Valentine’s Day Triple Threat + Cupid’s Hunt

Hey VSB Fam,

We decided that since we are the leaders in this online love blogging game, we would hit you up with a special triple header for the official Holiday of Love.

Not only do you get Panama’s post for today, but you also get the Champ weighing in on such an important day for all you love birds. Yes, Valentine’s Day is worth a post from each of them. It’s like Speakerboxxx/The Love Below except after this, they won’t break up and pretend to still like one another.  Make sure you scroll down and peep both of their posts.

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The VSB Files — Episode 003: Black Woman Down? A Conversation with Helena Andrews

Hey young world. Today we bring you a discussion with the woman that seemingly launched a thousand ships with a Washington Post profile article that made it to the far reaches of Negronia and beyond. Helena Andrews (aka Big H, as we affectionately call her), author of the forthcoming book Bitch Is The New Black, has been the subject of many a blog post and article in the past few weeks (including here at VSB) and we figured that we’d reach out to her and see if she’d be willing to chat with us. Lo and behold, she accepted our offer and what followed was a long, yet interesting discussion about the WaPo article and her characterization in it, dating in the urban professional community, East vs. West Coast rap debate, Tyler Perry, and ultimately her book and what it intends to bring to the table.


Podcast Notes: This was taped in December before Christmas so all references to last week are to December. Also, because Panama decided to participate while out Christmas shopping, there are some minor spots of sound distortion and he sounds like a doof. Forgive him people for he knows not what he thinks half the time.

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The VSB Files — Episode 002: The Cornerstone of Pimpology

pimpThe Champ and Panama Jackson continue in their line of slang editorialization, except this time, Liz is in tow. Join the trio as they discuss the first ever podcast and why Liz wasn’t there, gift giving and the glory of Brookstone, a very special reader shoutout, a letter from another reader and the subsequent discussion of how even some guys don’t believe in romance without finance, and strippers.

It’s a celebration, b*tches. Grab a drink, grab a glass, after that we’ll grab your a**.

(BTW, did anybody else notice that Twista’s “Wetter” sounds an awful lot like Do or Die’s “Playa Like Me and You”? No. You say you don’t remember Do or Die’s song? Or Do or Die? Ok. Alright.)

BONUS: Make sure you listen after the podcast ends for the World Premiere of the debut song from Mr. Oh So Sexxy, “Sexxy Two Piece”.

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EXTRA BONUS: Download a copy of the Official VSB Theme Song

The VSB Files – Episode 001: And So It Begins…

beginningCheck out our inaugural VSB podcast as The Champ and Panama Jackson wax philosophical on just who the hell Liz is and what she does, Beyonce and what she is to mankind and potentially beyond, the greatness of T-Boz, and how some women JUST can’t get this break up sh*t right.

Welcome to the next level.

Maybe nobody’s going to see Otis, but The Champ and Panama Jackson?

We the voices.

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