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The Dear White People Roundtable

Dear White People, discussed

Still A Nigger In Paris

The stench of racism -- of assuming that a Black person doesn't belong just because they're Black -- extends past our shores, and we'd be foolish to assume otherwise

Leaked: More Danny Ferry NBA Scouting Reports

Intrigued by his comments about Luol Deng, our crack research team discovered a few more of Danny Ferry's scouting reports on NBA players

Defending Ray Rice Is Just The Same As Defending George Zimmerman

Damon's latest for EBONY on the similarities between Ray Rice defenders and the people defending George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson

Exactly How Racist Was Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson’s Email?

What I read here is a man who might not be a racist, but lazily drew racist conclusions to an issue that goes much deeper than any cosmetic racial concerns

A Peek Into The Secret Club Of Assumed Racism

This cop assumed that because of the color of my skin I was in some kind of secret club that snickers and trades racist jokes. When he saw my reaction then he realized I wasn’t

Michael Sam, And The Black (And Gay) Politics Of Being “Twice As Good”

True progress isn't Jackie Robinson making the Brooklyn Dodgers. It's the .220 Black hitter with the above average arm making the Dodgers.

On Being A Little Tired Of Being The “Safe Black Friend You Talk To About Race”

I’ve wondered if I’ve become “The Black Friend” -- the safe space where good intentioned White folks can ask questions or think through the first-drafts of their thoughts on race and structural inequality

White Guy Acts A Fool, Black Guy Gets Maced For Being In The Vicinity

Because its been that kind of week, a Black man in Seattle gets maced, cuffed, and detained for ?????? Who cares. He's Black.

President Obama Speaks On Ferguson…And Words Come Out Of His Mouth

It would have felt better to hear an angrier, a more fed up, a more outraged President today.

That Time We Were Reminded That “Black American” Is An Oxymoron

This is Ferguson, Missouri, but this could happen in Pittsburgh and DC and Chicago and Portland and wherever you're reading this from.

Trying And Failing To Make Sense Of The Murder Of Mike Brown

I wish I was writing to you from a place charged with an impassioned call to arms. I want nothing more than to have the answers. Or even just the right questions. But I'm empty-handed. And numb.

The Kind of #Columbusing I Don’t Mind

Panama recently had a conversation with a co-worker about race after she discovered that racism's still alive, they just be concealing it. Here's how the conversation went.