Maybe Eric Benet Wasn’t Making It Up

Vindication, b*tch. YOUNG MULA BABY!

You remember when we all found out that Halle Berry and Eric Benet were divorcing because he was a “sex addict”?

If you’re like most people, you called bull malarkey, tagged her as crazy since, really, who cheats on Halle Berry then claims to be a sex addict JUST to find a reason to break up unless there are some deeper issues he’s trying to run from. Well, you know, aside from Eric Benet.


Well maybe Barefoot Jones really did have a problem. And maybe it’s in his genes. Not his jeans as that would be majorly en fuego.

(By the way, I’m totally aware that being a sex addict can be a real problem. However, cheating on your spouse because you’re a sex addict seems like a copout. Thank you and good night.)

According to a study done by researchers at SUNY-Binghamton, there might actually be a certain genetic disposition to infidelity and one-night stands, EVEN  if you’re in a committed and loving relationship. Go figure.

“What we found was that individuals with a certain variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity,” said Garcia. “The motivation seems to stem from a system of pleasure and reward, which is where the release of dopamine comes in. In cases of uncommitted sex, the risks are high, the rewards substantial and the motivation variable – all elements that ensure a dopamine ‘rush.’”

According to Garcia, these results provide some of the first biological evidence that at first glance, seems to be somewhat of a contradiction: that individuals could be looking for a serious committed long-term relationship, but have a history of one-night stands. At the same time, the data also suggests it is also reasonable that someone could be wildly in love with their partner, commit infidelity, and yet still be deeply attached and care for their partner. It all came back to a DRD4 variation in these individuals. Individual differences in the internal drive for a dopamine ‘rush’ can function independently from the drive for commitment.

Again, go figure. Let me address something here – and to be clear, I’m not saying it’s RIGHT –  but I’ve always thought that it was possible to cheat on somebody, strictly for the physical release of it, and remain emotionally invested in somebody else. The decision to cheat, while driven by an emotionally impulsive thought process, is still a decision that could be avoided. Loving somebody is completely emotional. Now, I understand how folks would contend that if you really loved somebody you wouldn’t be compelled to cheat. Fair enough.

I’m just saying. It’s possible. And no I do not know from personal experience.

And now we have science to back it up. But to be fair, our friends at SUNY-Binghamton make sure to note that just because this gene may exist in your spouse doesn’t mean that they will cheat.

“The study doesn’t let transgressors off the hook,” said Garcia. “These relationships are associative, which means that not everyone with this genotype will have one-night stands or commit infidelity. Indeed, many people without this genotype still have one-night stands and commit infidelity. The study merely suggests that a much higher proportion of those with this genetic type are likely to engage in these behaviors.”

Makes sense.

Now keep in mind, I’m not going to make excuses for anybody that cheats.

Don’t cheat. Baaaaad cheater! *wagging finger*

And I definitely wouldn’t advise ANYBODY who thinks that they MIGHT have some genetic trait that predisposes them to cheating to really come home and say, “I really couldn’t help it, it’s just who I am.” This study doesn’t even state that these people are guaranteed to do it, just that they might have a higher pleasure-reward center than others. I’m not sure this is really breaking any new ground either.

But man, what if Eric Benet had used some science during his divorce proceedings to state that he didn’t cheat on Halle on purpose, he got it from his daddy?

At this point, very little is known about how genetics and neurobiology influence one’s sexuality propensities and tendencies but Garcia is hopeful that this study will add to the growing base of knowledge – in particular, how genes might predispose individuals to pursue sensation seeking across all sorts of domains – from substance use to sexuality. This study also provides further support for the notion that the biological foundations for sexual desire may often operate independently from, although absolutely linked to, deep feelings of romantic attachment.

Thoughts? Any of this surprising? Would this ever be a legit reason to you? Even if your guy or gal had science to prove they had a higher propensity to cheat, or rather engage in infidelitous activity because they “couldn’t help it”? I know the answer is a resounding no, but I had to ask. Does anybody believe this mess?

Bad science. Sit Ubu sit.

Good dog.


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