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Madonna Sucks The Everlasting Living Human Spirit Soul Out Of Drake

I can't help but wonder what a kiss from Madonna must taste like. Gluten-free Rolaids? A Martian accent?

R.I.P. To The Album Release Date. You Will Not Be Missed

If we don’t know you or don’t care about your music career, generation Y will walk into your studio, connect to your wi-fi, and download your latest. (And then tweet the link.)

The Lightskinned Revolution Will Be Televised During All-Star Weekend

Hide your kids, hide your girlfriends, hide your wave caps

10 Thoughts About Drake’s “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late”

Drake dropped an album last night. Here are some thoughts.

10 Possible Reasons Why Diddy May Have Hit Drake With a 3-Piece

Drake and Puffy got into a fight in Miami after Drake said or did something disrespectful. We don't know what it was, but here are some possibilities.

Why The Chris Brown, Drake, And Karaoke Love Triangle Is The Most Lightskinneded Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week

Because, considering the source, there's a 92.4% chance Kaleidoscope and Drake never actually dated

Why 2014 Is The Best Year For Light-Skinned Black Men Ever

2008 -- previously thought to be the best year for light-skinned Black men ever -- proved to be a mere 12th floor stop on the light-skinned Black man's 2014 ascent to the penthouse.

For Bougie Black Girls Who Appreciate ‘Anaconda’

Like manna from heaven, Nicki blessed us with some absolutely mindless, pop culture junk food right at a time when my sugar levels were dropping. Hungrily, I ate it up and was restored.

5 Ratchet Songs That Also Build Your Self-Esteem

Most people think of ignorance when they hear the word ratchet. Well, ratchet music is also good for your soul. Here's how.

TwitPic’ing the Awkward Moment When Your Exes Become Besties

Nothing is more confusing than two of your exes becoming friends. Just ask Rihanna. But since Rihanna isn't likely to respond back, Jozen asked the next best person, Twitter. Here's how Twitter feels about exes becoming friends.

Drake, The Most Talented Rapper…Ever

There's no one who can drop a hot 16 and do what Drake did last night, as he owned the ESPYs by vacillating between witty, funny, clever, mean, charming, self-deprecating, corny, and creepy.

Is Kevin Hart About To Become The New Will Smith?

That question on its face seems completely laughable. I should know. I laughed when I wrote it. ...

Was Anything The Same? Why, Yes. It Was.

Drake's third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, leaked like Panama Jackson in the bushes of Centen...

Investigative Report: Do Light-Skinned Rappers Really Have An Advantage?

Despite his status as The Human Itis, I actually don't harbor any dislike for J. Cole. I think h...