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Yes, Black People Can Be Privileged. Because Blackness Is Fucking Awesome.

It's fucking awesome that Blackness is so pervasive and panoptic that Soledad O'Brien and Kevin Garnett check the same race box on the census.

A Dark Girl On Light Girls

Not all brown girls are broken. Not all dark girls are depressed. We’re not all out here threatening light-skinned girls on the schoolyard because we hate some part of ourselves.

Watch: No Black Person Is Ugly, By Lil B (The BasedGod)

Lil B (The BasedGod) debuts "No Black Person Is Ugly." (True fact: The original title of the song was actually "Black Blog Thinkpiece Bait.")

From EBONY: Black Boys Need Lupita Nyong’o Too

***Damon's latest at EBONY on how Lupita's popularity can have an effect on who young Black bo...

Quiz: Exactly How Threatened Are You By Lupita Nyong’o’s Beauty?

You've likely heard by now that Lupita Nyong'o was recently named People Magazine's Most Beautif...

Why We’d Hate Coming To America If It Was Released Today

Although there are Black movies ("Black movies" = "movies featuring Black people and/or Black st...

Why Brown Skinned Women Stay Losing In The Oppression Olympics

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to colorism in our community, it's always the light...

four reasons why i won’t watch precious

i first heard about precious, the screen adaptation of author sapphire's push, several months ag...