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F*ck The St. Louis Police Officers Association And Everything They Believe In

Five members of the St. Louis Rams showed support for the protests in Ferguson and around the country. Now some St. Louis Police officers want an apology. Because of course they do.

Why I Love NBA Basketball (…And Why You Don’t If You Don’t)

On loving the NBA for what it is, and what it isn't

The NFL’s Big Brain Injury Problem That We Don’t Give A Damn About

With a number attached to the lives in jeopardy after every kickoff, it’s feeling more and more uncomfortable to enjoy America’s most popular game

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child. Or Nah?

Former Minnesota Viking Cris Carter had something to get off his chest about the Adrian Peterson situation. He felt some type of way. But he made some good points. What say you?

7 Other Things The NFL Is Probably Lying About

According to the AP, the NFL received a copy of the Ray Rice video in April, before handing down his penalty for mollywopping his wife, janay Palmer. Allegedly, the NFL has no knowledge of ever receiving the video. Sounds like the NFL is lying. What else could they be lying about?

Why Roger Goodell Is Not Getting Fired Any Time Soon

The league will continue to grow as long as we keep the NFL such an important part of our cultural zeitgeist. And, as long as those numbers continue to grow, Goodell will continue to keep -- and earn -- his $44 million salary

Four Questions After Watching The Ray Rice Video

The video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife, Janay Palmer, has gone public and raised a lot more questions than it answers. Jozen takes a shot at asking some of those questions.

Michael Sam and The Kiss Seen ‘Round the World

Michael Sam, the Mizzou foootball player who came out as gay and attempted to become the first openl...

The NFL Is F*cking Evil (…And We Don’t Give A Damn)

It was Sunday. We (my fiancee and I) were at my dad's house, watching the Heat/Bulls game. It wa...

How To Be Gay As F*ck

As is the case with most popular news items that have absolutely no impact on our actual lives, ...

PJ and Champ Talk NFL and Bullying

For the whatever installment of this fireside chat between Champ and I, we decided to tackle (get it...

Why I Love NBA Basketball

As I type this, the remnants of a fried egg and bacon sandwich sits on a plate to my left. What ...

Why The 2012-2013 NBA Season Might Be The Best NBA Season You’ve Ever Seen

The first NBA game I remember watching was a Sixers game in the spring of 1986. I forgot exactly...

The Ho’s Uniform: How Ines Sainz Proves “Victim-Blaming” Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Tuesday night, I met several friends at William Penn Tavern--a popular Pittsburgh-area sports bar---...

5 Reasons Why The NBA is Better Than The NFL

I started calling myself "The Champ" in February of 2006, a week or so after the Pittsburgh Stee...