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I Came, I Saw, And I Conquered The Beyhive

When people told me to watch out for this notorious group of cyber-basics who might barnstorm my mentions, I LLOL’d - that’s laughed literally out loud

Ebola, Hoes, and Mixtapes: The Blackest Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week, Redux

You thought du-rags and Seagram's gin was Black. Meet Southside Vic as he discusses business with CNN.

On Believing In “Black Love” But Not Really Liking Black People

We (collectively) believe in Black Love. Or, want to believe, rather. But we (collectively) don't seem to like each other very much.

More Famous People Are Naked On The Internet. What Does It All Mean?

Over the weekend, The Fappening returned to our internet screens. Panama ponders the age old question, "what does it all mean?"

Paul George Got On Twitter This Morning. He Shouldn’t Have.

Paul George decided to share his thoughts on the Ray Rice situation. You know how this ends.

True Life: My “Twitter Friends” Are My Real Friends Too

With my real friends being in various locations between Texas and Philadelphia, I’d had to get creative in my search for social consistency. Twitter was that consistency.

TwitPic’ing the Awkward Moment When Your Exes Become Besties

Nothing is more confusing than two of your exes becoming friends. Just ask Rihanna. But since Rihanna isn't likely to respond back, Jozen asked the next best person, Twitter. Here's how Twitter feels about exes becoming friends.

Leaked: An Email Exchange Between Wale and Meek Mill

Meek Mill came at Wale today even though Wale did not send for him. VSB happened into an alleged email exchange between the two following the Twitter rant heard around the Kool-Aid Cooler.

VSB Presents: The #Blackestname In America Tournament, Round 2, Day 1

10 observations from the last few days (from Twitter): 1. Nothing has ever been or will ever ...

How To Create The Best Shitty Relationship Advice Meme

Yesterday afternoon, VSB veteran Cheekie forwarded me the meme above. She obviously assumed I'd ...

Fashion, Feminization, Or Who Gives A F*ck?

One of my favorite pictures is from my 11th birthday party. I had a sleepover that year -- 10 ki...

Two Thoughts About The Reactions To Pharrell’s GIRL Album Cover

1. It's been two years since Trayvon Martin was murdered. A couple weeks since a jury let Jordan...

My Completely Irrational, Illogical, And Borderline Insane Hate For Inspirational Messages

It happens at least twice a week. Actually, let me stop lying. This shit happens to me five to s...

Don Lemon’s Haircut Killed A Guy

If you're Black, use Twitter, or know somebody with a degree, there's a very good chance that you kn...