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“Anti-Police Brutality” Does Not Mean “Anti-Police”

"Wanting cops to be able to do their jobs" and "wanting cops to be better at their jobs" are not conflicting concepts

Ferguson Isn’t About Black And White. It’s About Green.

We're bringing knives to gunfights, trying to win 2014 battles with 1963 tools.

A Peek Into The Secret Club Of Assumed Racism

This cop assumed that because of the color of my skin I was in some kind of secret club that snickers and trades racist jokes. When he saw my reaction then he realized I wasn’t

Negro Supercriminal Michael Brown Apparently Deserved To Die

It's all about that belief an uncomfortably large segment of the population holds, that all Michael Browns -- all Black men and women -- are potential Supercriminals who need to be stopped.

President Obama Speaks On Ferguson…And Words Come Out Of His Mouth

It would have felt better to hear an angrier, a more fed up, a more outraged President today.

That Time We Were Reminded That “Black American” Is An Oxymoron

This is Ferguson, Missouri, but this could happen in Pittsburgh and DC and Chicago and Portland and wherever you're reading this from.

How Safe Do You Feel In America?

Being Black and loving Black people is kind of like loving soldiers who go off to war, except the war is here.

Trying And Failing To Make Sense Of The Murder Of Mike Brown

I wish I was writing to you from a place charged with an impassioned call to arms. I want nothing more than to have the answers. Or even just the right questions. But I'm empty-handed. And numb.