DC Events: Black Coffee Open Mic | Thursday, January 9

Black Coffee Open Mic FlyerThis Thursday, January 9th, I’m hosting an open mic at Avery’s Bar and Lounge from 8-11pm in support of the upcoming movie, Black Coffee, in theaters on January 10th. If you’re in DC and need some entertainment, come on through and enjoy the show! I have fun hosting events and I guarantee you will as well. Plus it’s free, there are giveaways and the first 30 people will receive a free gift bag and free dranks. It’s a win-win all the way around. Brought to you by the good folks from J and K Productions and myself for Very Smart Brothas.

See you on Thursday!

Black Coffee Open Mic | Hosted by Panama Jackson | 8PM

Avery’s Bar and Lounge | 1370 H Street, NE | Washington, DC

Free Entry | Complimentary Drinks and Gift Bags to First 30 People

‘Black Coffee’ Synopsis

 Black Coffee, No Sugar, No Cream’s is a story about Robert (Darrin Henson) who believes his world is crushed after he’s fired from a company that his father built from the ground up. But, oftentimes, people come into your life and plant the seed of purpose and this is what Robert found in Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis).

 But, Morgan’s ex husband: Hill (Lamman Rucker) Robert’s girlfriend Mita (Erica Hubbard) are both still in the picture which could mean it wasn’t the right timing for Robert and Morgan to be be romantically linked.


The Very Smart Brothas Guide To The Levels of Blackness

TetrisBetween Meek Mill, Candy Crush, and Very Smart Brothas, levels are having the greatest year ever. The fun part about levels is that they’re something people can understand, unlike Matrix 2 which nobody could understand, well except for the people who claim that they could understand it when nobody else could which makes some sense since, ya know, there’s levels to this sh*t. See what I did there?

By the way, its important to note that, “Levels” – the song by Meek Mill, the most yellin-est rapper of all time – is a smart dumb ninja song. It’s one of those songs that’s not deep at all, but some people will claim its deep, thereby informing you and everybody around you that said person who thinks its deep has either been to jail or is likely to go jail at some point. See also Pastor Troy “Vice Versa”. I do judge people who find “Levels” to be a song with any depth to it.

Moving on up to the east side…

While Champ did such a good job of illustraing the perfect levels of Blackness, it seems almost counterproductive to not discuss the various levels of Blackness that must exist for there to be a perfect level. You cannot have hot without cold which yields you the perfectly docile and splendid, warm. Just like you can’t have The most perfect color in the Republic and/or the Union, pewter, unless you have both black and white at the ends. If there’s perfect then there are various other levels. Like?


Really Really Black

You know something is real when you use the adjective twice (or adverb, I was never good at American). Things that are really, really Black are those things where pretty much nobody but (we’re talking 95+ percent) Black folks dwell, enjoy, participate in or appreciate like Detroit, Belly, weave pats, Donald Goines novels, Tyler Perry, red kool-aid flavored chicken gizzards, chicken gizzards, shooting dice on the corner or anywhere really, public school system in most major cities, etc

Pretty Damn Black

This level is where you still have a majority of Black people actively leading the charge for independence (what?) but you get a pretty significant number of others involved, and bougie Black folks are present but there’s definitely division amongst the reading ninjas. Such things that are pretty damn Black are: HBCUs, Project Pat, watermelon, Popeyes chicken, “Swahili” names, Kwanzaa, the last half of Mariah Carey’s career, Atlanta, Lupe Fiasco (he’d be more on the other side of Blackness except he’s gon’ full fledge conspiracy theorist lately), conspiracy theories, Final Call, Nation of Islam,

Perfect Level of Blackness

Covered by Champ

Not As Black As You Might Think

This is kind of explanatory. We’re moving to the side of things where there’s definitely some Blackness, but just because its led by the Blackness doesn’t mean that only (or even mostly) the Blacks indulge, though there’s still enough Blackness associated that we could claim them/it in the race draft. Such as? Wu-Tang Clan, Common (hey, he said its just coffee shop chicks and white dudes), hip-hop, Barack Obama, watermelon, fried chicken from Popeye’s, driving hoopties, saying hooptie, the itis, the sugar, the pressure, Bill Cosby, Drake, cognac, Moscato, etc.

And finally…

Not That Black At All (Or Just Black By Default)

This is the category where something is created by or inspired by the Blacks but has pretty much gone so mainstream that they’re just Black by default because they’re..well, Black, but they’ve transcended (though we’re still claiming), like Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordan, or Michael Jackson, Jordan’s, Lil Wayne, Kanye West (currently), crime (I keeed, I keeed), Scandal, The Butler, The Help, The Shoe Shine Boy (you’re saying that doesn’t exist yet? My bad), Soledad O’Brien, well you get the point.

Those are the levels of Blackness I came up with while listening to Meek Mill yell at me and tell me that he was a boss. I mean, there are levels to this since we probably don’t wear the same clothes or feathertickle the same women. It’s true.

So what are the levels of Blackness that you’ve observed? Or did I get them right? WHAT SAY YOU?


VSB Events: Panama Jackson at CBC ALC Fatherhood Panel || DC “Very Smart Brothas” Pilot Screening Information!

Just some information about upcoming events involving VSB.

This Thursday, September 19th, Panama Jackson will be a guest speaker in a conversation entitled “Black Men Reclaming Fatherhood” sponsored by Congressman Danny Davis and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. See the flyer below for time and location information should you be in town or at the CBC ALC and feel like stopping by.


