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On Being A Diehard Sports Fan…And Marrying Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Shit About Sports

I have no idea how I managed to find and marry one of the 16 women in Pittsburgh who are NOT sports fans. But I did.

Intimacy Compatibility: The Most Underrated Part Of A Happy Relationship

Because the only thing worse than an interrupted shit is a shit interrupted by a bottle of Pantene thrown at your spleen.

Advice For Soon-To-Be Husbands From A Guy Who Hasn’t Been Married Long Enough To Give It

Yes, six months of marriage does make me an expert. Thanks for asking, though.

Being A Husband Means You Kill The Maggots

"Kill the maggots" is not an analogy

I’m Someone’s Husband? Me? Really?

Damon's latest at EBONY on the word "husband" and how he doesn't quite feel like one -- at least the movie version of one -- yet.

Skinny Jeans And Jordans And…A Gray Hair? Wait…Am I Having A Mid-Life Crisis?

Although I feel (relatively) young and think I look (relatively) young, I'm closer to 50 than I am to 18. Perhaps the Jordans are a sign of a mid-life crisis

What I’ve Learned About Myself After Being Married For A Month

Maybe they don't know everything about you, but they know you. And with that comes a steadily increasing level of imperviousness to your bullshit. Since you can't really bullshit them, you can't really bullshit yourself. Not anymore.

Husband Makes Spreadsheet of Wife’s Excuses for Not Having Sex

In the most meticulous display of bitchassness you may see this month, a frustrated husband made a s...

Six Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day

There's no other time you'll have people from all corners of your life in one place. Well, maybe your funeral. But that doesn't count, cause you won't be there.

I’m Getting Married In 10 Days. And I’m Fine With That.

People keep asking if I'm nervous my single days are ending. I don't have the heart to tell them the truth. ("No. Not at all.")

10 Things You Need To Know If You Were Invited To A Wedding This Summer

Unless they're in that 1% of salmon-colored pants wearing motherf*ckers whose family owns the rights to the color orange, your soon-to-be married friends will need money.

Getting Married…And Acting Single

Today is May 19th. Which means I will be getting married two months from today. Which also means...

We Know “It’s Complicated.” But Who Cares?

In a culture that encourages us all to have options, we don’t stand for any presentations of ambiguity in affairs of the heart.