What The F*ck Happened To VSB?

On Rick Ross’s last album that sounds just like the the rest of his albums, God Forgives, I Don’t (a title that really has nothing to do with anything), there’s a record featuring Dr. Dre doing his best Rick Ross impression – a pointless appearance since he didn’t even produce the track –  and Jay-Z doing Jay-Z things, which can at times seem bored, effortless, and entertaining. The song is called “Three Kings” and isn’t even the best song called “Three Kings”, a distinction which clearly rests with Slim Thug, Bun B, and T.I.

This post isn’t about music though. In this song, Jay-Z utters the words, “it’s just different…” twice. At the beginning of his verse and at the end of his verse which ends the song. It’s a nod to the fact that the life and things he talks about are just…different. While everybody else is talking about the longterm riches and b*tches, Jay has been there and done that. Hell, everything he’s talking about is actually true and verifiable. His attainment is just…different. Which is ironic because it could be taken as a shot to the very artist whose song he is rapping on. Since, well, Jay-Z’s reign is just…different.

For some reason, it’s sat with me ever since I heard him say.

“It’s just different…”

It’s the way he says it. The arrogance but actualization that straight up, the Jay way is really what he purports it to be. In fact, in hip-hop probably only Puffy and 50 Cent know that life. Granted, it’s possible that marginally speaking, clearing a certain level of millions probably entitles you to that feeling, but something about Jay just makes it…different.

VerySmartBrothas has always been…different to me. This is no shot to all of the other blogs that exist in a similar-ish format. We all do the same thing with largely the same goals. But we’re just…different. In fact, that’s the beauty and the busted of it. It’s both a gift and a curse. This is a special place and it became so not solely because of the work of Champ, Liz, and I, but because of everybody who ventured here day in and day out. Hell, it would have to be in order to continue to exist after 4+ years doing the same thing you started doing.

The community is what makes us tick and what keeps us going and what allows us to get any acclaim we’ve received. To that effect, it’s like the running back who wins the MVP who has to share that trophy with his line. We’ve hit on so many interesting and odd topics. Some have gotten deep (though apparently not enough depth exists here) and many have gotten controversial. But all in all, for every week we’ve existed, it’s been a chance for folks to come in and sound off and wax poetic and offer opinions and shoot the sh*t with likeminded individuals.

We’ve seen many people come and go. Many have bounced because they ultimately hated me or Champ or our flippant arrogance and approach to any of a number of topics. We’ve managed to create a few posts that shall not be named and apparently written more than enough stupid sh*t to make some individuals actually detest one or the other of us. While some would take that personally, I actually view that as an accomplishment.

See, as an artist (I’m using the term loosely here, but walk with me) your ultimate desire to make somebody feel something. Most people who write are just that, writers. But there are some writers who you connect with because their way of wordsmithing brings you into their world and allows you feel like you know them. That’s been a goal of VSB since our inception. It wasn’t just to create a blog. No, it was to create a home. Where folks feel like they knew us. And it worked. We turned into a veritable Cheers over the years. Folks looked forward to interacting with their new friends. Relationships formed. We’ve got a few VSB-babies. Hell, I informed the world about my then-girlfriend’s pregnancy and subsequent birth of our daughter who is now almost *this many* years old. We’ve shared and offered dark moments and offered support. VSB has often been a place of peace with various moments of tension and unrest, but we always found the happy medium somewhere.

It’s just…different.

Which is why I’m wondering what the f*ck happened?

“…f*ck this man…” ~ Jay-Z “What More Can I Say?”, The Black Album

No seriously, what happened? It seems like all of a sudden there’s tension here everyday and folks are ready to jump ship and curse one another out. I hear the words rape-culture more than Planned Parenthood does on this site. The consideration for folks feelings and respect is waning. I honestly don’t get it. Folks actually DETEST certain other people that comment. Folks quit a blog.

I repeat, folks are actually “quitting a blog”. With announcements. Seriously, I’m wondering who shot my baby?

So if you all, past and present VSB ninjas could, civilly and respectfully, tell me what the f*ck happened, I’d be greatly appreciative.

Consider this a VSB feedback and debriefing session. Please speak freely but respect the architects and all the construction workers on site. Please and thank you.


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You all will have to excuse me right about now, my hands are as full as hands can get.  Pappy-dom is one really long day, I’m learning.


Here at VSB.com, The Champ and I love to argue the merits of the male-female interactionary process.  It’s what we do.  We do it, and do it, and do it well.  Word to LL.  We love to discuss the problems that occur between us all – and boy are there many.  But would we be doing our jobs if we also didn’t help to mend relationships?  Methinks not.

I’ve had a girlfriend for quite some time now and we have great and funderful times.  But at times, we also argue.  We’s people and people argue on occasion.  I think its in the water along with lead, asbestos, and Roseanne Barr’s 98 Triple F bra.  Or at least it is if you live in DC.


If you’re like any other human out there, the good thing about arguing is the make-up lovin’ that occurs afterwards.  But the mean-time (pun intended) between-time is usually a pain.  I mean who wants to fight?  So let’s say that you’re in the midst of an argument and you’re getting more and more pissed.  Emotions are at an all-time high and she just said something about your mama.

Before you slap the dogmess out of here, take a step back and realize that you no longer have to argue.  You should release that tension in another way.  You’re fighting so you can’t exactly suggest some of that lick-em-high-lick-em-low without seeming like an insensitive prick.  So my suggestion?

Thought you’d never ask.  Here are 5 ways to divert all of that negative energy into productive and positive emotions.  Non-sexually.

1)  Wii Boxing - Generally speaking, you both would LIKE to slap the monkeyshine sh*t out of eachother anyway, so why not do it via some good old fashioned video-gaming.  Plus, as much effort as it takes to play Boxing on the Wii, you’ll both be so exhausted after round 3 that you’ll give up on the fight anyway. (Honorable Mention – Super Mario Kart Racing on the Wii)

2)  Scrabble – Every means of diverting energy doesnt’ have to be physical.  If you break out scrabble, you’re forced to use different senses and the mental exhiliration of whipping your partner’s arse with a word like axyiomatic will aleve some of the ill will you have towards his mothers devil spawn.  Besides, knowledge is power.

Also, sharing is caring, kids.  Sharing is caring.

The more you know.


3)  Twister – You really just want to feel eachother up anyway so why not spin some wheels, and put your foot on the green.  And you get the opportunity to push him or her around so that they fall on the ground.  Now of course, this may piss of your partner more, BUT you can always just claim anti-dexterity.  I’m almost convinced that Twister could solve the MidEast conflict.

4)  Taebo – Similar to Wii Boxing only not at all since you’re not really fighting anybody, but group workout sessions let you get that angry energy out in the form of highly suspect arm and leg motions.  Two extra points if you both throw on lycra since who can stay mad when you’re doing high kicks and butt bumps with a partner who’s wearing shiny tights?  Not me!

5)  Paintball - Have you ever been paintballing?  If you can’t work out your aggression by physically shooting somebody then you two just shouldn’t be together.  Period.  And similar to Wii Boxing, violence is what we want to do anyway, so get to it, thugsta.


Now that I’ve laid out a few ways to help you all sidestep all the unnecessary physical exertion that occurs before the make-up lovin’, help me help others.  What are some other non-lovexual means for releasing tension? 10 points for the most creative, fully functional, and clearly positive way to work out that negative energy faster than a Macy’s Shiatsu back massager.

And by 10 points,  I mean a hearty pat on the back from somebody at some point in history that probably won’t be named Panama.