8 New Year’s Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

You know the drill. On Wednesday, we begin another new year and most of us will come up with some resolutions that are well-intentioned but go the way of the condor a few weeks into the year. Not even because we don’t want to be the better people we resolved to be, but mostly because they all require lifestyle choices. Face it, having to buy a new calendar rarely motivates a lifestyle change.

Since I’m one of those people, I feel like I can speak on this. Hell, I even stopped making resolutions for this purpose and just decided to hopefully have a better year than the year before. Simple enough. Well, because people will continue to make resolutions (good luck!) I figured I’d drop an oncho on a ‘em with 8 that you might actually keep.

1. Go to the gym once per month

Unless you’re already doing it OR have been motivated by some life-altering experience, you are probably not going to the gym three to five times a week. It sounds like a great idea; trust me, I know. I have a gym membership too. That I rarely use.

2. Volunteer more than you did in the previous year

I’ve heard people resolve to volunteer once a month. Some people manage to knock this out and that’s great. You can NEVER give too much of your time to help those in need. I firmly believe this. Just be realistic about how much you really intend to make it happen. Just do better than the year before.

3. Cook sometimes

I have a friend who I swear eats out every single day. She told me recently she resolved to stop going out and will cook every day. I looked at her like she had three breasts (she did not). We both know that wasn’t going to happen. I know parents who don’t cook every day. I told her to just cook more than she currently does. Like…sometimes and turn that goal into a habit and maybe she’ll just start cooking more by default.

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The Moment When Love and Friendships Collide…

Panama’s latest at Guyspeak

I have a lady friend who seems to have become some sort of relationship savant as of late. I don’t know where or when it happened, but it seems like almost daily, she’s dropping some profound thought she’s having about her past relationships and pursuits in dealing with men. The girl is dropping gems. So brings us to her most recent moment of clarity. 

A little back story, a few weeks ago she engaged in a debate with her friends about the age old tale that men and women cannot be friends. She used our relationship as an example that platonic relationships are possible and her friends posited that it only remains that way because we don’t live in the same city.

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These Are The Types of Questions I Get On Guyspeak: A Sampler

And why you should visit Guyspeak daily because of the level of f*ckery of some of the questions, and we still attempt to help the people out…


Q: What does it say about a man who prefers cunnilingus over coitus?

A: Good question. It may say a whole lot…or nothing at all.

People have their preferences. I know some guys who get absolutely nothing out of fellatio. They don’t even want it. That seems odd to some people. It just comes down to what pleases different people. Perhaps the man who likes taking a nosedive down under is just all about pleasuring the woman he’s with. So much so that he just wants to stay down there, which I imagine for a woman would get old after a while. (click link to read the rest)

Q: I don’t think my guy is freaky enough for me. I don’t know what to say to him. I try different things but he always reverts back to same old. boring. whats up with that? :/

A: I think that people significantly underestimate how important sexual compatibility is to the life of a relationship. Liking the same type of tea and shows on FOX News is helpful, but at the end of the day, chemistry and sexual compatibility trump all of that. If you both love the same things but are extreme opposites, you either get fireworks or nothing. (click link to read the rest)

Q: Am I wrong for not wanting my Boyfriend to get on social network? I honestly think That’s a gateway for ppl to flirt,cheat etc…

A: You might not be wrong, per se, but definitely being unfair and projecting your own issues onto your boyfriend.

Walking outside is a gateway for people to flirt and/or cheat. You can’t protect yourself by trying to control your boyfriend’s access to people. It’s not only unfair, its a ridiculous request. Plus, I wish my girl WOULD attempt to tell me what I can and cannot do. If the whole world is using some form of social networking, I’m supposed to be the person who isn’t because my girlfriend (who probably is) is concerned that I will cheat on her?

So let’s be real and call it for what it is, you have some trust issues and think that if you stop him from going where everybody else is, he won’t cheat on you, in any way. Except you have to trust him first. And if you don’t, no amount of feigned control will ever stop that.

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I’m Pretty Sure Justin Timberlake Can Save Love

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A few days ago, Twitter blew up with the word that iTunes was streaming the new Justin Timberlake (JT) album, The 20/20 Experience, an album nobody knew he was making until he dropped “Suit & Tie” on radio, days before the release of the album. So like anybody else with a computer and ears, I traipsed right on over to iTunes to listen to his album.

I’m half surprised that the iTunes Store didn’t implode under the weight of a gazillion folks wanting to listen to it since, well, JT moves the needle. We have very few artists like him that can appeal to pretty much any audience he wants to by virtue of his mere existence. He sings well. He acts well and he has pulled nearly every hot chick du jour, settling on one of THE hottest in Jessica Biel. Aye caramba.

He makes urban pop music that can play on any format radio staiton. Except probably country, but if Taylor Swift still counts, then I don’t see why JT doesn’t.


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What In The Entire Hell? National Proposal Day?

Us menfolks tend to do a lot of complaining about Valentine’s Day. For a lot of us, its a made up day that causes us to have to go drop a ton of money on flowers and candy and restaurants where we’d not normally eat. But the truth is, we don’t mind it as much as we let on.

Hell, the only real beef most of us have with it is that it falls in February, less than 2 months from Christmas where most of us spent all of our money. We don’t mind showering our significant others with love and affection…we just don’t want to be forced into it. I think that makes us human.

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