REMINISCE Tees & Tanktops For Your #SummerTimeFly

remdraftcarolinabluev2Cop your REMINISCE tee in honor of the best damn 90s party happening in DC right about now. It’s that super fly Carolina blue for the cool summer breeze that has to come. And even if you aren’t in DC, its just a fly tee anyway. We’re livin’ in the last days right now…. Shouts to the Boogiemonsters.


remtankgrayblacklettersAnd for the fly lady (or man actually as well ) out there, we’ve go the the fly tank top swagu going on as well. For those days its warm outside and especially warm in Liv at REMINISCE! Cop you one and join the movement, because everything is a movement!

REMINISCE tanktops:

Because #OLD: Kids React To Walkmans

Looks like he could be my cousin.

Looks like he could be my cousin. He also looks like he’s thinking “WHAT IS THIS SH*T!”

As a connoisseur of ghosts of times past, watching children all born since 2000 finagle and fumble with past technology is awesome. Such brings us to this KIDS REACT video as the kids are presented with walkmans/walkmen(?…I feel dumber) trying to figure out how it works (and why?). Predictably, their reactions are hilarious. It’s one of those moments that you wonder about when you’re younger. I remember saying to myself back in the day when CDs came out what future generations were going to be using. And then Napster and Audiogalaxy, etc hit the scene and then the burst of the MP3 player. No Zune.

Also, these kids are hilarious. Fun facts are displayed throughout and did you all know that when Walkman’s first dropped, they were $200??? When presented with this fact some kids are like, thats a ripoff…but one smart, wise, and clearly reasonable chap points out that some iPhones cost upwards of $700. Smart man young man. Smart man.

So take your time young man and don’t you rush to get old. And enjoy what life was probably like for us when many of us were listening to our walkmans and our parents pulled out an 8-track of Betty Wright. What’s also interesting is how inconvenienced the kids seem – possibly for show – by them. Walkmans/Walkmen(?…still feel dumb) were and are remarkbly simple devices. Definitely easier to use than an MP3 player. The kids seem to disagree.

Respect due to my man who when given headphones states that he’s such a 90s baby though he wasn’t even born in the 90s. No RKelly.




**DC** Game Night At Penn Social | REMINISCE Tees & Tanks!

photo (1)For those in DC, on Tuesday, April 15th at 7pm, VSB is one of hosts for a Ride Along DVD Release Game Night at Penn Social (801 E Street, NW). Come out for chances to win DVDs, get movie swag and other prizes, etc. Mostly, come have some dranks with your boy Panama “A$AP KillQuinn” Jackson as we play whatever games (I’m guessing trivia type stuffingtons) the folks from Ride Along are bringing to the table.

This event is stricly 21+ 

Come on out and holler at your boy!


photo (3)


REMINISCE is killin’ the game right about now in DC. To that end, we’re runnin’ a very short limited run campaign of Reminisce tees and tanks. And if you cop one and wear it at the next REMINISCE, you are likely to get yourself a free shot of something or other. We do this for the culture…

Plus, if you’ve ever been to REMINISCE you know how hot it can get in there in the warmer months. So swag yourself out with a tank ladies or cop the Carolina blue sh*t and be the hottest ninja on the block! This is a short run, week long campaign for all the folks who come to party with us and hang like some real OGs. Thanks for sleepwalking…from the heart. Real spit, that Carolina blue t-shirt is KILLIN’ the game .

Men’s/women’s tees –

Women’s tanks –




rem april (1)This special edition of REMINISCE, recognized as part of the Kennedy Center One Mic Festival line up, is going to be a can’t miss occasion. We’ve got our standard line up of DJ Underdog and Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine, plus special guest DJ Beverly Bond to do a set for us!. Yep, that Beverly Bond, the founder and executive director of Black Girls Rock!, Inc,! She’s curating a concert and panel on hip-hop and feminism at the Kennedy Center earlier on the 5th of April as well and that looks to be filled with superstar speakers and performers, headlined by L-Boogie, Ms. Lauryn Hill herself.

So head there first them come on down to Liv to party for the rest of the night! Hey, you never know who may show up!



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Liv Nightclub | 2001 11th Street, NW | Washington, DC