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“Harlem Nights” and Other Negro Viewing Requirements

When I encounter someone old enough to understand the case against colored contacts who doesn’t know about Miss Celie’s Folkspants, I make a mental note of the exits. This is not a motherfucker I need to be in an elevator with.

Why We’d Hate Coming To America If It Was Released Today

Although there are Black movies ("Black movies" = "movies featuring Black people and/or Black st...

8 Little Known Black Movie “Facts”

The Champ's latest at EBONY lists some trivia, tidbits, and other facts about some of our favorite movies

Necessary Evils.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in life is Vampire in Brooklyn.  It's one of Eddie Murphy's ...

Career Moves 101

"...dead rappers get better promotion..." ~ Jadakiss, "We Gonna Make It" It's been a little over ...