Two Important Announcements for the Holiday Week

What up VSBs and VSSs. As you know, it’s the holiday season, so for the rest of the week we might be a bit ghost up in this piece. However, we are definitely checking the comments and causing a ruckus and such. We also have two VERY IMPORTANT things for you to weigh in on:

1. We are planning some big time events in the coming year all around these United States of America. But, we need to know where our VSB and VSS fam is located so we can reach as many folk as possible. So if you could do us a little favor and leave a comment and tell us the metropolitan area you rep. Vote or die. You can be anonymous, we’re just trying to get a headcount to make sure we don’t leave any VSB areas in the cold. That way we can put your area on our VSB Map of Shenanigans for our 2011 Event Planning. Leave no VSB or VSS behind!

2. If you didn’t know already, our very own Liz is traveling to Haiti next month, along with some doctors, to assist with providing free medical care in Haiti. She’ll be administering eye exams (bet you didn’t know she was so skilled, huh?), and working in some mobile dental and medical clinics. She could really use your VSB + VSS help to get there, though.  Please think about contributing to help those less fortunate in Haiti. This is your opportunity to directly help people in Haiti. All of these funds go directly to the efforts in Haiti, to be spent immediately. If you would like a tax deductible receipt for your gift, let her know. Let’s see if Team VSB can raise $800 by Dec 1. No donation is too small! Even $5 could really help this cause. You can read more about Liz’s journey to Haiti here. She’ll be back to report about her trip early next year. Click the widget below to get donating or go to this page and click the widget!

Happy Thanksgiving!