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I’m Someone’s Husband? Me? Really?

Damon's latest at EBONY on the word "husband" and how he doesn't quite feel like one -- at least the movie version of one -- yet.

Defending Ray Rice Is Just The Same As Defending George Zimmerman

Damon's latest for EBONY on the similarities between Ray Rice defenders and the people defending George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson

The Type Of Funny Anecdote Michael Brown Will Never Be Able To Tell

At EBONY, Damon shares a story about a shoplifting experience as a kid, and realizes the only difference between him and Michael Brown is that he was lucky enough to live long enough to tell it

On Being A Grown-Ass Man…With A Pair Of Jordans

Do I feel a little ridiculous in them, like the a-bit-too-old-for-the-club cat daddy, reeking of Polo Sport and trying to do the Shmurda dance? Yes. Yes, I do. But I like them.

The Dos And Donts Of Throwing A Bachelor Party

This is not the time to force him to do something he doesn’t really want to do. That’s what the wedding and marriage are for.

Why I’m Glad The Chappelle Show Ended

Considering our 24-hour outrage cycle, would some of Chappelle’s bits even fly today? Would the time and energy he’d have to devote to apologizing and responding to thinkpieces take away from his creative process?

Your Team Lost? Don’t Blame The Refs

Why it's (probably) not the ref's fault you or your team lost.

Mark Cuban, And When The “Smartest Guy In The Room” Is Kinda Dumb About Race

(Damon's latest at EBONY on Mark Cuban's recent comments about race and bias) Full disclosure: I l...

My Friend, Richard Jones

(It's been ten years since Damon's friend and college teammate Richard Jones collapsed and died duri...

I Hated The Best Man Holiday…And I Feel Really Bad About It

(The Champ’s latest at EBONY on whether he's more critical of Black movies than he is with other...

The Story Of My Mom, My Dad, My Basketball, And I

(The Champ's latest at EBONY on the bond he shared with his parents through basketball, and how his...

“Yes, I’m Black (And I Write For EBONY). No, I Don’t Want To Talk To You About Race”

***The Champ's latest at EBONY discusses why he's not always interested in having race-related c...

Why I Can’t Really Get Into Magna Carta…Holy Grail

***The Champ's latest at EBONY explains why Jay-Z's new album has left him underwhelmed*** "With ...

Sistas In Science

***The Champ's latest at Ebony profiles four Black women who happen to be close friends...and all h...

Why “Bad Religion” Was My Song of the Year

The Champ's latest at Ebony.com explains his affinity for Frank Ocean's groundbreaking love song