Very Smart Singles of The Week: “No V” and “J.J.”

Name: No V

Location: DC

I’m a Philly girl stuck in a DC woman’s life. I love Philly for everything it made me, but DC is the place to LIVE. I’ve been told that I’m very feisty (I guess that’s the “Philly” in me). It’s universally agreed that I am very argumentative/opinionated – I’ll debate on just about any political/social/cultural issue (if I know about it). Though, I prefer to use the term “passionate” lol. I LOVE a good time! Silly and funny, I can go out for a few drinks and crazy night at the club, or to a museum exhibit…. I can do anything from a 5-star restaurant to a simple walk on the National Mall. I’m not too interested in traditional experiences, and creativity is SUCH a plus! Some have called me mean, but I’m really just a very blunt person who says what’s on her mind. Honesty is VERY important to me, so I rather say how I feel then waste time forming a sugar-coated version. I’m certainly a complex person, not easy to figure out. So it’s best to just ask me, and I’ll give it to you straight, no chaser. I also LOVE movies, always surfing channels for a good one, and I go to the movies about twice a month. Very charismatic, my bold personality also hails from my theater training-I LOVE the arts, support the arts, work in the arts. I hope to help change the world through the transformative power of performing arts. But I’ll save my soap box speech for another time…

Name: JJ

Location: St. Louis

[singing] “Hey Ms. Black Person USA, the finest in the lan. Hey Ms. Black Person USA, like a sweet baked honey-glazed ham. You’re dark and lovely, like a bottle of ripple wine… Just look at that big behind! What a bouquet. Ms. Black Person USA. She’s black, ain’t no taking her back.” If you can tell me where that quote/song comes from you are already on the way to being my #2. I’m laid back, and I enjoy life. I’m Jessiree Jenkins (pronounced like Desiree just with a J). People call me Jezzie or Jessie. I’m located in St. Louis, Mo. I tend to make a lot of sarcastic remarks but all in good fun. I like to read, and go to the movies.  I am opinionated but I am a very good listener. Communication and mutual respect are the cornerstones of great relationships. I hope to share great laughs, great music, and make memories with the right person whenever we meet. In all honesty, I really need you not to be crazy, creepy or too clingy. Being independent and having a life of your own before getting romantically involved is important. I think it makes relationship smoother and more fulfilling.

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Very Smart Single Of The Week: “Double A”

Hello. I’m “Double A.” I’m 30 and I live in Denver, Colorado.  Denver is a great city, but it’s kind of, um, snowy here (not that I don’t occasionally enjoy snowboarding down the slopes), so I’d like Liz, Panama and The Champ can help me connect with some VSBs.

About me: I hold a doctorate in mechanical engineering and I currently work at a renewable energy research lab.  I enjoy my work, but I know how to leave it at the office at the end of the day.  I actually have a lot of interests that lay outside the realm of science.  I love music, especially neo-soul and R&B, and I have a small but growing collection of vinyl records.  I think that sports are glorious—if college football (GO BADGERS), basketball, or track and field is on, I’m watching it and I’ll jump on the NBA/NFL bandwagon around playoff time.  I’m also a fan of outdoorsy stuff like camping, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, and the like. I consider myself to be pretty well-rounded, and I like guys who are the same.  40 year old rappers need not apply. 

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Thoughts On The Light-Skinned Beef Heard Round The World, And More…

It was all good just a week ago

1. The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown (IBCB for short) is becoming a caricature of himself

You know how in every crime/heist movie, there’s always that one skittish and perpetually sweaty guy who no one really wants to talk to, no one ever wants to partner with, no one trusts with a gun? The guy with strange clothes and “unique” hygiene that’s only involved with the crew because…well, no one really knows why he’s involved with the crew, and the only reason his character was even written was to provide an in-house foil to annoy (and potentially sabotage) the rest of the characters?

Well, I’m not going to say that IBCB is becoming that guy, but IBCB is becoming that guy. His continued descent from “boy next door” to“that sweaty, skeevy, rapey guy with the platinum Caesar and the sleeveless jean jacket doing push-ups in a bar bathroom” has been amazing to witness. You can even argue that Britney Spears is the only other celebrity ever to go from “widespread heartthrob” to “person who creeps the hell out of everyone with an IQ over 86” as quickly as he has.

