Very Smart Singles (For Real This Time) And More

Writing books, throwing parties at the SAME. DAMN. TIME!!!

A year in a half or so ago, I wrote an entry talking about our plans to launch Very Smart Singles — a service created to help the thousands of single members of VSB nation connect with each other, date, (hopefully) copulate, and (maybe) spawn a race of big-headed VSB babies.

Unfortunately — well, fortunately for us, but unfortunately for Very Smart Singles — “Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm At Night” was released a month later, and that pretty much took up all of our attention and energy.

Anyway, we have quite a few things planned for the next couple of months, and the return — and follow through — of Very Smart Singles is one of them

Here are the details:

A person (male or female) submits a picture and a short (150-200 word) and witty (well, as witty as you can be) bio to our email address. Included in the bio should be their general location (i.e.: DMV, Greater Atlanta area, etc) and the name they prefer to have on their profile. (For instance, if your name is Kimberly Johnson, you’d be “Kim J”, “K.J.”, or “Kimmers”)

We’ll then post the pic and the bio on VSB as its own entry. (We’ll eventually have a Very Smart Singles permeneat sidebar, but for now this’ll do) People interested in possibly meeting the Very Smart Single will email us, and we’ll then contact the Very Smart Single, giving them the contact info of whoever expressed interest. From that point, they’re on their own.

We plan to launch this in a few weeks, but we’re currently accepting submissions so that we can hit the ground running. If you’re interested, email a hi-definition picture, a short bio, and your location to, under the heading “Very Smart Singles.”

Also, if you already sent something in during the first go around, please resend if you’re still interested.

A couple more things…

After receiving over 500 emails, we ended up choosing three interns — Mylon M., a D.C. resident who actually was one of the baby-haired kids in the Just For Me ads that used to run on BET in the late 90′s, Natalie D., a Princeton student and former female pro wrestler, and “Stalls,” who won’t allow us to print her real name because she owes the IRS $19,000. These lovely ladies are needed additions to the VSB team, we’re glad to have them on board, and we apologize in advance for all the shit we’re going to put them through and all the Greyhound station Bible study classes Liz will drag them to.

A couple weekends ago, Panama drove up to the Burgh so that we could record an audio version of “Your Degrees…” at Ya Momz House, the recording studio owed by my man Emmai Alaquiva. All of the final engineering and production was completed this week, and we’ll have it available shortly (possibly by next week). Stay tuned and shit.

There’s something else really big in the works that I’m not allowed to talk about right now. Lets just say that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of “us” in the very near future.

It’s still not to late to cop a limited edition VSB sweatshirt from our partnership with Coliseum Apparel. Forget about the fact that it’s supposed to be like 90 degrees everywhere on the entire east coast this weekend. Cop it, and literally be the hottest dude (or chick) in the club.

Lastly, if you’re in the D.C. area this weekend, come through to #REMINISCEDC, the party dedicated to all 90s music at Liv Nightclub in DC!!! Straight hip-hop/r&b/dancehall brought to you by Very Smart Brothas x Shine On Me x Just Cause Events. Come party with us THIS Saturday, May 5, also know as Cinco De Mayo (rock your sombrero), FOR FREE! It’s FREE before 11pm with RSVP ( and $10 after, there’s an OPEN BAR from 930-1030PM (sponsored by Courvoisier) and NO DRESS CODE. It’s cheaper to come out and party!!!! After you down all the Coronos and Margaritas you can, come party with us! Plus, we’ll have $5 drink specials all night long. Really, you can’t beat it.

Anyway, VSB nation, does anyone have anything new and exciting (or old and mundane) that you want to get off of your chest? The carpet is yours.

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)