8 New Year’s Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

You know the drill. On Wednesday, we begin another new year and most of us will come up with some resolutions that are well-intentioned but go the way of the condor a few weeks into the year. Not even because we don’t want to be the better people we resolved to be, but mostly because they all require lifestyle choices. Face it, having to buy a new calendar rarely motivates a lifestyle change.

Since I’m one of those people, I feel like I can speak on this. Hell, I even stopped making resolutions for this purpose and just decided to hopefully have a better year than the year before. Simple enough. Well, because people will continue to make resolutions (good luck!) I figured I’d drop an oncho on a ‘em with 8 that you might actually keep.

1. Go to the gym once per month

Unless you’re already doing it OR have been motivated by some life-altering experience, you are probably not going to the gym three to five times a week. It sounds like a great idea; trust me, I know. I have a gym membership too. That I rarely use.

2. Volunteer more than you did in the previous year

I’ve heard people resolve to volunteer once a month. Some people manage to knock this out and that’s great. You can NEVER give too much of your time to help those in need. I firmly believe this. Just be realistic about how much you really intend to make it happen. Just do better than the year before.

3. Cook sometimes

I have a friend who I swear eats out every single day. She told me recently she resolved to stop going out and will cook every day. I looked at her like she had three breasts (she did not). We both know that wasn’t going to happen. I know parents who don’t cook every day. I told her to just cook more than she currently does. Like…sometimes and turn that goal into a habit and maybe she’ll just start cooking more by default.

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2012 New Year’s Resolutions – The VSB Edition

Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome baaaaaaack.

We around the VSB offices hope that you and yours had a most plentiful, restful, and bountiful Christmas and New Year’s. For some of us it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. If you had the worst of times then I feel sorry for your mother. No, that’s not true.


As is customary in western society, we (the people) usually come up with resolutions for the new year. We usually call them…New Year’s Resolutions. Granted, very few of us actually follow through on any of them past January 15, but it is nice to ponder a higher conscientiousness and what not. Especially since all of our friends on Love & Hip-Hop are the anti-thesis of higher consciousness. Seriously, I hate everybody on that show with boobs. Kimbella, Yandy, Chrissy (I know y’all love her, I do not), Teirra (how the f*ck do you spell her name? Damn Detroiters), Emily (can somebody clear this up for me – Noxema – is she supposed to be attractive?), blah blah blah…

I’d like to throw a bottle at everybody involved at least once.

Moving on.

Resolutions. I figure that it’s both cliche and positive to resolute some sh*t. Like a desk. I love National Treasure. So here are some resolutions for a G like myself. Beware, some of these may not be your traditional resolutions. Like Omarion told us in 2004, I’m gon’ change…

1. I resolve to never end up dating a woman that would likely end up on a reality television show. I realize that I’m not famous enough to cause a woman I’m seeing to be asked to be on Blogger Boos, but my goal is to make sure that should such a show come to fruition, in 2012, nobody I’m associated with would be asked. Two words and a symbol: Cease & desist. You may think that’s a dumb goal. I’d tell you more, but its too early in the year to go into it.

2. I resolve to go to more clubs where “Round of Applause” is played. Again, might sound retarded but in 2011, I spent a whole lot of time in niche clubs where ignorant music was frowned upon by people wearing hemp, cargo pants, and graphic tees that said “Dilla Saved My Life”. And while that may be true (though the irony is absolutely uncanny), I’ve got to get back to places where Lil Wayne and Jeezy are on the menu. Do you know much my soul yearns to watch an entire club clap in unison when “Round of Applause” comes on? You may not know my pain. But it’s real.

By the way, I honestly think that song should be the Grammy winner for Song of the Millenium.

3. I’ve really got to reduce the number of “you ain’t sh*t” emails I receive. <—- not lying. Of course, I may receive a few merely for writing this as a resolution but hey, you win some you lose some. Can a brotha grow? Then again, that would imply that any of them were warranted. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. I’ll just do better in 2012. Either way, I’m done. I’m tired. I can’t fight no more. I quit. I’ve decided to join a monastery to get my life right.

I didn’t join a monastery.

4. Execute.While murdering a few people here and there might make my liver quiver and my soul shake, I’m actually talking about the game. We have so much good stuff planned for VSB for 2012 I’m almost giddy for the possibilities. But nothing can happen unless we make it pop off ’round here. 2011 was such a monster year for us and the entire VSB community (seriously, y’all are part of all it with us) that its going to be hard to top. But we have no choice. Which is part of the reason I just started this year off like this with the softball resolution post.

We’ve got to put it all on paper so that we can all revisit this post during the course of the year to make sure that we’re on track. Hoes.

Flying coyote.

So, good people of VSB, let’s start off the year with some resolutions. What new year’s resolutions do you want us to hold you accountable for in 2012? Spill it.


For all the DC heads: Come out to Liv Nightclub this Saturday, January 7, 2012, as VSB x Shine On Me x Just Cause Events bring you 2012′s first installment of Reminisce, the old school hip-hop/r&b party. You partied hard for a fee for NYE, now it’s time to party for free. Free before 11pm ($10 after), open bar from 10-11pm, and no dress code. Come party with Panama Jackson and dance the night away, sweat out your perm lacefront, and celebrate good times. C’mon. Peep the Facebook invite here.

VSB Event Notice: NYE On U Street (DC)

Are you still trying to find something to do for New Year’s Eve?

You are not a lone. MJ. RIP.

Like the majority of people in most major cities, everybody is looking for a worthwhile time for New Year’s Eve. And that would usually be easy to find except everybody wants to charge you $50 to $100 JUST to enter the building they’re having a party in. I’ve paid that much before. Blow.Er.


Brought to you by a string of promoters responsible for various entertaining and successful parties around the city (including VSB),  NYE on U Street is your option for entertainment on the low-low this Saturday, December 31st, 2011.

Happening at the Bohemian Caverns complex on U Street from 9pm-4am, you will be able to traverse the entire building (Bohemian Caverns, Tap & Parlour, Liv Nightclub) and find different vibes and entertainment in each locale. There will be live music on one floor, and DJ’s spinning reggae/soca on another floor, and hip-hop/R&B on the top two floors in Liv Nightclub.

And then there’s the cost.

All tickets are $30 in advance…bu-bu-bu-but wait its gets…BETTER??

If you buy 5 or more tickets as a unit for you and your friends, the price drops to $25 per ticket.

Bu-bu-bu-but wait it gets…BETTER???

If you and your friends get together and get 10 tickets, its $20 per person.

Seriously, aside from a house party, when was the last time you ever paid $20 for a New Year’s Eve party and Abraham Lincoln wasn’t throwing it?

So quit bojangling, NYE is on Saturday. Go to the provided link, check the details and then buy you some tickets for you and your peoples and bring in the New Year the right way…with all of your friends and loved ones.

Click here for tickets: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2684871523/verysmartbrothas/246018156

Happy New Year everybody. From your Panama, Champ, and Liz. Stay safe VSB.