Karaoke 4 A Cause – Wednesday, December 11, 2013

flyer-13Every year, a some friends of mine put together an event that’s full of fun and purpose called Karaoke 4 A Cause. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a huge karaoke party and toy drive to support kids in need in Washington, DC. So everybody dances, sings, and makes a fool of themselves all for a great cause.

So this Wednesday, December 11, at Liv Nightclub in Washington, DC, from 630-1030pm, come party for a cause and sing your heart out. The price of admission is a new unopened toy worth $20 or more in value (got to make sure we’re giving kids quality toys).

DC Events: Karaoke 4 A Cause – Thursday, December 13, 2012

For those individuals in DC, there’s a great charity event occurring this Thursday, December 13, 2012, at Liv Nightclub in Washington, DC.

It’s called Karaoke 4 A Cause. I’d love to tell you everybody involved but I honestly don’t even know everybody involved. But whoever they are, they know what they’re doing.

From the website:

Every holiday season, there are parties, soirees, and celebrations. Glasses are clinked, a mistletoe is dodged, family is reunited, and for most folks… gifts are exchanged.Karaoke for a Cause is dedicated to continuing the tradition of fun holiday gatherings with friends and colleagues.  We simply believe that instead of splurging on each other, giving to others is a true celebration of the holiday season. You bring a toy and we bring the party.

 We laugh, sometimes flirtatiously, sometimes loudly.

We drink, and more than enough to make the bartender happy.

We sing, with passion and almost always off key.
We dance, thanks largely to the efforts of Mr. Hollywood DJ, the official Sixers DJ, visiting us from Philadelphia and DJ Profitt , DC’s premier karaoke DJ.
But most importantly, we give.

Because we know we’re here to do more than laugh, drink, sing, and dance. Won’t you join us? We promise it’s the most fun you’ll have this holiday season, and that you’ll share that joy with someone who needs it more than you can imagine.

Basically, come out, bring a toy or a $20 donation, and get your karaoke on! I’ll be there and I can’t wait. It was such a good event last year that I’m sure this year will be even better and bring in even more toys for kids who need them during this Christmas season! See you all there! Peep the video from last year’s event!

Karaoke 4 A Cause – December 15th, 2011 from KreativeGFX on Vimeo.