VSB 2013: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Baaaaack!

Happy New Year hombres and hombrecitas. You may remember that we took some time off. I know some of you were more okay with that than others seeing as I received several cross emails from individuals wondering what the hell was taking us so long to come back and post.

VSB and Cheers. Same sh*t. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.

And yes, that is what she said.

If you’ll notice, there are some changes taking place around these parts. For starters, after what seems like umpteen years (more like 3) we’re going to start upgrading the template around here. We’re going to color things. No racism. We’re going to make things a bit more lively and add some folks into the mix. We were running a significant number of guest bloggers before the break and that shan’t cease. We’ve got a few things that we’ll be unloading in the coming weeks. And we’re excited about it…even after all of these years. It’s that Kelly Rowland motivation, ya dig?

Also, please give us a while to get our technical fixes together on the new site layout.

Oh, and mark your calendars and check your schedules: 4.6.13. DC. The Five. Pocohantas coming. Trick coming. Captain D coming. Details coming. Pics coming. Champ coming. Even Liz coming.


So before we break back into all that is good and right with VSB and get up a get get get down…let’s begin the VSB fiscal year on a personal note. Sure it’s the 7th. Sure you’ve told people these things a million times.

But unless you all live on Twitter, chances are you haven’t shared your resolutions or attempts at growth with the people here at VSB, and this way, you can document it and come back in 3, 6, or 9 months and see if you’ve done what you planned to do. How do you know where I’m at if you haven’t been where I’ve been…understand where I’m coming from?

Real spit, JUST in the past few days of this year I’ve learned a lot about myself already. That bodes well for my own much needed personal growth. And I don’t even make resolutions like that. And yet, I was given resolutions to resolve within myself. Say that three times fast. It’s not that difficult really.

Oh, and to everybody who came out to the NYE party I had a hand in throwing and the Reminisce party this past Saturday, maaaaaaaaan listen, those were some good parties. Thanks for sleepwalking with the kids.

So, good folks of VSB, let’s start the VSB year off with some good vibes and welcome back kotters, how was your Christmas (or whatever you celebrate), NYE, what did you do, and do you have any resolutions or changes you intend to make??

Please, everybody, share because sharing is caring.

Oh, and Django Unchained f*ckin’ rocked. Cocaine.