREE ENTRY w/RSVP BEFORE 11PM ($10 after)

OPEN BAR 930-1030


MR.  20H2 hosting!

Liv Nightclub | 2001 11th Street, NW | Washington, DC

90s hiphop/r&b/dancehall ALL NIGHT LONG (tell ‘em Lionel!)

RSVP: reminiscedc.eventbrite.com

DC: POP LIFE *NEW PARTY ALERT* | Saturday, January 18th

POPlife_011213Quick backstory: I’m not a promoter. Or at least I don’t fancy myself to be one. What had happened was though is that I realized at some point that there weren’t many parties I actually wanted to go to. Sure I could go to most clubs in DC and hear what I heard on the radio, but what about a party for people like myself who were perhaps overly nostalgic. So the idea for Reminisce was born out of this desire to attend a party where I wanted to hear the music I loved. Sometimes the best way to have the fun you want is to create it.

Similarly, that’s how this new party, Pop Life came to be. I LOVE me some 80s and 90s Top 40s music. So we decided to give this a go as well. Hence Pop Life.

Pop Life | Best of 80s Top 40s

DJ Dredd | DJ Eskimo

Free with RSVP Before MIDNIGHT | OPEN BAR 930-1030 (It’s literally cheaper to come out and party with us for a bit than staying at home)

LIV Nightclub | 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

RSVP: poplifedc.eventbrite.com

PJ’s Unorthodox Best of 2013 | Happy New Year from VSB!

photo(10)[Admin Note: You'd think after all these years of knowing one another I'd remember this easily, but I'm only human..flesh and blood, a man. So for those who don't follow Champ on FB, today is his birthday! Let's wish him a happy birthday peopel!]

I wasn’t going to post anything. I was going to ride this mini-vacation that Champ and I are taking well into 2014. See, when you do what we do as well as we do what we done did for as long as we been doing it, you enjoy the moments where you can take breaks.

Especially when you know what we know about about that new-new…new-new for you-you. Around VSB HQ, 2014 actually promises to bring some advancements of the National Colored People type.

But in the meantime between time, I figured I’d keep the party going for one more day before we sign off for 2013 (it really is amazing that 2013 is coming to an end) and allow us to get out some of our “Best ofs…” We all have them. So I’m going to just make up a bunch on the spot. Feel the rhythm; feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s PJ time. So…back in the days on the boulevard of Linden…

  • Best Album of 2013 – Beyoncé – Beyoncé (self-titled) – Hands down one of my most favoritest albums I’ve heard in quite some time. I haven’t liked an album – independent of genre – since Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and I’m pretty sure I humped that album a time or two. I was alone when it happened but it happened. Point is, I love this Bey album like XO. Surfboart.
  • Best Worst Rant of 2013Wale calling the Complex Magazine Offices Over Not Being on Shitty Complex List - Wale thought he was Kanye for a second. Except he’s totally not. The dumbest part of this epic rant was that Wale wasn’t on ANYBODY’S year end list. Like seriously. The album wasn’t good, but Complex’s list was trash too. In fact, 95 percent of Complex’s lists are trash. But still, Wale went Kanye and I think Brick killed a guy (though…Anchorman 2!!!)
  • Best Movie Named The Best Man Holiday – This was a tough one but it won by a landslide. 2013 brought us the return of the cast of one of the Black movies from the past that we loved and did what happens to most Black folks in movies….killed somebody off. Somebody gone. That ninja dead. Other than that, it was a pretty good year for movies with Black folks in them.
  • Best VSB Moment of 2013 – I actually have no idea what this would be. It could include the pilot. It could include the plane. I’m open to suggestion on this one. It’s been a good year for us here at VSB Mansion. <—- across the street from Thugz Mansion.
  • Best Of The Black Movies that Include Black Movies in 2013 – Many will say Fruitvale Station. Or 12 Years A Slave. The movie with the most impact was The Best Man Holiday. I don’t have an opinion on this. I just like movies. Why do a best and not take a stand. I sat down.

Look, it’s late. And it’s almost 2014 and it’s entirely possible that I’ve been drinking (likely). But it’s Monday, and we’re all (Lord willing) about to enter into 2014 eyes wide open. So let’s close out the year on a good note. I got the ball rolling with THE most random list you ever did read.

What are some of your own bests that represent 2013 for you? Holla at a playa!

Happy New Year to you and yours from us and ours here at VSB!!!

See you on the other side!


“Very Smart Brothas” The Pilot Part 3

This is the last piece of the pilot. In porn circles its called “the money shot”.

Here are a few fun things of note regarding this last segment of the pilot:

1. One of the characters with a speaking role was ALSO a featured actressD in a commercial for “Black People Meet” that seemed to have run at least 17,232 times a day on TVOne methinks. That is a lot.

2. This segment was (I believe) collectively our favorite part of the pilot.

3. Interestingly enough, I think Damon and I have only ever been on a panel together, in person, once…maybe. And it’s possible that I’m making that up. I think that one time was at the DC screening for the pilot.

Just a few quick facts about this last segment. As always, check it out and let us know what you think. And spread the love. If you hate it, share it too. Spread love its the Brooklyn way.

We love and appreciate all comments, opinions, and critiques.

Thanks for sleepwalking.