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Eight Dumb-Ass Sexual Myths (Some) People Somehow Still Believe

There are people who actually do believe making extended eye contact with a gay person will somehow turn them gay too, like gays have the vampire worms from The Strain shooting from their eyelids

Michael Sam, And The Black (And Gay) Politics Of Being “Twice As Good”

True progress isn't Jackie Robinson making the Brooklyn Dodgers. It's the .220 Black hitter with the above average arm making the Dodgers.

The Cold War Between Straight Black Women And Gay Black Men

This antagonism and foolishness between Black women and Black gay men? It’s exhausting.

How To Be Really Good At Being A Down-Low Brotha

My Facebook feed caught a bout of amnesia this morning, as people were sharing and talking about Farrah Gray's "10 Signs On How To Tell If He’s On The Down Low" -- a list so 2004 that I felt like it was performance art.

On Black People And “Our” Homophobia

1. As I listened to Jason Collins and Oprah discuss the extra "stigma" of being gay and Black, I...

Why “Bad Religion” Was My Song of the Year

The Champ's latest at Ebony.com explains his affinity for Frank Ocean's groundbreaking love song

Hova Speaks, Will Hip-Hop Follow (Again)?: Will Jay-Z’s Support of Gay Marriage Help Hip-Hop Become Less Homophobic?

Although it was a forgettable song (well, forgettable sans for Pharrell's hook) on an even more ...

no homo: “enlighted” black women and their ambivalent homophobia

i have an strange tendency to assume that people i've met who i'm not physically or sexually attract...