Also, the DC Screening of the “Very Smart Brothas” Pilot will take place Thursday, October 3, 2013, from 7-9pm. It will happen at Busboys & Poets and will be via RSVP only. Because Busboys has a very limited seating we can’t just make it open to the public but for the folks in DC we will have a limited amount of seating available. The EVENTBRITE will be available on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th. It will be first come, first served. We look forward to seeing and celebrating with you all. Anyway, Save the Date.

VSB DC Screeningjpg

DC Events: Morehouse vs Howard Pre-Game at Park (Thursday, Sep 5) and REMINISCE at Liv (Saturday, Sep 7)

sep5This Saturday is the Nation’s Football Classic pitting the Maroon Tigers of Morehouse against the Bison of Howard University. Well, we’re getting the pre-party on tomorrow night ***THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 at Park at 14th!*** Come celebrate with your boy P as us Morehouse folks get ready to show all these Howard folks how we do this son. They might win the game (they’re 2-0 at this point) but they do NOT know how to party like we do. At all. Like not even a little bit. There’s a reason HU rhymes with who? Anyway, come party and have a drink with me. If you find me, the drinks on me! (And yes I will be there so that’s not an empty promise!)


WebCOME REMINISCE WITH VSB P as we party like its 1992 and the move House Party 2 just came on! Yes, it’s the PAJAMA JAMMY JAM!!!!!

FREE BEFORE 11 w/RSVP and its an OPEN BAR FROM 930-1030PM.

PJs not required but welcome. Come party with your boy! See you there!


A Very Special Thank You from VSB and Solo Journey Productions

I don’t know how to say this like a real OG would do, so I’ll just say it as a reformed G would say it…

…from the bottom of my heart, I almost teared up a bit. The generosity of everybody who donated and supported our dream and vision nearly broke me down. On the real, when we began this process, the piece that I feared most was the fundraising part. That was for a very simple reason: while we know we have one of the absolute best communities on the Internet, asking for money presents a whole new side of the game. It’s easy for people to show up everyday and leave their mark, good or bad. But when you decide to bring folks into your vision and goals and need to ask for help…well that’s when *CENSORED* gets real.

It’s like that moment when everybody’s joking and somebody pulls out a knife. Terrible analogy aside, asking people for money is one thing. Asking people to collectively cough up $20,000 is another.

My ninja, that’s a car.

So while I was optimistic, it’s still scary to ask for such a large amount of money. But then we dropped the campaign. And folks started donating. Then we got some rather large donations. That first large donation from the homey Derek…let me tell you, I almost didn’t believe Champ when he told me that we had somebody who wanted to drop $5(000) on it. I actually laughed in my car as I almost ran over a senior citizen. Her fault though. Real talk.

And when we crossed the $10K plateau, I was in total amazement. Champ can attest to this. We had these convos daily and even the fact that in the last 48 hours we raised almost $10,000 to cross the bridge. Point is, I’m in total awe and appreciation at the group of people we have here who think enough of our output and believe in all of us enough to hitch their wagon to the VSB brand, financially. If I could hug every person, I would. I do feel this need to personally thank everybody for every donation, no matter how big or small. It means that much to me. I’m not a person who is used to having to ask people things so my own independent issues came into play. So to see the community we have at VSB and the family and friends we have individually come through for us…well it just strengthens the resolve to deliver the absolute best product available.

Believe me when I say that our own standards here are high and we ain’t exactly the take no for an answer personality types. With that in mind, I would like to personally say thank you for believing in VSB. Thank you for sleepwalking with the kids as long as you have and being willing to take a chance on us. We won’t let you down. We can’t let you down. Your mama don’t wear no drawz? Well my mama didn’t raise no fools. From my hood to your hood, bangin’…bangin’…we are going to go hard in the paint.

Like R. Kelly said, “real talk”.

Thank you.


-Panama Jackson

Although I was outwardly optimistic about the fundraising campaign, I honestly didn’t think we’d reach our goal. I’m flabbergasted and shit. That was the first and will be the last time I ever doubt VSB nation.


VSPeeps! I’ve been coming to this site for the past few years and I honestly believe there is no place like it on the internet. Never have I come across a community of more intelligent, accomplished, fun, and hilarious people. You all have made this place special and if not for the VSB comment section I don’t know if I would have become so attached to this site. I’m so grateful to Champ, Panama, and Liz for creating this place, but I’m just as grateful to you all for making it what it is.

Thank you for being my e-sises, e-bros, and e-boos. Thank you teaching me new slang and new ways to recommend that someone have a seat. Thank you waiting up with me like a maniac till midnight and refreshing constantly in order to be first. Thank you for eating e-popcorn and e-snacks with me as we watch e-drama unfold. Thank you for engaging in delightfully flirtatious e-courtships. Thank you for the glitter. Thank for being resilient and for coming back even if you don’t always agree. Thank you for being awesome. And finally, thank you for donating and supporting this project. We won’t let you down. I love you all.

- <3 Andi

Thank you to everyone that contributed your time and money to help us produce this project and follow our dreams. The past 30 days have been an exciting experience. It will be my honor to bring you all a fantastic finished product to view on your computer screens.

-Earl Bolden, Jr. – Producer, Solo Journey Productions, LLC
For the DMV VSBs: Next Saturday night, November 3rd is another edition of Reminisce. You already know what it is by now. All 90s hiphop/r&b all night long. Sounds by Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine and FREE entry before 11pm with RSVP ($10 otherwise)/OPEN BAR from 930-1030PM/and NO DRESS CODE! RSVP here: http://reminiscedc.eventbrite.com