“Very Smart Brothas” The Pilot Part 3

This is the last piece of the pilot. In porn circles its called “the money shot”.

Here are a few fun things of note regarding this last segment of the pilot:

1. One of the characters with a speaking role was ALSO a featured actressD in a commercial for “Black People Meet” that seemed to have run at least 17,232 times a day on TVOne methinks. That is a lot.

2. This segment was (I believe) collectively our favorite part of the pilot.

3. Interestingly enough, I think Damon and I have only ever been on a panel together, in person, once…maybe. And it’s possible that I’m making that up. I think that one time was at the DC screening for the pilot.

Just a few quick facts about this last segment. As always, check it out and let us know what you think. And spread the love. If you hate it, share it too. Spread love its the Brooklyn way.

We love and appreciate all comments, opinions, and critiques.

Thanks for sleepwalking.


“Very Smart Brothas” Pilot Part I

Over the past few months, we’ve screened our pilot episode for “Very Smart Brothas” in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. But now, we’re doing what we’ve intended to do from jump, bring it to the people who helped make it all possible.

We–well, Andrea Thornton (Solo Journey Productions) and Damon—wrote a 22-minute pilot that was filmed, produced, and edited in Los Angeles by Solo Journey Productions (Earl Bolden, Andrea Thornton). I was a consulting producer (I consulted and was on music duty and sh*t) and we had a VSBer, Derek Bellard, as an executive producer as well.

We’re going to break into three parts. Today, we’re dropping Part I and in the near future we’ll drop the subsequent parts…because reasons.

We’d like to thank everybody who donated and helped make this project a reality. Much like everything we do here at VSB, none of it is possible without the community that we have here.

Let us know what you think! Can you “see” Damon and I in the characters? What’s the 411, hon?

Ultimately, enjoy and thank you for sleepwalking.


NYC: “Very Smart Brothas” Pilot Screenings at the New York Television Festival!

One of the most frequent questions we’ve received since we announced that we finished the television pilot for “Very Smart Brothas” is: what now? We’ve done screenings in LA and DC, so what’s next. Well now, we hit the festival circuit…hopefully. But we’re off to a good start and this is good news for anybody in NYC as well.

Our pilot is an an entry in the New York Television Festival Independent Pilot Competition. We’re competing with about 40+ other pilots for a development deal. During the week of October 21-26 in NYC at the Tribeca Cinemas and The Varick Room (54 Varick Street) all of the pilots will be screening, FREE. (There’s a processing fee, but we have nothing to do with that).

That’s right, if you are in NYC and would like to come thru and check out the pilot, you can do so as a part of the New York Television Festival. The VSB pilot screening times are:

Monday, October 21 – 730PM – Tribeca Cinemas 1

Thursday, October 24 – 845PM – Tribeca Cinemas 2

CLICK HERE TO “PURCHASE” TICKETS to either- Scroll down to the “Very Smart Brothas” section. Again, they’re FREE, but do have a one time 4.50 processing fee, I believe regardless of how many tickets you “buy”.

It seems like the vast majority of the creative team will be in attendance at the Thursday screening, and we’re trying to set up a Q&A talkback about the pilot, so be on the look out for that as well in the vicinity. So hopefully we’ll see you all on Thursday!

Again, thank you for all of the support the community has provided to us. We believe in this project and where it may go and it wouldn’t have been possible with out the help, support, and contributions, of the community. We cannot wait for as many people to see it as possible. It’s coming….

See you in New York City!



VSB Events: DC Screening of “Very Smart Brothas” Pilot (October 3, 2013) & REMINISCE (October 5, 2013)

VSB-DC Screening

VSB DC Screening of “Very Smart Brothas” Pilot: We will open up the RSVPs for a few more persons. Thanks to everybody who was able to RSVP, we look forward to seeing you and talking with you and getting your feedback on Thursday!

RSVP: www.vsbscreeningdc.eventbrite.com



Come join us this Saturday for the REMINISCE 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY party. A little different this time. It’s $5 before 11pm with RSVP (www.reminiscedc.eventbrite.com) but the OPEN BAR from 930-1030 is still in tact and the dress code is come as you are and make sure you are comfortable becasue Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine gets it in on the 1s and 2s. We’re also going to be doing some promos to give folks a free table and probalby a few bar tabs. So come party with the cool kids…best believe we sweat out weaves!

