The VSB Files–Episode 005: Montana Fishburne, Kanye West, & Intimidating Women

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how montana fishburne shows that you should learn to stop worrying and love the porn

“The first time is really nerve racking … but, I have a lot of at-home experience?”¹

montana fishburne (daughter of laurence. yes, that laurence), describing her soon-to-be released porn debut

when i first heard last week that larry fishburne’s 19 year old daughter had filmed a pornographic video with lloyd banks doppelganger brian pumper, the first thoughts that went through my head had nothing to do with the validity of the rumor, fishburne’s (apparent) failures as a father, or even my (admittedly tepid) interest in actually seeing this film.

no, the only thing i could even bother thinking about was “why the hell would she pick the wackest n*gga in porn to film a scene with?” you see, pumper is the black porn connoisseur’s tyler perry: a person whose brilliant business acumen and work ethic stands as a complete contrast to the wretched catsh*t he actually produces. while it may seem a bit odd to hear a (straight) man profess such a pointed negative opinion of a male porn star, trust me when i say that barbershop 3 is more rewatchable than a scene featuring brian pumper.

anyway, once i got over my pumper disgust, i couldn’t help but admire the shrewdness of montana fishburne’s decision. while other aspiring starlets have learned to adopt a faux surprise and a general apologeticness when hearing that their sex tapes had been “leaked”, this marks the first time i know of where a woman has actually said “the only reason i’m doing this is because i want mainstream fame, and this seems like the best way to make that happen“, and that mindset’s (taking unapologetic advantage instead of pretending that you were taken advantage of) surprisingly refreshing. you can argue that said shrewdness is nothing but short-sighted (and dangerous) naivete, but a certain self-exploitative single-mindedness is neccesary if your goal is to emulate the kardashian/hilton model of popcorn (but, legitimate) celebrity.

with this in mind, pumper’s posturing and horrendous mid-scene rapping actually makes him the perfect partner. if a sex tape is merely a 30 minute means to a (hopeful, but improbable) c-list end, who better to co-star than the clown prince of pornography? while i’m not quite ready to call her the bell hooks of black porn, she does have quite a bit of curt flood in her.

i guess this is where i should insert some commentary about how society’s perpetual desensitization to porn affects our collective psyches, and how this numbness has an adverse effect on our dating and relationship lives. i should probably also say something about divorce, daddy issues, and the culture of celebrity, but i…just…don’t…f*cking…care.

the main argument against pornography is that it exploits, degrades, and endangers misguided young women. but, when you consider self-determined starlets like fishburne, established porn stars who’ve created their own companies and revenue streams, and the fact that women’s collective porn patronage is growing exponentially, is something truly degrading if someone has complete creative and financial control of said degradation? and, while there are many women (and men) in the adult industry who’ve landed there after falling of a tree of abuse, bad decisions, and financial despair, i can’t muster much self-righteous indignation about a woman who’s using porn instead of allowing herself to be used by porn, regardless of who her dad happens to be.

like it or not, porn, and women using porn as a vehicle to get off and get on, is here to stay. and, if all it takes to get ahead is to get some head on film, go ahead. i aint mad at ya. just don’t expect me to pay to watch it.

¹”but, i have a lot of at-home experience” definitely ranks 3rd behind “i need an enema” and “i’ve learned a ton from my dad” on the list of “the three worst possible things i could accidentally overhear my 19 year old daughter say about sex“.

—the champ