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What Did We Learn From Robin Thicke?

Robin Thicke seems to be throwing in the towel. This lets us take a look back at how we got here and what lessons we can learn.

Three Quick Thoughts About Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back”

My all-time favorite "I really fucked up, and I need to fix it" track is "Sorry for 2004." It's also the most ambitious. Forget about apologizing for cheating. Ruben Studdard attempted to "My bad" a whole entire year.

Seriously, Though. F*ck Robin Thicke

In an attempt to put a band-aid on an axe wound, Sir Convenient WhiteBlackness has dedicated his next project to the mending of his shattered relationship with his high school sweetheart, out in the open, in front of company.

Robin Thicke’s Reverse Thirst Trap

Robin Thicke is taking unrequited guilt-induced simping to the next level. After he dedicated a bunc...