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I Just Was Not That Into Rap Music…Until I Heard The College Dropout

All that syrupy greatness in my Houstonian orbit -- living down the street from Bushwick Bill, having Paul Wall show up after school to pick up his manager/my middle school P.E. teacher -- and I still didn’t listen to much rap.

Life As One Of The Last People On Kanye West Island

No one seems to want to live on Kanye West Island anymore.

10 Things The Video For FourFiveSeconds Could Also Very Easily Be

Just trying to make it back home by Monday morning. I swear.

World’s Biggest Artist Kanye West Is Gonna Make This Paul McCartney Guy A Star.

Kanye West dropped a new song with some guy who used to sing in a group about bugs. Folks lost their shit.

On Really Wanting To Like J. Cole More Than I Actually Do

Panamas been adamant that he doesn't undestand the hype behind J. Cole. But he's a standup guy so he decided to give 2014 Forest Hills Drive a real listen. Here's the verdict.

A Definitive List Of Every Bougie Black Girl Celebrity Crush Of The Last 20 Years

As we all know, a man with model good looks + social consciousness is to a Bougie Black Girl what cocaine + the shit you use to turn cocaine into crack is to a crackhead.

Leaked New Kanye Track (‘All Day’) Sounds Like Old Kanye

You know those people who want the old Kanye West back? Who reminisce about the days of 'Spaceship' ...

Shit Bougie Black People Love: 18. Being Upset About Kanye West

While others merely enjoyed Kanye's music, Bougie Black People were enchanted by him. "Finally" Bougie Black People exclaimed, between sips of green machine Naked Juice, "a rap artist who speaks to me."

VSB Presents: The #Blackestname in America Tournament, Round 1 Day 2

[If you haven't done so already, download and print out the bracket to play along and see how well y...

VSB Presents: The #BlackestName In America Tournament, Round 1 Day 1

An an attempt to finally determine America's Blackest name, we formed a committee of Blackness mavens to nominate dozens of very real names owned by very real people, eventually narrowing down to 64: A perfect number for a tournament!

An Arbitrary, Occasionally Objective, And Frequently Maddening Ranking Of Every Kanye West Album

In the 10 years since The College Dropout dropped, Kanye West has gone from a guy whose name I u...

Wrong Is Wrong, Even If You Don’t Like Kanye And Kim

***The Champ's latest at EBONY reminds not to allow a dislike of Kanye and Kim to dismiss the fact t...

Three Quick Thoughts On Kanye, Kim, And Confrontation Contemplation

1. A couple is at a mall. She has a couple stores she wants to visit, and he's hungry, so they s...

The Nerd Rapper Revolution

(The Champ’s latest at Complex on how nerds and nerd culture have dominated rap culture this yea...

Kanye West And Olivia Pope Meet Outside Of An Apple Store

It was a Wednesday. Olivia needed some "time" off the grid that morning after Jake Ballard br...