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Azealia Banks Is Right On Iggy But Wrong On Just About Everything Else

Azealia Banks has managed to give her input on a varied number of subjects. And even when she manages to be right she finds a way to be wrong.

On Really Wanting To Like J. Cole More Than I Actually Do

Panamas been adamant that he doesn't undestand the hype behind J. Cole. But he's a standup guy so he decided to give 2014 Forest Hills Drive a real listen. Here's the verdict.

My Big K.R.I.T. Conundrum

Panama wants to like Big K.R.I.T.'s music. He really does. He just doesn't.

PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol. 3

Another installment of Playlist Thursdays. What are you listening to these days?

10 Rap Songs That Would Be As Big (Or Bigger) Today As When They Came Out

VSB drops a list of songs that would be as big today as they were when they were released. What songs? DID YOU GUESSED IT? WERE YOU RIGHT? Have a look see and drop your gems.

PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol 1

With all of the music heads romping through the VSB lands, Panama decided to start a song swapmeet. He'll show you his if you show him yours.

Teairra Mari Should Be A Superstar

Panama thinks that despite what we see on LHH Hollywood, Teairra Mari should be a superstar. He really means it. Seriously.

Adult R&B Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Having A Mid-Life Crisis (And So Am I)

My iTunes playlist stands as a tribute to yesteryear, when K-Ci and Mary were soundtracking hood love that's kind of wonderful for all the wrong reasons, and kneepads were about fashion, not safety.

Artists Who Probably Only Listen To Their Own Music

A lot of musicians are extremely passionate about their music. Some seem like they may be a little more than others; so much so they probably ONLY listen to their own music. Here's our list of possibles!

Chris Brown’s Hoes Ain’t Loyal, But Everybody Else Seems To Be

Chris Brown stays winning. What happen? How it happen? Why does he manage to keep afloat despite his attempts to sink every ship he's ever been on? Questions need answering.

On Wondering If You Might Be Too Old — Or Too Smart, Too Responsible, Too Feminist, etc — To Still Love Rap

I took my fiancee’s nephew ("Derek") to the YMCA to play basketball. He’s 12. On the way to ...

Non-Conventional Gifts That Make Me Happy During This Holiday Season

Or any season really... With Christmas right around the corner, I've been a bit reflective la...

On Writing Those Gotdamn End Of The Year “Best Of The Year” Lists

(The Champ's latest at Complex on the process of writing those "best of the year" listicles you're g...