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Love & Hip Hop NY Ep. 504 Recap: Bad Choices Everywhere!

More recappery of the shenaniganery from the crew of Love & Hip Hop New York. Cyn gon' Cyn. Cisco gon' Cisco. But more importanly, Peter Gunz is gon' Peter Gunz, y'all.

#IStandWithJoseline: Why Part 2 of the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Was a Trifling Mess

Part 2 of The Love & Hip-Hop: ATLANTA Reunion aired last night and Joseline and Stevie went full rager on the entire cast. Somehow, the cast of Ain't Shit Extraordinaires then discussed what's wrong with Joseline and Stevie and pretended they were above it all. Yeah. No.

We Don’t Get It. But Somehow These Dudes Stay Gettin’ It. #D1CKTOOBOMB ALLSTARS?

Nobody seems to understand why certain men are so popular with the ladies. Well these guys are leading the pack of confusion. How Sway?! How?

Yep, Guys Really Are Just As Messy As We Claim Women Are

There are lots of things we learn from ratchets on reality television. One is that men can be messy as hell too.