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Yes, The Grammys Suck (And Have Sucked For Some Time), But Why?

We continue to watch, talk, and write about them -- hoping with each year that they might suck a bit less -- but the slow burn of shitty continues.

10 Things The Video For FourFiveSeconds Could Also Very Easily Be

Just trying to make it back home by Monday morning. I swear.

Does “Good P*ssy” Exist? A VSB Special Investigation

An attempt to answer an old question

Quiz: Exactly How Black Are You?

Testing your Blackness

Dear Chris Brown: People Will Get Over You And Rihanna If You Allow Them To Get Over You And Rihanna

Instead of following Michael Vick's script, you're following R. Kelly's. And no one follows R. Kelly. Unless, of course, they want chlamydia.

10 Thoughts About Beyoncé’s Remix of “Flawless”

Beyoncé dropped a Nicki Minaj-assisted remix to her self-esteem anthem "Flawless". We listened. We had thoughts.

TwitPic’ing the Awkward Moment When Your Exes Become Besties

Nothing is more confusing than two of your exes becoming friends. Just ask Rihanna. But since Rihanna isn't likely to respond back, Jozen asked the next best person, Twitter. Here's how Twitter feels about exes becoming friends.

A Quick Word On Rihanna, Rihanna’s Dress, And The Illuminati

Rihanna just might be in the Illuminati. (No, seriously. I'm serious.)

Rihanna, Bewbs, and The Ennui of it All

I don't know what's wrong with me. Usually I love bewb shots. In fact, when I heard that Rihanna...

Sun, Moon, Stars, Quasars and Sh*t

I'm going to share a little about myself here. Sharing is caring has long been one of my mantras...

Be His Beyonce

Get married. Pay for dates. Introduce her to his friends. Approach her. Let her know...

Once An Abuser, Always An Abuser…

Now, it's no secret that I'm no fan of The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown. He makes shitty ...

10 Tattoo Ideas For Chris Brown Better Than Rihanna’s February 2009 Face

Starting at the top, I do not believe that Chris Brown tatted the face of a battered woman on his bo...

Thoughts On The Light-Skinned Beef Heard Round The World, And More…

1. The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown (IBCB for short) is becoming a caricature of himself Yo...

Having The Birthday Cake And Eating It Too: A Collection of Conflicting Thoughts About Chris Brown

Ever since his infamous assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna, I've been captivated with Chri...