DC: The BlaqOut Show Interactive Happy Hour Show at Balletto TOMORROW!

bos_vday_eflyerCome join Beny Blaq, Panama Jackson, Malik Husser, Angel Elliott, the boys from Prepster Punk and DJ Lil Mic (aka the hosts) from The Blaq Out Show (the weekly radio show I’m a host for on www.blis.fm) as we host a LIVE show and happy hour from 6PM-10PM on Wednesday, February 13 at Balletto (1708 L St, NW). Come hang with me and the rest of the hosts then enjoy the live taping of a show and be apart of it all! With DJ Lil Mic providing the sounds and hilarious commentary behind the scenes, it will be a night full of entertainment that you won’t want to miss. And plus it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, come spread the love! And share love…

…just love.

The BlaqOut Show Live

February 13, 2012

Balletto – 1708 L Street, NW (DC)

HH and show: 6-10PM

Come hang with P.

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Hour/Game Night Announcement!

Happy Memorial Day people. May your Memorial Day be filled with as much BBQ, fish, and outdoor fun as your little heart can handle.

As is VSB custom, we tend to take off the holidays around here and today is no different, however, I wanted to drop off this little nugget…

Everybody knows it is #geminiseason. Yes, that wondrous time where all that is right with the world gets a little bit righter. As is such, the current week that we are in is home to the day that the good Lord Himself decided to bestow upon the world one Panama Jackson. Yes, it’s true. Liz, our pre-eminent on all things, is also a Gemini. Put your lighters up.

As is such, this week on Thursday, in Washington, DC, I shall be playing host to a Happy Hour/Game Night at Tap & Parlour. It’s the same location as the #threedeez party back in April. So from 530pm until we leave (actually more like 6pm for me) come hang out and get libatious with Panama and many of his homeboys. As luck would have it, the game will also be shown on all of the television screens on this evening (it’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Heat of Miami and the Mavericks of Dallas) and it’s also Game Night at Tap & Parlour, which means that random boardgames and card games etc are available for people to play and converse over. I’m partial to spades myself and rarely leave home without a deck of cards.

All that to say, if you’re in DC and are looking for something to do on Thursday, come on out to Tap & Parlour and help me celebrate my birthday.

Tap & Parlour is located at 2001 11th Street, NW (corner of 11th and U)

530-the game ends

Happy Hour Specials

Game Night

Is it short notice? Sure. That’s by design. But come Thursday night, come kick it with ya boy, if ya ‘ont 2.

We’ll be sending out an email to the VSB VIP-DC list and I’m gonna try to create a little thing so that we can get some kind of quick idea on numbers, but funtimes are funtimes and ain’t no funner time than #geminiseason on a Thursday with Panama Jackson. Tru dat and bet that up.




Then One Where We Recap National VSB Day Happy Hours

I’m so tired. My voice is gone. Folks came. We saw. We conquered.

Shoutouts to everybody who came out to the DC National VSB Happy Hour. Let’s do a quick recap since quite frankly, I’d really like to be sleeping but I do this for my culture.

I was a little worried at first. Despite having more RSVPs than a mothertrucker, between the hours of 5-6pm, there might have been 10 people. Which isn’t so bad, I mean, most people in DC get off at 5pm. It was cool and all, but I can’t lie, I was slightly worried.

All of those fears were allayed by 630pm when it looked like Black DC came out in full force to Tap & Parlour at Bohemian Caverns for some quality libations, food, and fun. With that said, here are a few things that come to mind about tonight’s happy hour:

1) I love how when you bring a bunch of ninjas together in DC, a Howard vs Morehouse/Spelman convo and debate breaks out. I shall always have the last word though. Take that Howardites!!!!!

2) I signed somebody’s hand. I did not however, sign any boobs, much to the chagrin of one particular VSS. I’m sure she’ll make mention of it.

3) I love that dudes actually came out. Hell, I’m not even sure some of these dudes ever heard of VSB. They just rolled by and saw a locale full of women and realized that wherever they were going wasn’t going to look like what they had seeent.

4) I have no idea if most folks actually met anybody new or not (well aside from me, who met damn near everybody), but everybody looked like they were enjoying theirselves. This made me happy. And a happy Panama Jackson loves squirrels.

5) Somebody ACTUALLY lost on bet on whether or not my real name was Panama Jackson. I was more amazed that the bet was made in the first place. And yes, they lost because as we all know, my real name is not Panama Jackson.

6) I can’t say how much entertainment I get out of folks curiousity about whether or not I’m a 3. Therefore, I put on a tshirt that had a 3 on it.

7) I actually gave relationship advice…well here’s another hit Barry Bonds.

8) For those who were curious, yes, that was my daughter.

9) I have to say this, mostly because it’s hilarious to me. There was a significant enough amount of guys at the event who could have hollered at any number of women…except they didn’t really…branch out. All those women…and I had to entertain them all. Though there were a few cats who definitely did their part.

10) Shoutouts to my folks (you know who you are because I specifically told you all how much I really appreciate you all coming to all of our events). I can’t tell you all how humbling it was to have SO many folks come out to an event put on by VSB.

Anyway, thats enough and I’m tired. I’d rather hear from other people in every other city how the event went. Let us know. Let everybody know. DC was off the hook and hopefully some of the folks in DC will chime in and share their thoughts.

Basically, if you went, let us know…

And mostly, thanks to everybody who came out to any event in any city. And Liz, thanks for putting it all together.


***Attn Pittsburgh-Area VSBs and VSS’s. On Saturday, Feb. 12th, The August Wilson Center is hosting a screening of Love Jones and a Q & A session with Theodore Witcher, the writer and director of the film. The pre-screening reception starts at 6:30, and tickets are $15. Hope to see you there!!!***

DC Happy Hour!

Hey VSBs and VSSs in the DMV area, we just wanted to give you a heads up about a Happy Hour we are co-hosting TOMORROW in DC in conjunction with The Usual Suspectz and Elevated Entertainment.

Details below. If you can make it, please come and rep for all the VSBs and VSSs who ask us where do we all hang out at. Panama Jackson (and Liz) will be there to meet and greet you all! Continue reading