***“BOY FIGHT! Thoughts on the (Alleged) Drake v. Chris Brown Beef”— my latest at (and an article I obviously did not title) — lists four of my initial thoughts about what could be the most entertaining beef in hip-hop history. While I definitely want you to go over there and read the rest of the list, here are a couple more quick things I want to add

1. As much as I chide toughDrake for being, to quote Big Ghost, “the human electric slide,” I actually don’t dislike him or his music at all. I know his latest album was full of songs that may not even actually be songs, but I’ve stopped expecting him to live up to the expectations he set with “So Far Gone” and “Comeback Season” and just accepted him for who he is — a diabolical (Yes. Diabolical. “Marvin’s Room” was some diabolical-ass shit) stripper-saving “Merchant of Cuddles,” and a talented guy who makes decent albums that you wouldn’t be caught dead actually listening to.

2. Apparently, a three-way series of passive aggressive Rihanna-related tweets between toughDrake, IBCB, and…Meek Mill preceded all of this. Somewhere, Suge Knight is spinning in his grave. (and eating waffles)

3. Rihanna still scares the shit out of me. And by “scares the hell out of me” I mean “somehow simultaneously arouses and scares the hell out of me.” I’ve never been more attracted to a woman who I didn’t think was really all that attractive. Her p*ssy is a paradox, and I somehow feel haunted by it just by typing her name. Basically, she’s the coital “Candyman.”

If this doesn’t make any sense, good. It doesn’t to me either.

***Before you leave today, I want you to go and check out Anything But Style. It’s a fashion blog run by a good friend of mine, and she decided to celebrate her blog’s one year anniversary by launching her own online vintage clothing store today. Although she’s a (gasp) Delta, I’m very proud of her for setting a goal and doing what she needed to do to accomplish it.

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That’s it for me today. People of, what’s new on your ends of the world and shit?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

Very Smart Single Of The Week: A.P.

Name: A.P.

Location:  Little Rock, AR

Well, here I go again! Stepping out on faith and taking another chance.  Whether it’s moving hundreds of miles away from home to a city where I don’t know a single soul, or completely changing careers (I’m now a web developer/graphic designer), I’m rarely afraid to take a chance and try something new.

I love movies.  I prefer small, independent films, but really I’ll watch most anything. Comedies, documentaries, or Swedish horror flicks about child vampires (bonus points if you’ve seen this movie!)—just make it a good story and I’m hooked.  I also have a nerdy side.  After years of being in denial it feels good to finally embrace it!  I like sci-fi and I’m a public radio junkie who’s even been to live broadcast of “This American Life” in a movie theater.  Yes you read that right, radio in a movie theater-that’s how geeky I am.  And like all true nerds, I can be awkward at times.  I don’t always say or do the right things, but who knows maybe that’s what you’ll grow to like about me.  I’ve also recently started to enjoy the outdoors.  I like hiking, maybe you can take me camping or fishing next?

E-mail me if you’re:

Self-assured. There’s nothing sexier than a man who’s confident, knows himself and where he’s going in life.

Smart. Not in a “I-know-everything-so-I’m-better-than-you” type of way. (Editor’s note: This rules out The Champ) Just read a book every once in awhile, keep me intellectually challenged.

Kind.  Liars or jerks need not apply.

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Very Smart Single Of The Week: B-Greene

Name: B-Greene
Location: Boston, MA

T-Pain so eloquently summed up his bio in three words “Rappa Ternt Sanga”
and produced an album that simultaneously elevated and murdered with
pre-meditation the music industry as we know it. With that being said, I
will adopt his phrase and say that I am a Rappa/Multimedia Artist Ternt Law
Student. I am originally from Las Vegas, NV (the historic Westside to be
exact) and I currently reside in Boston MA, where I am preparing to go into
my final year of law school.  My only mission is to use my law degree to do
enough good or make enough of an impact that people simultaneously hate me
for doing it, but feel the need to feature me on all of their projects of
social/political significance. Put simply, I want to be the T-Pain of Social
Entrepreneurism.  (But if you are interested in meeting me, do not expect to
see me rocking one of  his ridiculous hats with my suits).

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