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Tinashe’s Aquarius, Is…Surprisingly Good

I didn’t know if she would just be yet another dancing-ass, ethnically ambiguous LA girl who loves weed and has a great face, but the album pleasantly surprised me

7 Other Things The NFL Is Probably Lying About

According to the AP, the NFL received a copy of the Ray Rice video in April, before handing down his penalty for mollywopping his wife, janay Palmer. Allegedly, the NFL has no knowledge of ever receiving the video. Sounds like the NFL is lying. What else could they be lying about?

Adult R&B Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Having A Mid-Life Crisis (And So Am I)

My iTunes playlist stands as a tribute to yesteryear, when K-Ci and Mary were soundtracking hood love that's kind of wonderful for all the wrong reasons, and kneepads were about fashion, not safety.