“Very Smart Brothas” Pilot Part 2

(Answers to questions you’re probably going to have after watching this)

1. Yes, that is the guy from Heroes and Hawaii Five-O. 

2. Yes, in real life, a woman did actually say something similar to what the first interviewee said to us. (She said it online, though. Not in person.)

3. No, we haven’t met anyone with our names tattooed on their boobs. But, we both have definitely had…um…hmm…nevermind. I’m engaged now. Can’t talk about that stuff anymore.

4. No, that’s not how I approached the Gay Reindeer when I first saw her.

Anyway, let us know what you think. (Oh, and if you like it, share it with people. Shit, share it if you don’t like it and just want to talk shit. The more eyes and feedback, the better.) 

***Also, just in case you needed to catch up, here’s Part 1 again***

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

You’ve Got…Personality!


That damn Lloyd Price…you go boy.

Long time ago (long long time ago…long time ago <—- name that reference, and if you get that you are WAAAAY good) here on VSB, we used to reserve Fridays for a sort of “getting to know you” experience amongst the readers. We figured that we had such a dope community we should learn as much about folks as possible. Plus all of the icebreakers (of sorts) were good for getting lurkers out of hiding and introducing ninjas to new ninjas.

So I’m about to bring it back to the bottom of the map. One of the funnest ways to learn about yourself and others around you is via personality tests. So I figured, what the hell, let’s all take a short one and one we’re all familiar with: The Jung Typology test. I told the test and it turns out that I’m an ENTP.

They are intensely curious and continuously probe for possibilities, especially when trying to solve complex problems. Inventors are filled with ideas, but value ideas only when they make possible actions and objects. Thus they see product design not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end, as a way of devising the prototype that works and that can be brought to market. Inventors are confident in their pragmatism, counting on their ability to find effective ways and means when they need them, rather than making a detailed blueprint in advance. A rough idea is all they need to feel ready to proceed into action.


Inventors often have a lively circle of friends and are interested in their ideas and activities. They are usually easy-going, seldom critical or carping. Inventors can be engaging conversationalists, able to express their own complicated ideas and to follow the ideas of others. When arguing issues, however, they may deliberately employ debate skills to the serious disadvantage of their opponents.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, that sounds about right. Basically, I will tear you apart with my vicious rhetoric…then take you out for a shot later on that night. I’m like a Sweet-n-Sour Gummy bear. I’m fairly certain that those that know me might agree. Basically…punks jump up to get beat down. Or something.

Anyway…take the test and peep your personality type. It’s a fun way to kill time and then we can all find out how we stack up. Do you agree with your description? Why or why not?

Oh, by the way, #geminiseason is coming. Happy Friday, VSB. Happy Friday.

And as a special treat, please check out the 3rd episode of WTF Iz Rong w/ Panama Jackson. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

And dont’ forget to cop your VSB crewneck while the weather outside is still frightful and what not. The shirts were borne out of a collaboration with Coliseum Apparel and VSB. The shirts are dope and be on the look out for a photoshoot coming soon!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money…dolla dolla bill y’all.

Petey out.


New Web Series: “Ask A Black Man” Featuring Panama Jackson

Hey strangers!

Liz here. We’re skipping our regular entry today because your very own Panama Jackson was featured in a web series talk show that debuts today on MadameNoire.com. The show is called Ask A Black Man, and it’s all about love, dating, sex and relationships from the male perspective. I happen to be the Executive Producer on the series, so you know if 2/3 of VSB is involved it’s gotta be halfway decent! Ha.

This episode is called “The Life of A SIngle Man” and Panama will also be featured in The Sex Episode premiering on April 11. Make sure you tune into Ask A Black Man every Wednesday for new episodes.

Anyway, press play below or head on over to Episode 1 and watch over there.


Tell us what you think about Panama’s Participation! Did he represent well for the 3s?

The Week In Review

Between countless annual events (i.e.: awards shows, season premieres, etc), weekly regularities (i.e. episodes of “RHOA” or “Basketball Wives”), and more “spontaneous” occurrences (i.e.: Whitney Houston’s funeral, Oprah’s interview with the Houston family, etc), we’ve reached a point in our culture where, for many of us, the collective consumption of a subject matters more than the subject itself. Basically, we careinfinitely more about what’s said on our Twitter timelines about Jim and Chrissy’s relationship on “Love and Hip-Hop” than we do about Jim and Chrissy’s relationship.

This quote is from “Collective Consumerism: It Takes a Village to Watch a TV Show (?)” — an article I wrote at Ebony.com. And while I do still think that the latent premise remains true, I think it’s pretty ironic that I’d write an article talking about how what we consume pales in comparison to our consumption of it in the same week I wrote two posts here talking about the importance of the avalanche of virtual attention the Trayvon Martin case has received. Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out already, please do. (And, if so compelled, leave a comment.)

Panama, aka “The Girl’s BFF,” aka “The Three Goggles” has an interesting post up at Guyspeak this week titled “Man Law Violations That Women Want Us To Engage In”. While he didn’t mention what I consider to be the most annoying Man Law Violation That Women Ask Us To Do — “share food from our plate before we even had a chance to eat it” — the list includes “Wearing Sandals” which, I swear to Baby Jesus, every single woman I’ve ever seriously dated has tried to convince me to do.

If that doesn’t quench your Panama thirst, you can also check out “Ask A Black Man” – Meet Panama Jackson on Madame Noire. And, while you’re over there, make sure to check out the transcript from my weekly live chat on Madame Noire’s Facebook page.

Lastly, the pic up top is from Wednesday’s #millionhoodiemarch in support of Trayvon Martin. We did this already on our Facebook fan page, but if you have any hoodie pics to share, please leave them in the comments below. Because we’re not all that original, we’re going to copy what Urban Cusp has already done try and create a gallery of our own. I know creating a gallery isn’t going to save any lives or right any injustices, but if we’re all going to start doing something, we gotta start somewhere, right?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

Happy Birthday, Mr. P: The 32 Most Ungangsta Facts About Panama Jackson

He thinks he's gangsta, but he's sooooo not.

People of VSB.

This is not your Champ or your Panama speaking. This is Liz, the third but non-testicled member of  #TeamVSB coming to you today for a very special occasion.

Today is a national holiday here at VSB. This is the day the Lord has made in which we celebrate the birth of the one and only Most Valuable 3, Panama Jackson (no relation to O’Shea).


Today we give a digital toast to Peej as he turns 32.

*raises computer mouse in the air*

As one of Ps gooder friends for the past 6 or 7 years (damb, we gettin old), I feel like spilling a little tea today. Some P Tea, if you will. I’ve heard the rumblings in these e-streets: Is Panama really as gangsta as he lets on online? What’s P like when he lets his hair down? Does he put his left sock on first, or his right? I have the answers to these questions and more. In honor of Year #32, I bring you The 32 Most Ungangsta Facts About Panama Jackson: Continue reading