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Kendrick Lamar, And The Beauty Of Black Rage

King Kendrick came through

Kendrick Lamar Said Something Dumb. Looks Like Rappers Are People, Too.

Kendrick Lamar made some comments in Billboard magazine that rubbed some folks the wrong way. He's a rapper though, so, ya know.

Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and the Frustration of Derivative Artistry

Logic's album Under Pressure is great. But it sounds a bit too familiar. This is a problem.

The Nerd Rapper Revolution

(The Champ’s latest at Complex on how nerds and nerd culture have dominated rap culture this yea...

Kendrick Lamar And Nigga Neurosis

(The Champ’s latest at Complex on Kendrick Lamar, GQ, and the psychology of dealing with racism) ...

Five Quick Takeaways From The 300 Sandwiches Internet Shindig

1. I lucked into my favorite sandwich. I happened to home during the afternoon one day, I happen...

A Minute-By-Minute Recap Of The 2013 BET Awards

8:20: As Gabrielle Union's Being Mary Jane promo airs for the 1st out of the 67 times it aired l...

Kendrick Lamar and The Art of An Album

[We reached our goal of $20K - plus some - for our Indiegogo campaign. We will address that tomorrow...