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Eric Heyl Of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Just Wrote The Worst Column I’ve Ever Read

This title contains no hyperbole. This was literally the worst major newspaper column I've ever read.

How It Feels To Get Your Ass Kicked In Spades

Bad spades hands carry a cruel inevitability. You know you are going to lose badly. And worse, your opponent knows. But you can't exactly quit. Which means you have to sit there and take all the shit-talking and faux self-deprecation until the hand is done.

My Dad, The Man

Today is my dad's birthday. He is 68. I am several years away from the same age he was when he'd bring a 9 or 10 year old me to the Reizenstein courts

Yup, Black Pittsburghers Have A “Pittsburghese” Too

After assuming I was the baseline and everyone else spoke with an accent, it was a bit jarring to learn that the way I spoke wasn't "right," just Pittsburgh

A Peek Into The Secret Club Of Assumed Racism

This cop assumed that because of the color of my skin I was in some kind of secret club that snickers and trades racist jokes. When he saw my reaction then he realized I wasn’t

Six Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day

There's no other time you'll have people from all corners of your life in one place. Well, maybe your funeral. But that doesn't count, cause you won't be there.

The Definitive Guide To Racially Profiling The Police

While returning home after taking the Gay Reindeer to work yesterday morning, I glanced in my re...

Not Knowing How To Feel About Gentrification

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an op-ed I wrote detailing my ambivalence about...

No Church In The Wild

My mornings usually begin the same way. I'll wake up at 7:30, immediately pick up my laptop, and...

On The Dangerous Thinking Behind “THOT”

(The following is from Justin Laing, a Pittsburgh-area educator and activist. This is a version ...

When Dead Police Dogs Are Worth More Than Live Humans

***Damon's latest Op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on how the news coverage and condolence giv...

Black And Invisible In Pittsburgh

(The Champ's first Op-ed at The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It's a response to the Post-Gazette's rece...