Satudray, October 5, 2013 | Liv Nightclub | www.reminiscedc.eventbrite.com


A Very Special Thank You from VSB and Solo Journey Productions

I don’t know how to say this like a real OG would do, so I’ll just say it as a reformed G would say it…

…from the bottom of my heart, I almost teared up a bit. The generosity of everybody who donated and supported our dream and vision nearly broke me down. On the real, when we began this process, the piece that I feared most was the fundraising part. That was for a very simple reason: while we know we have one of the absolute best communities on the Internet, asking for money presents a whole new side of the game. It’s easy for people to show up everyday and leave their mark, good or bad. But when you decide to bring folks into your vision and goals and need to ask for help…well that’s when *CENSORED* gets real.

It’s like that moment when everybody’s joking and somebody pulls out a knife. Terrible analogy aside, asking people for money is one thing. Asking people to collectively cough up $20,000 is another.

My ninja, that’s a car.

So while I was optimistic, it’s still scary to ask for such a large amount of money. But then we dropped the campaign. And folks started donating. Then we got some rather large donations. That first large donation from the homey Derek…let me tell you, I almost didn’t believe Champ when he told me that we had somebody who wanted to drop $5(000) on it. I actually laughed in my car as I almost ran over a senior citizen. Her fault though. Real talk.

And when we crossed the $10K plateau, I was in total amazement. Champ can attest to this. We had these convos daily and even the fact that in the last 48 hours we raised almost $10,000 to cross the bridge. Point is, I’m in total awe and appreciation at the group of people we have here who think enough of our output and believe in all of us enough to hitch their wagon to the VSB brand, financially. If I could hug every person, I would. I do feel this need to personally thank everybody for every donation, no matter how big or small. It means that much to me. I’m not a person who is used to having to ask people things so my own independent issues came into play. So to see the community we have at VSB and the family and friends we have individually come through for us…well it just strengthens the resolve to deliver the absolute best product available.

Believe me when I say that our own standards here are high and we ain’t exactly the take no for an answer personality types. With that in mind, I would like to personally say thank you for believing in VSB. Thank you for sleepwalking with the kids as long as you have and being willing to take a chance on us. We won’t let you down. We can’t let you down. Your mama don’t wear no drawz? Well my mama didn’t raise no fools. From my hood to your hood, bangin’…bangin’…we are going to go hard in the paint.

Like R. Kelly said, “real talk”.

Thank you.


-Panama Jackson

Although I was outwardly optimistic about the fundraising campaign, I honestly didn’t think we’d reach our goal. I’m flabbergasted and shit. That was the first and will be the last time I ever doubt VSB nation.


VSPeeps! I’ve been coming to this site for the past few years and I honestly believe there is no place like it on the internet. Never have I come across a community of more intelligent, accomplished, fun, and hilarious people. You all have made this place special and if not for the VSB comment section I don’t know if I would have become so attached to this site. I’m so grateful to Champ, Panama, and Liz for creating this place, but I’m just as grateful to you all for making it what it is.

Thank you for being my e-sises, e-bros, and e-boos. Thank you teaching me new slang and new ways to recommend that someone have a seat. Thank you waiting up with me like a maniac till midnight and refreshing constantly in order to be first. Thank you for eating e-popcorn and e-snacks with me as we watch e-drama unfold. Thank you for engaging in delightfully flirtatious e-courtships. Thank you for the glitter. Thank for being resilient and for coming back even if you don’t always agree. Thank you for being awesome. And finally, thank you for donating and supporting this project. We won’t let you down. I love you all.

- <3 Andi

Thank you to everyone that contributed your time and money to help us produce this project and follow our dreams. The past 30 days have been an exciting experience. It will be my honor to bring you all a fantastic finished product to view on your computer screens.

-Earl Bolden, Jr. – Producer, Solo Journey Productions, LLC
For the DMV VSBs: Next Saturday night, November 3rd is another edition of Reminisce. You already know what it is by now. All 90s hiphop/r&b all night long. Sounds by Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine and FREE entry before 11pm with RSVP ($10 otherwise)/OPEN BAR from 930-1030PM/and NO DRESS CODE! RSVP here: http://reminiscedc.eventbrite.com