How Far Is Too Far?

“How far is too far?”

It’s a question I conveniently forget to ask myself whenever I find myself watching a viral clip of a fight on YouTube, tuning in to an episode of some reality show because of a confrontation alluded to in the previous week’s episode, or allowing an intentionally provocative news teaser make me practically salivate in anticipation for the cringe-worthy clip they’re going to show “after the break.” Sure, I know what I’m doing—I know I am actively taking part in a process that slowly and steadily desensitizes and dehumanizes—but I don’t ask myself that question unless I personally feel that a line is being crossed.

For me, that too far line is death. I refuse to watch any footage of an actual person actually dying, and I’m disgusted by those who seek to capture and/or witness the last moments of a person life with a glee, curiosity, and anticipation usually associated with people watching basketball highlight videos. TMZ obviously doesn’t agree, as they’ve provided footage of 19 year old Andre Lowe getting shot to death outside of a Hollywood nightclub, and have refused to remove the footage despite pleads from Lowe’s family and a petition in his honor.